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omfg dude this is an amazing read. thanks for the throat shot and gurgling bloody ending. that was perfect. i burnt my food reading this and it was worth it. im following you. ur such a good fucking writer dude. im super impressed by u.

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This is the last OOC Survival Challenge post. Everything about this will be posted here. Check previous entries for more details.

Day ?+18 - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 11; Infected sacrificed using the Words - 2; Total infected killed - 699; Total sacrifices - 2; Hit = 0; 17/25 till Goliath full control.

Day ?+19 - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 0; Infected sacrificed using the Words - 0; Total infected Killed - 699; Total sacrifices - 2; Hit = 0; 17/25

Day ?+20  Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 0; Infected sacrificed using the Words - 0; Total infected Killed - 699; Total sacrifices - 2; Hit = 0; 17/25

Day ?+21  Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 7; Infected sacrificed using the Words - 7; Total infected killed - 706; Total sacrifices - 9; Hit = 0; 17/25

Day ?+22 -  Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 0; Infected sacrificed using the Words - 0; Total infected killed - 706; Total sacrifices - 9; Hit = 0; 17/25

Day ?+23  Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 3; Infected sacrificed using the Words - 1; Total infected killed - 709; Total sacrifices - 10; Hit = 0; 17/25

Day ?+24-30 Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 185; Total infected killed - 894; Hit = 21; Total hits = 25+ WARNING! Goliath and David are now ONE.

Day I - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; infected killed - 15; Total infected killed - 909

Day II - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 23; Total infected killed - 932

Day III - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 18; Total infected killed - 950

Day IV - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 30; Total infected killed- 980;

Day VFood - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 22; Total infected killed - 1002

Day VI - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 17; Total infected killed - 1019

Day VII - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 2; Total infected killed - 1021

Day VIII - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 0; Total infected killed - 1021

Day IX - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 9; Total infected killed - 1030

Day X - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 19; Total infected killed - 1049

Day XI - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 33; Total infected killed - 1082

Day XII - Food - yes; Water - yes; Sleep - yes; Infected killed - 33; Total infected killed - 1115

Parzival Quest ACTIVE - David must kill 10+ wolves and find a mystical sword.  COMPLETED. Reward to be determined.

Pact with Goliath - ACTIVE. Goliath and David are One. They are Gladius.

INJURIES: David Gladius has the following scars added: 

1) 9 mm bullet wound entry and exit orifice - left shoulder, below collarbone - suffered when his convoy was ambushed

2) "F" carved into his right shoulder - 6 cm long, 2 cm wide, 0,5 cm deep - suffered at the hands of the bandit back at the Cabin

3) Round binding scars around both wrists - 3 cm wide, 0,2 cm deep - suffered when transported by his friends back to camp after the fight with Ford.

4) Deep cut - left hand, 4 cm long, 0,5 cm wide, 0,2 cm deep - self inflicted when the Pact was made - the wound is strange, as if it's not healed but it doesn't bleed; David suffers constant pain due to this. Healed completely without a trace.

5) Part of his left calf muscle is missing (4 cm wide) - suffered at the jaws of wolves.

6) multiple claw mark scars on his back, sides and abdomen, ranging in sizes and depth - 10 on his back, 5 on his abdomen, 2-3 on each side 

7) right cheek - 3 scars - 6 cm long, 0.5 cm wide, 1 cm deep - parallel lines, crescent pattern running down from his eye to the jaw; 


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Goliathraka Abatha

Chapter 1


These past few days have been...tense, to say the least. Ford and Hailee seemed to have made up after the guys adventure to Cherno. Preacher is doing his own thing, sometimes dissapearing for hours, doing his God knows what. I felt a little left out and he  didn't make things easier, always gnawing at my mind. I managed to keep him  in check, but I still needed to unload. Everything has gone to shit...so one morning, I picked up my shotgun, waved the guys goodbye and went to a nearby place to clear my head. And by clearing my head, I mean I spent the entire day just...shooting. The senseless violence seemed to calm him down aswell, being content to just chuckle in the deep and lurk away, seemingly happy at my massacre of infected. I killed and killed and killed and killed until I ran out of buckshot, bolts and .357 ammo. I did not have a good reason to waste all that ammo but...damn, it felt good. Good job, Daveey...maybe you're not such a pussy after all, he he he.  I spent the night in a tree, waiting for the infected drawn by my fire to wander away.



The next morning, I returned the long way to camp, stopping at a river to wash all the blood away from my clothes. Nobody questioned my absence at camp...everyone was still dwelling on their own issues. After breakfirst, Hailee approached me and told me she needed to tell me something. Ford was glancing at us from the ammo tent, pretending to be busy cleaning his pistol. Oh...if looks could kill, he he he he. I replied: "Lets take a walk, Hailee and we can talk. Privately" She nodded.


Ignoring the various sexual comments he made about what I should do with my friend, I kept quiet waiting for Hailee to begin. I could see she was struggling with something. I put my hand on her shoulder, turning her gently towards me: "What's wrong?"

- It's Ford...he's been acting...weird, lately.

- How come?

- He keeps talking to someone on the radio, but there's no reply from the other side but he seems to answer anyway.

- Maybe the volume is low?

- No...I don't think so. Also...sometimes I feel like he's looking at someone behind me, but when I turn, there's no one there.

- Hmm..., I replied, not wanting to alarm her.

- Can you...keep an eye on him? she said, moving closer to me.

- Uhm...sure! No one's around, just grab, turn and fu...shut uphe he he. 




We returned shortly, Ford watching us like a hawk, but not saying anything. Hailee went inside the house and I sat down for a bit. After a couple of minutes, Preacher came back to camp, waved at me and went in to grab something to eat. Ford sat up all of a sudden, grabbing his radio from his pocket. Being close to me, I noticed the radio wasn't turned on. He pressed the PTT and started talking to someone named Kurt, moving away from me and towards the back of the house. I couldn't hear what he was saying exactly, but I tried to listen all the same.

Chapter 2


When he returned, he gathered us all and said: 

- Guys...remember that Kurt fellow I told you about? The one that grabbed me in Severograd when you and Hailee had that problem with those Anarchy guys?

