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To The People of Severograd and Beyond (Open freq.)

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*Clarke presses down the PTT. Next to him sits Natalya Wilkova.*


"Attention, people of South Zagoria. This is an open broadcast to anyone within listening range. We are sorry to disturb you at so late an hour, but recent developments in Severograd have determined it crucial that certain information be disclosed to the citizens of this great country.”


“Earlier today, Quinn Gray and her entourage, as well as members of the AEGIS Corporation, and numerous other innocent bystanders were held hostage by a diabolical group of bloodthirsty terrorists. These sorts of heinous acts have gone unpunished, and I dare say, unnoticed in these recent troubled times. However, the forces of Alex Menendez’s freelancers and the Bratva aim to change this, and all the senseless violence that has defined the once proud city of Severograd.


The two groups, united in purpose and joined in arms, successfully saved 15 hostages from the bloodcrazed criminals who had the entire town at gunpoint. Though numerous heros were injured, including one civilian, all but one of the hostages were rescued unharmed.


Those responsible for these actions, we can assure everyone, will be brought to justice. We will do unto you what you believed you had the right to do to all the innocent people in Severograd, and we will not stop until all those involved in this despicable acts are shot like the dogs that they are.”


*Natalya takes the Radio from Clarke and holds down the PTT as she speaks in a thick Russian accent.*


“My name is Natalya. I am one of a dozen responsible for the liberation of the hostages today in the center of Severograd. Today, we had to shoot down few to save the many. Two men were asked to fight to the death to please the men and women who held the guns to their heads. One man was beaten unconscious while another stood over his bloodied comrade. One woman, Andy, demanded that a certain Quinn Gray kill herself in front of dozens to save them all from their fate which she failed to describe aside from them all being shot. This was not long after Miss Quinn was taken from the group, a bag on her head, and she was returned crying. We could not allow this to happen. We want to let the people know that so long as we are in the area, Severograd will be protected to the best of our ability. We are going to do what we can to provide everything you need, people of South Zagoria. If that means violence against those who threaten to harm you, we will do what we must.”


*Natalya would pause, the sound of her shifting her weight to pass the Radio back to Clarke is heard.*

"And to those who represent the twisted, false form of Islam and misreadings of the Quran that justifies their senseless violence, know that you are not welcome here. Not in this city, not in this country, and not on this Earth - and we, the common people that inhabit this land, will defend ourselves, our property, and our sacred rights to the last breath of air we draw."

Credit to @Taryn for Natalya's bit

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Iosif growls as he hears the news of the attack, and grins mischievously as he hears Natalya speak.  He grabs his radio, and depresses the PTT.

Наталья, ты знаешь, как меня найти.

He releases the PTT, and turns to Havel.

Připravte se na boj, příteli.

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*Pulls his hat down to his chest whilst listening in*
*Pushes down the PTT with a young Texan accent*
"I'm sorry to hear what has happened partner .... this new world aint a great one , but we need to not solve things with violence"
"Violence create violence , it just makes a big circle that cannot be stopped unless a little peace is involved"
"All the people that commit these crimes will be held responsible in time , god has a plan for them"
"To the people that where harmed during this , i will be doing sweeps of the south zagoria to find survivors and give them shelter"  
*Takes a deep breath*
"There aint that much of the good people left , lets not make us go instinct"
"Names .... Cody , cowboy hat guy. Can't miss me , you guys will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight"
*Puts his hat back on and releases the PTT*

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*Ibrahim hears the last part of the broadcast and looks at Abdul*

*Abdul asks Ibrahim*

"What are we going to do about this? Westerners trying to tell us about our own faith? Are we going to care of them?"

*Ibrahim chuckles a hardy chuckle, smiles, and replies*

"Inshallah, Habibi"

*They both look at each other and burst out into laughter*

*The other brothers who were surrounding burst out into laughter as well*

*Said laughs so hard that he falls off his chair, the brothers than laugh at that even harder"

*Said takes a breath then mumbles*



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*Michael hears the chatter on the radio and press do the transmit button to speak*

Hello..this is Sergeant Michael Smith uk armed forces retired. Break. I was unfortunately part of that mess in Severograd being held up against my will that is.

*Michael would sigh and carry on transmitting*

I hope people were lucky as i was and made it out safely in which i am thankful for the rescue.

