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UN Combat Medic looking for HQ

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"Any UN Personnel, please respond..."

"I repeat.. any UN Personnel, PLEASE RESPOND!"

"This is Wade Wiskitzowitz. I am the lone survivor of my unit, Stationed at NWAF, I need assistance."


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Alojz hears the man in distress, sliding his rifle against this side and taking the radio from his vest pouch. He speaks with a raspy Chernarussian accent. 

Wade, this is Corporal Kovac stationed at Svetlojarsk evacuation station. We have set up a temporary F.O.B in the town with a few tents on the docks.

He grins slightly, looking over at Elyse.  

Your new orders are to return to the new designated zone and to be briefed on our new set of missions. Bare in mind that it's a civilian refuge camp, with several bandits loose. We tend to stay away from uniforms and blend in. Ask for Kovac. 

Over and out, Private.

He lets go of the PTT, wrapping his arm around Elyse as she munches into her meal. 

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*While walking on the road through a town called Ratnoe, Mikolas switches through some frequencies on his radio. As he hears the transmissions of the two men he decides to answer the radio. He wipes his neck with one hand before he holds the PTT button to transmit*

*you are able to hear a calm sounding male voice speaking with a chernarussian accent*

Erm... Th-this is Mikolas Bartá speaking. An UN evacuation station at Svet- Svetlojarsk? Are you still trying to help people? I mean ... me and my friends experienced something different since people in Berezino were rude b-but I wanted to ask if you got any medical supplies to offer ... or trade? I think that is more a thing people are up to these days, trading. *silence for a few second* I- I am looking for a medication called Xanax.  It is a benzodiazepine ... used to treat ...w-well different things. My friend Ida, I- I am not sure if friend is the correct term since we went on a date  b-but she said weed might be an option for me to relax. *silence for a few second* I- I don't think that you UN people happen to have access to that. I mean I read once that medical marijuana is a thing but then again why would you bring *he clears his throat*  Sorry I tend to speak to much. I will stay on this frequency.

*He releases the PTT button and exhales quietly before he starts walking again.*

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*Hawk hears these transmission, seems to be fustrated. He would look over to Faith seeing her sleep like an Angle.*

"This is Sandman 2 with the United Nations. Wade Wiskitzowitz I urge not to go to the town of Svetlojarsk it's nothing but chaos there. Break"

*He takes a small breath before continues*

"The man by the name of Corporal.Kovac seems to be a fraud/pretending to be a peacekeeper, I advise you not to listen to him, his orders are false. Break"

*He would take a sip of water, looking at Faith, then continuing*

"Wade the best is to contact me in a different, private UN freq. Sandman 2 Over and Out" 

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*Hawk almost forgot, so he turns his radio back on*

"This is Sandman 2 to Mikolas Barta. The Evacution in svetlojarsk is false claims, we would not but ourselves into such harms way. That is correct, we are still helping people we come across and Indeed we do have access to medical supplies. I need to check in with the Dr's first to see if we have the thing you're looking for."

"Sandman 2, over and out"


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*After listening into the broadcast and hearing Hawk's response, Holmen picks up his radio and starts speaking*

''Wiskitzowitz, this is Sandman-1, the United Nations does not have a base of operation currently running in South Zagoria, the last one, Bravo Hotel, was shut down after the extraction of some personnel, civilians and the research that had been gathered at the time. Break''

''As Sandman-2 said, do not enter the town of Svetojarsk and I would be careful traveling in the northern parts of the region, it seems that violence is more rampant in this area. Break'' 

''I would also advise you to not wear any United Nations insignias, berets, helmets or patches. Do make sure you hide your ID until you're able to meet with other United Nations personnel. Make sure to confirm their credibility before you fully reveal who you are. Break''

''As said before, contact us on our frequency and not on an open channel, we'll discuss more then.''

''Sandman-1, Out'' 

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*Mikolas looks slightly confused at his radio hearing the different transmissions. He takes a moment to think before he holds the PTT button to transmit again*

*you are able to hear a calm sounding male voice speaking with a chernarussian accent*

Hi, i-it is Mikolas Bartá again. Thanks for the advice and w-warnings, I guess. Erm... Sandman two... If you asked your Doctors please contact me. I am in the area of  *silence for a few seconds* Ratnoe. I- I really need that medication. I can trade or move somewhere else. Whatever is needed.

*He releases the PTT button and wipes his neck with one hand before he goes on transmitting*

Reach me on 48.6. Dekuji.

*He blinks a few times before he slides his radio back into the side pocket of his bag and moves on.*



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*He presses down the PTT*

"I'm afraid these warnings weren't meant for you. Try Viridians Clinic at Svetlojarsk, they might have the medication you're looking for. Přepínám."

*Releases PTT and goes silent*

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