I nodded but then said:

- You didn't mention his name was Kurt, though.

Ford quickly waved me away and continued:

- Well, it doesn't matter. I just talked with him and he's in the area. He might be in trouble.

- How come?, asked Preacher.

- He didn't say, but he asked me to come and help him...he said he had something important to tell me.

- Where exactly is he?, Hailee asked.

- Around the area up North; he said he'll guide me there, replied Ford then held up his hand, mouthing: "Hold on!" and picked up his radio pushing the PTT: "Yeah, I told them. Listen...no, I can't come alone...Listen, I'll bring Hailee with me. Is that ok?...fine. Ok. See you soon. Ford out"

I exchanged glances with Preacher and Hailee, my suspicion growing...Hailee looked worried. 

- Ok, so we can't all go, because he'll be spooked if I just appear with 4 guys.

- Wait, Ford...how exactly did you meet this guy?, I asked, trying to gauge his response.

- I told you, he grabbed me in Severograd then...we kept talking on the radio.

I nodded, my diagnosis almost complete, but not wanting to jump to conclusions.

- Right...so...I'll go with Hailee and you guys...?

- We'll provide overwatch, in case this is a trap, replied Preacher, a hard tone in his voice.

Ford simply nodded.




I did not like this one bit. Ford was being extremely...jumpy: checking his radio when he thought nobody was watching, glancing over his shoulder or focusing in the distance at what seemed like empty air...I did not like where this was leading me. ohohohoh, Fooooord is loooosing it!!! Hahahahaha I shook my head, checking my crossbow and put it on my back, grabbing my shotgun and quickly loading it with 6 buckshot. Preacher was looking through his scope, checking the zeroing. He nodded towards me.


I looked at Hailee and mouthed: "be careful". She nodded and then left after Ford. Preacher and I held back a couple of minutes then went after them, walking silently through the woods. Preacher's training made him virtually undetectable while I struggled to keep as silent as possible. I like that one...I like him veeeeeeery much. As we made our way through the woods, my radio crackled to life, Preacher hissing at me, shaking his head. I mouthed a "sorry!" and turned down the volume. Hailee's voice came through the speaker and I waved Preacher to stop.

- Anyone here? This is Hailee. David? Preacher?!

- This is David. What's wrong, Hailee?

Her voice was almost a whisper.

- I don't think Kurt is real...Ford is talking to him, but he's not there. He's just talking to a tree. He keeps saying we kissed and he waves his gun around, arguing with Kurt.

- What? Where are you?! I quickly said. Yup. He lost it, mwahahaha. Delusions, hallucinations, sketchy behavior...Ford was surely suffering from a mental issue...the poor sod. Oh, you're the expert on being fucked in the head, eh, Daveeeey?!

- We're on the trail near the railroads...please, come! 

I could hear Ford's voice yelling at Hailee: "Are you talking to someone, Hailee?! I told you not to move!" and then her fearful voice: "No, no! I was just..." then the radio cut off. I looked at Preacher; his eyes were grim. 

- Keep an eye on me, I'm going. 

He just nodded and dissapeared into the forest. I moved faster towards the trail, my eyes focused and my heart pumping. Oh, this is gonna be goooood. I could feel his excitement rising, his will slowly rising from the deep, not to take over...but to have a better look, like a movie goer leaning forward when the action gets good.

I quickly found the trail and heard Ford yelling at someone or something in a bunch of trees. Hailee kept trying to get me on radio, but I had visual on her so I closed the radio. I moved silently, sneaking up on Hailee, grabbing her attention and gesturing for her to move away, into the trees. Of course, she didn't. 

I moved closer to Ford, weapon at the ready. He was busy shouting at Kurt something about me and Hailee not kissing or something like that. I stepped on a branch to get his attention and, after half a second, I was staring down the barrel of his pistol.

- What do you want? Why are you here, David? Damn it, now Kurt is gone. You scared him!!, he kept yelling moving the gun closer to me Oh...bad move, Toyota. You done fucked it up. He didn't like to be threatened. I didn't like that very much aswell. My look turned dark. He was clearly in the middle of a schizophrenic crisis. I had to get him away from here and fuck him upIt won't come to that. I can calm him down.

- Tell me the truth, David. Did you and Hailee...do something?!, he continued, pushing the gun closer to me.

- What do you mean, Ford? 

- Kurt told me he saw you two! In Severograd...holding hands...kissing.

- FORD! You know I wouldn't do something like that, Hailee whined.

- SHUT UP! Kurt saw you!

- Where is he, then? If he launched accusations, he might aswell tell them to my face, I continued, starting to lose my patience. 

- He...ran away, you scared him! Tell me, David! Tell me the truth!

- Ok, how about this....eh? How about we find Kurt again, just the two of us, eh Ford? Try to get him on the radio.

He lowered his gun, nodding and shaking his head then picking up his radio. I used that time to get to Hailee. 

- Hold this, I said, giving her my shotgun. Wait here for Preacher, he surely has eyes on. Do not follow us!

- David....no.

- He's dangerous now. Let me handle this. Hailee.

She reluctantly nodded, tears forming in her eyes.


I returned to Ford, who was busy "talking" to Kurt. 

- Hey, Ford, how about you take my crossbow. That way, Kurt won't run away. He simply nodded. I handed him my crossbow. Why, you idiot?! He needs to not see me as a threat.

 - Tell me the truth, David. Did you and Hailee...?

- What do you think, Ford? Obviously no. I'm not that kind of guy and Hailee loves you.

- But Kurt...said....

- Lets meet him face to face and ask him, ok?

He nodded, his conflicted face making me almost pity the man. I still had to get him away from Hailee...he pointed a gun at her. At me...I could feel him chuckling as a predator does when he stalks his prey...I tried calming down. This was my friend. And he was in trouble. I needed to save him.

We moved, stumbling upon an infected. Ford quickly put a bolt between his eyes. As we reached a rock clearing where supposedly Kurt's base was, Ford stopped and nervously looked around. 

- David, how do you reload this? he asked, handing me the crossbow.