*Michael tries to compose himself and transmits again*

To miss Quinn i wish you the best and hope you made it out safely and my heart believes that i myself would offer my life to save so many strangers. To Tivian i hope you are hearing my voice i wish you speedy recovery if you managed to get back on your feet after what happened. 

*you hear a restrained weep on the radio*

To my kidnappers i have no fight against you and can slightly understand why you were upset and please send my thanks to the gentleman that was in your company that gave me my medication when i needed it the most. 

God bless to you all and stay safe. 

Michael out. 





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Faith would be zipping up the small bags of food for everyone she knew in case they got hungry, even using chocolate for Ella and Lo as she listens to her radio burst with life. She sighs, her hand slicks back to her neck as she rubs the tattoo of the Manchester Bee. She didn't like comments like this, especially when it made her biased. She shakes her head, thinking in general all the things that have happened in Severograd. She takes her radio, talking softly.

"I've heard a lot of things about Severograd.

Wouldn't it be easier to leave and let the unnecessary war stop? Not only by these so-called terrorists but others.

There are more than just terrorists of skin colour. It doesn't matter what religion you come from.

Let the people have the area. Let the people scavenge through the houses in that place. There are plenty of more places to go, breath and be a part of.

I think everyone should of taken it as a warning when people kept being killed left right and centre. This is more than just a warning now. It's a sign to go. All this death, for what?

Would your family want to know that you stayed in a place to wage wars with others and play roulette with your lives? I'd hate to think so. Do yourselves all a favour, and just leave.

It's not worth fighting over..."

She shakes her head to herself as she pockets the radio, her finger nail grazing the back of her neck as she becomes slightly upset knowing people were so stubborn. She inhales forcefully as it shivers out of her system.

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*Presses down the PTT on his radio and begins to speak.*

"While this is all fine and well, I do believe that the woman who just spoke has the right idea in that Severograd is no longer an ideal place to stay. Shootouts were fairly common before, but what happened last night was on an entirely different level. I nearly died, though I did escape at the cost of almost everything I had."

*He sighs.*

"I've lost enough to that god-forsaken hole-in-the-ground of a city already. I know when to fold my hand and move on to the next table. Hopefully others will have enough intelligence to do the same, though I doubt it."

*He releases the PTT.*

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*Rory presses the PTT Button*
Viridian will most likely abandon Severograd shortly. 
I'm not staying around people that kicked me out of my own hospital that I worked hard for by a bunch of terrorists that think women shouldn't be doctors.
Now they're killing my friends. I think I've about had it.

*She releases the PTT furiously*

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*Reed would be leaning against the boot of a car talking away as the voices were heard over radio, by the time they all came through he had broken from conversation, giving him a chance to reply.* 

Geez, that really happened? I mean... As bad as it is.. I can't say I'm surprised... my limited time in the city was far from pleasant and I hear enough shit about robberies and all kinds of terrible things... Just leave maybe? As for the self proclaimed doctors, perhaps find a place that is less chaotic and easier to defend? In a town full of people it is easy to slip through with little attention brought to yourself... Umm... stay safe guys...

*He cut the transmission and flung his radio back into his bag before returning to company.*

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Hearing the transmission and the replies that followed, Han waits for the radio to fall silent so that he may hold the metaphorical talking stick, he proceeds to squeeze the PTT

"Yes. Well. I would like to echo the obvious that's been stated by the lady representing Viridian, as well as the woman before her, no reason to stay in Severograd anymore. About a week ago I ran across a young man near a mountain. He explained that he doesn't like to go near people very often. I asked him why, and his reply was that Severograd was little more than 'Drama and Muslims' anymore. He was right."

"What i'm trying to say is that we as a collective people need to let the pillagers take Severograd if they want it so badly, and find a new place for the common people to hang around, rather than sit around and wait for this to happen again. At least, that's what I know i'll be doing. I suggest you all do the same."

Tossing the radio aside, the transmission falls silent


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Iosif hears the bilge coming from some of these people.  He cannot hold his tongue.  He depresses the PTT, and a heavy Russian accent comes across the airwaves.

Listen to yourselves.  You think leaving will make them stop?  You think going to another location will save you from them?  Do you even know what the word "Fanatic" means?

Leave if you will, go somewhere else, they will follow.  There is only one solution.  Sit and talk about living peacefully, they won't care.  They'll oppress you, they'll hunt you, they'll kill you.