- Well, you put your leg here then you pull the string back....it happened fast. I could see him closing on me in the corner of my eye and as I turned to look at him, I could see his fist coming fast towards my head. I couldn't avoid it and dropped down...

Chapter 3


I plunged into darkness, going deeper and deeper. I tried to swim upwards, but I felt like lead weights were tied to my feet. No, no no no no. All around me, I could feel him, chuckling slowly...a deep rumble...an ominous voice covering me all around. Daveey, Daveeey, Daveeeey...going down in one punch? You weakling... Hmm...don't mind if I...take over from now on. As he said that, I could feel two enormous clawed hands moving towards me from the deep, grabbing me. 

I could not move, I was being crushed as he continued to laugh. The darkness around me started to clear abit and I could see clearly a familiar view. No...not here...not againYes, here. Yes again. 

The giant arms threw me on the bone filled ground, crushing the air out of my lungs. As I struggled to pick myself up, I saw it again. The huge cage, surrounded by darkness, bones filling the ground around it and him sitting there, just smiling a fanged smile. His giant arms retracted through the bars. I dropped to my knees, the immense pressure of his presence making it impossible for me to stand. It was as if I had a car on my back. 

I think it's time to stretch my legs...I grew bored in there, Daveeey. 

As he said that, he started to rise, his back touching the bars and bending them outwards. I screamed in pain, grabbing at my chest, ripping my clothes. I felt like my entire body was engulfed in flames. The slow push against the bars  brought agonizing waves of pure pain emanating from deep within my chest, as if the bars were my ribs and he was breaking out. Pleaaaase...just....AAAAARRRRGHGH...just AAAAAAA KILL ME! No, no...Daveeey. I need you. You won't die...You will know pain. True pain. For the rest of your dayz. Gaaaaaah!

As the bars began to break, so did my will...you know...there's a pain threshold where the brain simply shuts down to protect itself. The pain is still there, your body is screaming with it, but your brain does not feel it anymore. I just stopped. Everything stopped. My hands slumped down and i dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, the bones of his victims clattering away.


GAAAAAAAH! GOLIATHRAKA ABATHA! Anath nathrack orth bhais bethaaad...Do chel denmka! He yelled in victory as the bars finally broke and my mind with it. He looked and pointed a finger towards me...suddenly, a black circle appeared under me, and my body fell even deeper as he sprouted wings and flew up, away from the dark, laughing.


I fell... I don't know how long. Time didn't matter anymore. There was no time here. The dark was sometimes penetrated by glimpses, shards of my mind struggling to keep me...me. My parents smile. My cat...my first kiss...the joy when I finished med school...anger, fury, blood splatter...fire! Oh, gods, the fire!!! I grabbed my head, shaking it and spinning as I fell. Then, I saw a field of roses, swaying in the wind, a huge Tower in the distance, wolves...a gleaming sword...

I tried to move towards it, swimming through the dark which engulfed me...the vision dissipated soon and I grabbed at nothingness...I lost hope...I fell. and fell. and fell, hearing faded cries from up above and a cruel voice laughing.

I don't want to end like this...


I don't want to go out like this...


I don't want to lose this easily...


As I tried to climb back up through the dark, I could see other glimpses: my hands glowing with fire...black fire, my hands gripping a bloody sword and looking in the distance...I will NOT end like this. 

I yelled, anger filling my veins.  I will not end like this! I WILL NOT END LIKE THIS! 

My cries penetrated the darkness and then..everything stopped. I stopped falling and I couldn't see or hear anything. Then a booming voice made me cover my ears. So...you do not want to end like a worm? I shook my head "no". What are you willing to do to regain control? I mouthed: "Anything". The voice chuckled...Anything, he says...yes. You will do. Listen, mortal. I shall teach you how to deal with your demon. I simply nodded. 

Chapter 4


As I did, a pinpoint of light appeared above me, growing larger and larger engulfing me and penetrating me, clearing away the dark. I could feel knowledge entering my mind, as if someone was pouring it directly in my brain. The power radiated from me; I felt at peace, at ease, knowing that now...I am strong enough. I looked at my glowing hands and the energy engulfing them. I could control it, direct it...I just had to speak the Words.

I raised my hands up and said calmly, confidently as if I've done this a million times before: Lahabim shel shmayim b'erot! I heard an inhuman howl of pain from up above as I looked up and shot rays of blinding light towards the above.

Lahabim shel shmayim b'erot! I said again, louder...as I saw a point of darkness growing bigger and bigger, coming towards me. I gently rose and moved to the side.

LAHABIM SHEL SHMAYIM B'EROT! I yelled as I saw him falling past me, a look of pure hatred and surprise on his face as he tried to claw back. I stopped and waved my hands, rotating my right wrist in a complicated pattern that seemed natural to me. Bars of light sprouted and engulfed him, trapping him in the abyss. NO! NOOOO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!  His anger was clear, as he tried to break the bars, reeling back from the impact. I have control. You will never do this to me. Ever again. Now, quiet. I created wings of light and flapped them abit, to get used to the feeling. Then I soared higher and higher, until I opened my eyes.


Ford was lying on the ground, tied down, whimpering. Blood was flowing from his mouth. I was near him, gun in hand. What...have I done?

- David...step back. Put your hands up and step back.

Hailee's voice was steely and determined as she raised my shotgun to my face. I complied. I dropped the pistol and stepped back, raising my hands high above my head.

- What...happened here?!, she asked looking at the both of us, as Preacher came from the bushes, weapon raised.



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David, this was very fun to read! Brought me right back. I can almost hear Kurt telling me "I told you so!" Ford may be schizophrenic...but you my friend have real problems :) see you in game! *Hands over well earned beans* (Also, I really enjoyed the line..."for the rest of your dayz...." Clever bastard.)

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Chapter 1


I think I said something to Hailee, as Preacher tied me up and removed me of my weapons. I probably apologized. I injured Ford's leg and hit him in the mouth several times. I also threatened him at gunpoint. Preacher asked me what has happened...I only managed to say: "I have my demons, Preacher" to which he replied: "But we don't talk to them, do we, David?"

I just chuckled and looked to the ground. I was back in control but I shattered the trust of the group. They will never look to me the same way ever again. This was the price I had to pay for my narrow escape from his claws. He was still there, raging against the cage, yelling and threatening in the back of my mind, just waiting to take over again. Now that he tasted freedom, it's only going to be worse and worse.

My hands were bound tightly and I was escorted through the woods. It was nighttime so we walked slowly. I fell a couple of times, breaking my lip and probably cracking one of my ribs as I rolled into a tree. The rope dug into my wrists deep. I don't think they noticed. Hailee was supporting Ford and Preacher kept an eye on me. Everybody talked. I wasn't paying attention. At one point, I think I wanted to jump of a bridge but somebody pulled me back. I continued to walk, the pain from my wrists being the only thing binding me to this world.

The power I felt was gone...but I know it was real. I used it. It worked against him. I needed to learn how to do that again. To have a chance in this war.


We finally reached home and I was placed in the living room, Ford and Preacher keeping their weapons close as Hailee unbound me and tended to my wounds. She did well. 

She asked me what has happened. Her tone broke my dams. I told them almost everything. How he appeared. How I managed to keep him under control. About Jilava. About his re-emergence. About how I can...control him. My explanations did little to satisfy them. They probably think I'm crazy. Maybe I am. I probably am.


After I finished my confession, Hailee asked the most important question: "How can we be sure this won't happen again?"

Chapter 2


I didn't want to be alone in this world again...so I spun a story about how I needed her to be able to be myself and not him. I lied. I knew she wouldn't leave me due to this and Ford wouldn't leave her. Preacher probably saw through this but said nothing. Then I told them about a secondary option that perked Preacher's interest up. He can be satisfied with violence. He always was satisfied with violence, like a fat lion in a cage being fed fresh meat. That's why I burned them all that time...for 2 years I was at peace. Kinda.

I was locked in my room, but after Hailee and Ford went to bed, Preacher entered my room, shotgun in hand. We talked like we used to do. He didn't seem that surprised at my story and was actually pleased when I told him about my plan to keep him fed. He smiled and promised to bring me prey, as long as I walked the righteous path. I didn't care; I needed a temporary solution to keep him locked. I didn't care if Preacher used me for his plans, as long as I didn't lose control again. Never again. Never.

He left after a couple of hours. I tried to sleep. David. Lets talk. 

His tone was...unusually calm. He  even used my name. I closed my eyes and dove deep. The light cage shone like a beacon in the dark. He sat there like a defeated puppy, his back turned. 

You know I'll never give up, right? I guess we're alike in this matter. We're eternally bound to struggle for control.

I simply nodded. Asshole, murderer and deceiver he might be...it's only natural to desire freedom.

How about we...compromise?

You know I cannot trust you. I cannot let you free. I said, moving closer and touching the shimmering bars of light, the warmth in them radiating through my fingers. 

He he....I know. I'm not asking for that. You already know violence keeps me...happy, so to speak. But you're only fucking giving me scraps!, he yelled, throwing both of his fists into the bars, making them resonate.

Well, point me to a prison filled with vicious criminals and you'll have a fucking feast. I replied.

That won't work again...it's not about quantity it's about quality. Listen here, David...I can feel it within you. Those Words you used...it means you can use it. I never thought you'd be...one of them. But there's a good side to it:  It means we can enter a Pact.

A pact...with you? You've got to be kidding. I turned to leave.

It's either that or I'll keep fucking you up! I'm hungry, David. If I can't get my nourishment through that Pact, I'll feed on your soul. You know how it works. Would you rather fight with me again and again and again or do this? HMM?!, he continued, banging the cage over and over again, the mental strain of keeping them intact, taking it's toll on me. I closed my eyes and focused, repairing the damage he did.

How do I know you're not deceiving me and you'd try to break free?

I'll always try to break free, David, he said chuckling. But I do not lie. We can't lie. As long as the Pact is honored, I will not try to take over you.

I pondered on his words...I could have peace of mind...at least for a while. It was worth the risk. If not, we'll just return to our regular fighting. Which I would now win, thanks to the Words. I did a quick mental note: the incantations were coming in clear. I remembered them perfectly and I could feel the power around those Words.

What must I do?

Chapter 3


Come closer.

I moved towards the cage and he used a claw to slice himself open, black blood pouring on the ground.

Touch my blood here...then make a connection there. When you wish, activate the connection and give me my nourishment directly by using these Words. As he said this, black smoke formed from his wounds and spelled an incantation. These Words also had power...but it was dark, twisted. A mockery. I felt revolted and sick to my stomach...but their worth was undeniable. I could channel souls to him if I channeled this power.

I nodded and touched the black blood, feeling his essence crawling up my arm.

I opened my eyes. Preacher took all my weapons, so I used a broken shard of glass to slice my left hand up, feeling his essence merging with my blood. 

The Pact is done. Do not forget about me, David...or the consequences will be...severe. With that, I could feel him sliding deep into the abyss; my mind was clear and at peace for the first time in the last couple of weeks. I simply smiled and went back to sleep.








On 18.02.2018 at 5:18 PM, The Ford said:

David, this was very fun to read! Brought me right back. I can almost hear Kurt telling me "I told you so!" Ford may be schizophrenic...but you my friend have real problems :) see you in game! *Hands over well earned beans* (Also, I really enjoyed the line..."for the rest of your dayz...." Clever bastard.)

he he...the human mind is terrible. Who knows what it can conjure up to make ends meet in such a traumatic situation as people devouring other people...?

Also, there is a dayz bad pun in each of my posts. :3 You get a tactical bacon can for each you find :))

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"Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily."

-Napoleon Bonaparte-

Chapter 1


Dayz came and went almost peacefully. I spent most of my time picking clean the nearby road. Some unfortunate souls tried to escape this Hell, but the military stopped them and the gods only know what happened to them afterwards. Their cars remained and so did their supplies. It was a long trek, especially the journey back; my bulged backpack rattled away, the sounds of the forrest accompanying me. After his departure back in the abyss, he didn't bother me. It was like he  wasn't even there; I knew that was an illusion but I really enjoyed the silence in my head...the true silence. 

Ford, Hailee and the Preacher each were doing their own stuff; we still met up every night, had dinner - usually stir fry vegetables and some meat - , and did small talk. There still was some tension I could notice. Ford was still looking beyond me when he talked. Probably "Kurt" was still present. Without medication, his condition would only worsen. He did make an effort to keep up appearences. Preacher dissapeared hours on end, doing gods know what; and Hailee...well, she sneaked out some times with her radio. I tried following her, but she knew the southern part of the forrest better than me so I quickly lost her. She would return smilling and energetic after a couple of hours, grasping her radio gently.


My nights, however, were restless. Not because of him, I was used to dealing with that...but I was haunted by memories of my...failure. Each night, all those people I ended so brutally came back to me. They were on fire, circling me and asking continuously: "why? why? why?", the circle growing closer and closer, until I could see their melting flesh and the heat of the fire singing my skin. I woke up drenched in sweat and spent the rest of the night occupying myself with something: cleaning my gun, praying to my gods, watching the perimeter.


This went on for a while, until one day, while me and Ford were fixing the truck and Preacher was deep in prayer, Hailee came back and told us that she needs to meet up with mister Black from Severograd. Ford raised a brow and I asked: "why?" She simply stated she wanted to ask him something personal which she couldn't on the radio. Me and Ford dreaded going back to Severograd, but Hailee insisted we would only go to a nearby city and wait for him there.

I talked with Preacher and we all agreed to go 2 by 2. Ford and Hailee together to meet with Black. Me and Preacher providing overwatch. 


We reached that town and took up position. I had eyes on them both while we waited. An hour passed before Hailee came on radio stating that Black has some problems back in town  (Anarchy members staging a possible attack) and that he won't be able to come to meet us. She was adamant on going there, neither Ford's nor my protest making any difference. It was like she forgot what happened there a while back or the fact that the city might already be under sieged. She ignored everything and just wanted to go into the middle of a fucking warzone. Ford rolled his eyes. I could see and understand how frustrated he was. I knew we would never go to such a place normally, risking our lives for what? After we asked her what was so important that she couldn't tell him over the radio, she didn't reply and just said it was personal. I sighed deeply. Either she doesn't realise how dangerous this shit is or she...simply doesn't care anymore about Ford or us.

Preacher was furious...in the end, we decided to go, relunctantly, because she would've went anyway without us. Stubborn...so fucking stubborn...or maybe, there is something else there. A reason why she was so adamant on meeting that Black fellow. I would keep an eye on her.

Preacher lagged behind, dissapearing in the woods, keeping radio contact with me. We slowly made our way into Severograd. As we reached the city, we met a member of Black's group who escorted us to the man. The same coward who keeps allowing Anarchy dogs to do whatever they want, even though he has both the strenght and the means to fight them. I sighed. Hailee, however, was like a puppy meeting her owner after a long time. She was giddy, happy, hanging on Blacks every word. Ford either didn't notice or didn't care, his gaze darting left and right looking at the buildings, probably scouting for snipers. Preacher was in position to provide assistance.


Apparently, the so important reason was that some Alex fellow was spreading nasty rumors about her...so important that radio couldn't have sufficed. Right.

Black invited us deeper into town; me and Ford looked at each other, our thoughts in sync. No. Thank you. Hailee, however, practically jumped with joy and quickly signed us up aswell, without even asking. 

The rest of the journey was stressful for me. I felt danger everywhere, looking everywhere for the shot that would surely come. Hailee kept hanging on Black. Ford was silent. The pair talked, had lunch and, finally, we were on our way back. 


The journey back was uneventfull, Hailee humming songs, skipping over fences, smiling and laughing to herself. Ford simply walked behind. Me and Preacher, who rejoined us, made small talk. 

There was something clearly going on with Hailee and Black. Ford must've picked that up. Surely. Me and Preacher talked about his view on this world. I tended to agree. We are all sinners left here to prove our worth. I surely knew I was one. The Heavens were closed to me, but as Preacher said...if we prove to the gods by cleansing this world of infected and wicked people...maybe this guilt I feel would be gone. I had to do something. I owed those souls as least that. I owed those 1.569 people at least that...to live and dedicate my life to help the survivors.

I had too.

Chapter 2


The next days pretty much were the same as previous. Except, one afternoon as I munched on some fried pumpkin, I heard my radio cackling to life. The Irish we met waaay back at the previous camp talked to me and Ford, whom I waved over. He told us about Anarchy and their killings...brutal killings of pregnant women, children. Nothing I didn't expect out of them, but he was livid. Ford and I were furious aswell, but felt powerless. The Irishman had a solution. He already struck a first blow against Anarchy, denying their acces in Severograd, the cowards running away. Apparently he managed to get together 30+ people from all walks of life: mercenaries, lone wolves, survivors like us, everyone the Anarchy has wronged and anyone who just wanted to fight against injustice.


We were invited. We didn't need words, we nodded at eachother and prepped ourselves for the journey. It might be a trap, aswell. Ford knew it, so we left a note for Preacher and packed our biggest guns.


The journey to the meeting point was long but...it brought back memories. Me and Ford were together from the start. As brothers. During this journey, we grew closer, the rift between us after the...incident, growing smaller. At least, I want to think that it did. We reached the rendevous without incidents, taking a long detour to throw off any potential tails or ambush points. The Irishman, Cullen Shae as he introduced himself, told us about this Coalition: they had 30+ people and even spies within Anarchy. Cullen not only wanted to wipe them off the map, but also build something new. He had passion in his words, temper flaring, his anger clear but also he was overcome with innocent naivete: he wanted to build a town where everyone can have a drink, a hot meal, a willing girl without being afraid for his life. Maybe even rebuild society and get jobs to everyone, other than staying alive: doctors, farmers, tailors, hunters, etc. He had big dreams and I found myself smiling at his plans.

Wishfull thinking, but...I was glad that I these kinds of people still exist. People willing to take up arms against injustice. People willing to die for justice and good. People I need to defend. I pledged myself to his Coalition. Ford followed, vowing to help aswell. We left Cullen with a handshake after some trading. He also instructed us with the codewords in case we meet other Coalition members. Me and Ford nodded and commited the words to memory. After we left, we both talked about how to best convince Preacher to join us aswell. He would surely do so.

Chapter 3


We didn't not convice Preacher. He wasn't agaisnt the idea of helping the innocent, but he was adamant against us two going in the front lines with the Coalition. He was very convincing. I could understand his point of view. The Coalition is a nice dream, but they are just a bunch of ragtag survivors with few professionals. The Anarchy, with all their flaws, were used to working together. They were efficient. Preacher said we could help more if we stay alive and help on our own terms. I nodded...


A couple of hours ago, Cullen called for aid. The Anarchy was marching on Severograd. He had already gathered his forces, 35+ people. Anarchy only had 15 tops. Preacher used this to simply state: "See? He doesn't need our help. Let's see how he fares with these overwhelming advantages and then we'll decide" Me and Ford looked at each other and turned off the radio.


Preacher was right. I was glued to my radio the next night...A bunch of transmissions revelead Preacher's wisdom. The Coalition has been dealt a huge blow. His assessment was correct. Numbers don't mean anything if the enemy is coordinated. We would've been cannon fodder if we went. Ford and I looked at Preacher, a sad smile hid under his beard. He didn't say anything, he didn't gloat...he simply took out his Bible and began praying for the souls of the dead. I closed my eyes and listen, praying to my own gods for the same reason. I will avenge them. Anarchy will die by my hand.

Chapter 4


I still broke my word to Cullen, though. Although Preacher was right and I would've died for nothing...I was without honor. Only one thing can be done about that: I picked up my rifle, stocked up, left a note for the group: Preacher and Ford, as Hailee was in Severograd again, and left to cleanse my honor with blood.

The next couple of days I spent hunting and clearing the infected in the cities nearby. I combed every house, every cellar, every street, countless infected falling by my hand. After I ran out of bullets, I used my bat. After it broke on a thicker skull, I used my knife. After it blunted, I used anything sharp I could find in the city. My clothes became ragged and dried blood was covering me from head to toe. After I ran out of food and the city could not provide more infected for me, I searched for anything I could use, stocked up and headed back to camp.

The trekk was long but I managed to reach the camp without incident. My radio battery was depleted a couple of days ago. In camp...nothing. No one. I sneaked around, maybe we were raided. I found a note that simply stated that Ford and Preacher were in a city East and Hailee was in Severograd and that she was safe. I was to find Ford and Preacher.

I sighed, picked myself up and headed East towards the city. I knew the place.

A couple of days later, I managed to find the guys. I was greeted and I greeted them back with joy. I spent the next couple of hours regaining my strength while Ford escorted me around the town, showing me landmarks, our stashes and telling me about the place. He also told me...he and Hailee broke up. She found someone else. I didn't press him; every word seemed to hurt him. I simply looked him in the eye, nodding. Preacher was off in town with "bussiness". After we headed back to camp, I munched on some canned food.

Ford went outside and I could hear Preacher saying: "David, could you come outside for a bit?" 


I picked myself up and went outside...not knowing this would be the last time I would see the guys.

Chapter 5


Preacher was waiting for me outside the building, a sword in his hands. An actual sword. Ford was circling around then came over, put a hand on my shoulder and muttered: "Prove that you are worthy"

Preacher reminded me of our talk about fighting injustice and helping the good people left in this Hell, thus earn our place in Heaven. We walked, talking about what we are going to do and how he had a plan. Finally, I thought, we would do something against Anarchy and all the evil in the world.

- I need a Sword, David. I need someone that is willing to fight for me. For us. For the good in the world. I know you are a capable warrior, you have proved that to me. I still need to test you.

- What must I do?, I said, raising a brow.

- I need you, David, to prove that you are worthy of the job ahead of you. Of the responsability you will have in my plans, Preacher continued uninterupted.

I nodded. Preacher continued to talk about his plan. He wanted to for us to earn our favor with God again, cleansing the world, providing help to those in need and be the Sword and the Shield against darkness.

I was in awe at the passion he talked with. I've never seen Preacher this fired up about anything before. He had this glow around him, like he was finally determined to make a difference. A big difference.


We reached the location: a huge warehouse. Ford locked the big doors behind us, the heavy iron rod being slid into place. He was smiling at me. Then he vanished through a back door, while me and Preacher walked into a changing room. Preacher asked me to remove all my gear: weapons, knife, supplies, everything. I complied...but was confused. I was then handed a hatchet, edge sharp, a backpack with some bandages and a bottle of water and was told to stay in the toilet until the signal is given.


- How would I know the signal, Preacher? 

- You will.

As he said that, he closed the door. I took a deep breath, anxiety rising. What was this trial? What am I supposed to do? As I mused about this, I heard a couple of gunshots. unsilenced. Fuck, in a city? That will draw the infected...wait...


As I realised that, I could hear the maddened snarls of the infected growing closer. Fuck...fuck, fuck, fuck. I figured it out...Thats why they removed my gear! FUCK! I tried to count how many infected there were by the snarls...3, 4...5...i lost count fast as more gunshots were fired and more and more roars and snarls approached the warehouse.

I needed him...I had no choice...I would die otherwise.

I took out my knife and dragged it over my left palm, activating the Pact, letting the blood flow. I closed my eyes and recited the incantations.


I dug deep inside me, falling through the abyss, until I saw the cage of Light and himHe turned his head towards me, looking puzzled but not saying anything.

I need you. I need your strength. Keep us alive. He just grinned, and roared. I touched the barriers of Light and let him free. Oddly enough, he didn't just flew off or attack me. He stretched, then turned towards me, bowing his massive head, gesturing for me to climb on his spikey back. I jumped, using my wings to give me a boost and landed on his back. He grunted at my landing then launched himself up, his massive wings flapping madly, heading towards the light of the surface.

Chapter 6


As we reached the light, we opened our eyes and grasped the hatchet tight. We looked around for an exit. Other than the door and the snarls of the infected beyond it, there wasn't any exit. We could hear Preacher praying loudly on the outside. We did the same, using ancient incantations for ask for protection. As we heard Preacher giving us the go ahead, we let out a roar and busted through the door of the toilet then the door of the changing room. We ran in the huge hangar just itching to sink our hatchet in some infected, making blood fly!


But...no one, infected or not, was there. We were dissapointed, asking: "where is everybody?" As we finished our sentence, we heard a snarl behind us. Turning around, we saw a female infected charging towards us, we sidestepped her attack easily, sinking our hatchet deep into her back, driving her down to the ground, then stomping her head while removing our hatchet. The next infected came shortly after, meeting our blade right in the head.

Three more infected charged at us. This is going to be fun. We threw our hatchet into one of the infected, the blade sinking deep into its chest, stopping it in its track. We kicked the second infected down, stomping its head then punching the last one in the face, driving it to the ground, smashing its head with a nearby rock. The infected with our hatchet in its chest crawled towards us, grabbing our trousers. We ended it's suffering fast and retrieved our weapon.


Three more infected appeared.

One managed to grab us by the sides, taking us to the ground. We chopped its jaw off and kicked it off us. Then we turned our attention to the other two infected snarling at us...beyond them about 10 more more were charging through the tiny backdoor where Ford vanished to. Preacher said: "Be strong, David. Survive!" We could also hear Fords voice: "Preacher...they are too many"

We gritted our teeth, grabbed our hatchet and charged into the infected, slashing left and right, yelling: "GOLIATHRAKA AD DAVIDUM ABATHA, DUROS MIN TILL BATHUL"


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4 minutes ago, The Ford said:

Shame you can't get the video on here...it was an epic fight with those infected...


Yeah...still, it's a 1 hour video :)). I haven't fought for my life that hard ever, in my DayZ history :D Epic.

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So fucking good. I still have to read some more. But I had to stop and say well done. Really... Very captivating read. Thank you! Beans and more beans.

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The Sword


Injury upon injury. Rotted nails, our blood still dripping from them. Biting. Slashing. Gnawing. Breaking. Dead upon dead upon dead came on us. We didn't falter. We didn't fall. When the hatchet broke, we used the handle. When the handle broke, we used our fists. The snarls were deafening. Or was it our screams of pain and fury? We didn't know. We kept fighting. Not for our own life, but for the lost lives we took. We had a duty to remain alive. Finally, there was silence. 

We moved the broken dead bodies and shakily stood to our feet, letting out a roar of victory, as Preacher and Ford came down from the railings. Ford was wide eyed at our success. At we slumped to the wall, we closed our eyes and dove deep, as one. The light cage was no more. We wanted to talk to each other, but...there was no need. Goliath was me and I was him. He was a part of me, always. He just wanted to take over my guilt and save me from going completely mad until I made my peace with my deed. I've been idle too long, just trying to survive on my own. I had to do something for everyone else as well. I opened my eyes and removed the balaclava. My body may be broken, but my spirit was not.

- Good job, David, said Preacher, his voice calm and collected. Ford added: "he truly is a Sword. A weapon" which made Preacher chuckle satisfied.

- I knew I could count on you; turning to Ford he asked him to go grab the sword.

- David, David, David, I knew you would do it. You are truly one of a kind. 

As I slumped along the wall, Preacher told me to sit down, to rest. I complied, the adrenaline dissipating from my body.

Preacher came down from the railings, looking at all the bodies I've butchered, stating:
- Look at these...look at these bodies killed by the sole strength of your arms.  He poked around the infected, muttering: "really good, really good". You, with just a hatchet managed to end all these undead. That is testament to your skill. You have proven yourself to be a great warrior. 

Walking around the bodies, he continued:

- I don't need you to be a great warrior. I need you to be the greatest warrior...of my...of my Unit. You need to be a weapon, David. A sharp weapon. The sharp instrument of my will, of the will of the Lord. And what better test than a good ol' fashioned slaughter?

I chuckled then winced at the pain. Must've broken or at least fractured some ribs. Ford returned, carrying a sword in his hands, asking me: "still alive, huh?" I nodded towards the man.

Preacher took the sword, holding it up high and spoke:

- The past couple of dayz I've spent meditating about the fate of the world, our purpose on this Earth, why were we left behind, why we were not taken up with the Lord. I understood, as the Lord has spoken to me. This, he said, gesturing around, what we call the Apocalypse, is only the first wave, culling the weak, like the floods of Old, reducing Humanity to its bear mininum. With the reduced number of souls on this Earth, we now have the undivided attention of the Lord. He is waiting for us to prove that we are, indeed, the greatest: the greatest warriors, the greatest human beings of His creation. We are the pinacle of what He created. To that end, we need to cleanse this world for His second coming; the next time is not going to be simply the undead, by holy fire, heavenly fury raining down to smite us all! UNLESS! We cleanse the Earth, remove all the wicked, the murderers, the rapists...We have been chosen by the Lord, David. Chosen to do His work. Chosen to protect what's left of humanity. Protect the good people. Fight the good fight and make a safe place. We were not to be taken to Heaven. No, no. Heaven is to come down, back to His creation, with new laws, laws of peace that we will create. 

I listened wide eyed as his conviction. I had no qualms about killing the wicked; the gods know I have been doing it all my life. There's no removing that sin. Might as well finish the job.

Preacher continued:

This is about the future. I want you to come with me, David. Be the Sword. The spear tip of this undertaking. We are to protect humanity. This is our new duty. This is our purpose. You can believe in all the gods you want or believe in none. This is of little importance to me. But I need you to believe in MY words, MY vision. 

I stopped him then and there.

- For full disclosure, Preacher...and Ford. I am a killer. Since before...

Ford raised a brow at me. Preacher seemed unmoved. I continued, telling them all about the Jilava incident. Ford seemed to be taken aback, but Preacher had a faint smile.

- That is all in the past, David. You will only look to this day when you remember. This is when your new life starts. None of that even matters anymore. You are not David anymore. The Lord made you into a warrior. A warrior does not dwell on his kills. He moves forward and kills some more. Finishing the job. Thats what I need from you. We are the last line of defense, David. We have to protect the innocent, like the Crusaders of old. They murdered for the sake of the Lord, but their sins were forgiven. We shall be like that. The Lord chose us as his instruments to punish the wicked. I know you are righteous, David and that you will not harm an innocent. I know that, due to what you've been through, you can see through deceit and lies...but you can't do that if you're in doubt. When in doubt, we'll be there with you. As brothers.

He placed a hand on my shoulder, motioning me to follow him.

As we reached the railings, he continued:
- For this to work, we need to be reborn. We need to be reborn as someone new with the sole purpose of serving the Lord with this new undertaking. This is why I want you, David to take this sword and this new name I bestow upon you. With this new name, you shall be protected from the demons of the past because...David is dead. With this new name, you will be protecting the friends you still have, because David is dead. And with this new name, we shall go forth, together, save mankind and prepare this land for the coming of the Lord. With this sword in my hands, I shall slay David and with this sword in my hand, I shall watch and witness the birth of brother Gladius, Sword of the Church, First of his Name, First of his Kind in a long line of future mighty warriors of the Lord.

I knelt down, receiving the sword.

- Rise, Brother Gladius and go forth with my blessing and the eyes of the Lord upon you. 

As I picked the sword, my years of kendo practice kicked in. It felt natural in my hands, like something that was missing has just been found. I did a few slashes, testing the blade. Perfectly balanced. Preacher nodded satisfied then called for Ford.

- We're moving out.

I told them I still needed a couple of minutes. They nodded and left ahead. I took the balaclava from my pocket and, looking at it, I could feel him smiling at me and nodding. I threw the cloth away and felt at peace, as his presence melted away. I muttered a silent thank you and rejoined my friends, my new task clear.


New scars added:

multiple claw mark scars on his back, sides and abdomen, ranging in sizes and depth - 10 on his back, 5 on his abdomen, 2-3 on each side 

- right cheek - 3 scars - 6 cm long, 0.5 cm wide, 1 cm deep - parallel lines, crescent pattern running down from his eye to the jaw; 


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I lost my other notebook. Some infected managed to tear a part of my backpack. 

I am still lost, but I can see a town. There are also alot of cows. I'll scare them away. No need for them to die.

I climbed a firefighter station and cleared 30 infected. Most with my rifle, some with the axe through a gap.

There was a sign reading: Троицкое. I should find a map.

I FOUND A BIBLE! Preach will be happy. It's dinged but should work.

I'll rest here for the night. I wonder how Arkan is doing.

7.62x54 = 8 (need more)

.45 ACP = 10 (need more)

buckshot = 2 (need more)

1 smoke, 1 flashbang

I have to find some more ammo.
I killed 3 more with my axe.

33 today. 1082 total.

Fidelium animae, per miscordiam Dei, requiescant in pace. Amen.


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I slept well. Having done what Preacher said, I headed home down south.

I took another, more thourough look in the police station and found a CZ.

Also, I rolled an empty barrel in the road. I know people like storing stuff there.



A pack jumped me. Had to use the last of my rifle ammo. 

I got three though and ate my fill of wolf steak.


Found a sign:

Электрозаводск - 5

I know it means Elektro. Luckily all that time spent there with Arkan and Preach wasn't for nothing.


Found a bus! Working order!


It's stuck in the mud.


Lots of infected around the camp by a dam. Managed to clear them all but I'm running low on 9mm now.



7.62x54 = 24 (found a box on a hunter)

.45 ACP = 17

9mm = 24 (expendable)

1 smoke, 1 flashbang

I killed 12 with my axe, 21 with the CZ and 3 wolves with the rifle.

1115 total


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Opening his old blue notebook, Gladius leafed through it while the low growls of infected outside his cabin intermingled with the pouring of rain. Grabing his pen he began to write, eyes glancing at the windows.


Late September, 2018

I don't know if anyone is ever going to read this, but I want to be remembered somehow. I'll probably end up in some manner of belly soon. Life expectancy for the damned is low.

I've been alone for a very long time, going from town to town, killing infected. I racked 13043 kills, 43 just today. Is it just me and there are more and more of these things around? Weird. Maybe they get desperate seeing as their food suply is slowly dying out.

A few days ago, I found myself in a town. Stary Sobor. I met a man. He introduced himself as Sasha, head of security. Apparently, his group got attacked by Anarchy members. Didn't know they were still a thing. Haven't met them in a long time. But then again...I haven't met anyone in a long time.

I took up a job from Sasha. Travel to Severograd and get medical supplies. Might as well. I'm tired of being alone.

I managed to get lost and reached Tisy again. The tent I set up with all those guns and ammo was still there, battered by the elements. No guns. Hopefully they ended in good hands. I scoured every inch of the base and filled my pack with bullets. I got old. I can barely run with all this crap.

I reached Severograd today and cleared the way to the hospital. Good thing this place has  alot of tall buildings. Good thing infected can't climb. 

One of the infected saw Gladius through the shattered windows and let out a roar, calling its friends to the feast. Gladius sighed and picked up his Mosin.

13048 kills. I found bandages, some painkillers, ibuprofen and a bunch of antibiotics. Sasha will be pleased. 

When this rain stops, I'll move again.

Stoking the fire, Gladius closed the notebook and put it back into a jacket pocket. He barricaded the doors and windows with some furniture and lay down on the floor, exhausted. Sleep came easy.


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Hard reset

Early February, 2019

Catching a moment's respite, David swings his pack around on his good side, taking out his notepad. Singed, battered, broken. Much like himself.

Much has happened since I last wrote here. I've seen communities rise and fall during this winter, senseless war, crime and other atrocities, weaponizing the infected...I found Preacher and learned why he left me. We met another guy, naive reported by the name of Peter. Nice guy, probably dead. Met Mace again. Nice guy, probably dead.

He stratches his mask, the itch behind it becoming near unbearable. David continues to write with shaky hands, each stroke sending ripples of pain through his arm. The burns haven't healed and the skin breaks upon contraction.

Someone used the infected to tear me and Preacher apart ((https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/94493-quadriptych-of-the-fall/ )). I was burned and broken but somehow survived. I lost count of how many I killed...must be around 15000. But...some good did come out of our separation His abandonment. I found my brother, changed and broken aswell. He held me at gun point. We talked all night. He, too, suffered. We threw away our Given names and retook our birth ones.Together we reached a conclusion and a common goal now unites us. 











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