I cannot believe that I'm hearing this right now.  You're all unwilling to fight for your own freedom?  A man from the British Army won't fight?!

So maybe you don't know how to fight.  Fine.  LEARN!  If not, fine, too.  Let others fight and bleed and kill and die for you.

He releases the PTT, spitting a string of sulfurous profanity.

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Tivian would be sitting inside of his office in Severograd listening to all of the banter and bickering over the radio before rubbing his battered and bruised face and reaching over to pick up his radio and respond to all of the banter

If we abandon Severograd and let these bastards take it... it will show that we are weak... it will show that we are willing to roll over to these bastards... you give people like this a single inch and they will take a fucking country mile...

Running is not the answer because they will fallow us where ever we go to...

Tivian would slowly sit down his radio and turn back to the papers on his desk

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Faith frowns, becoming more angered by the fact Tivian is still choosing to stay there but used it as excuses when he found their last camp. Her jaw clenches in annoyance. A part of her didn't want to believe their were Muslim extremists. She had to be unbiased in her job, and she forced herself to do it now. She inhales slowly before saying almost with an 'are you serious' tone down the radio.

"Do you hear yourselves?

Fight and learn?

And what happens when those people die because they take your advice? 

You're using the so-called extremists and fanatics as an excuse.

Or for better term so we can put it bluntly or mention the elephant in the room, 'terrorists'.

You were all being robbed, beaten and from what i heard, killed before these 'Muslims' came.

Sometimes having balls is being the bigger person and finding safety.

Instead of being suicidal.

It's your choice. No one is there to stop you. But I know a lot of people will go 'they told you so' for the sake of saying it.

Sometimes violence is never the answer. And two wrongs don't make a right."

She scoffs in disgust, Casper was resting in the room whilst she paced back and forth outside with frustration. She turns her radio off, she needed to prevent herself from saying anything else. Especially knowing how people were.

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*Sitting back in a chair with his feet propped up on a table loading his pistol magazine. A slight smirk forums from his lips as he listens to them all bicker like small children. Back and forth he listens to them argue. Sighing lightly he sits straight up taking his feet off the table and to the floor, setting the magazine down. Looking at the radio for a moment he finally picks it up and chimes in with an Chernarussian accent.*

"Ty blázni, proč ne obojí? Taktiky z nějakého důvodu."

*Setting the radio down back on the table he sits back down, grabs his pistol and starts cleaning.* 

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-Quinn woke up after passing out in a tent. Slowly, the girl flexed her fingers, her toes, as if learning to use each part of her body for the first time, all over again. She slowly sat up and started to look around her, feeling a pain in her ribs she from a source she couldn't remember. Rubbing her eyes, then her arms for warmth, Quinn felt as if something was missing. There was a gun. Someone had hit her with it. Why? She remembered people around her. Who were they? And a city? But where?

She listens curiously as she digs around in the tent, listening to a man and a woman mumble about some sort of fight on the radio. Slowly, small details began piecing together in her mind. When the broadcast had finished, she pressed the PTT -

*With her usual attitude*

"Gah! That's - that was me! The girl!"

"Although I didn't cry when I got tortured. At least I don't think so? Maybe I cried when I was about to die. A little. I don't know."

"Anyway, thanks for saving everyone. I guess I didn't need to take a bullet to my head since you all came along!" 

-Quinn smiled warmly as she spoke, stepping outside holding the radio in her left hand. With a small gesture she moves her right hand on her forehead, parting her bangs out of the way to see the clear. 
Immediately she realized she'd forgot more than she had thought. A sense of sorrow overtakes her, as she watched a few birds fly past.-

-Placing her radio on her heart, she tries to remember the people involved. All she can recall, however, is that some were hurt because of her. - 

-Moving the radio towards her mouth again, she presses down the PTT-

"I want to apologize to everyone, being told yesterday I was the reason you were all in that situation has.." 

-She pauses-

"I'm just dreadfully sorry."

-Quinn releases the PTT and walks back into the tent zipping the door up. Placing the radio to her left side she slowly sits down, moving her knees to her 
chin placing her head on her knees and closing her eyes. She scrambles in her mind, remembering bits and pieces here and there. Where she's from? Did she have a family? Still have a family? A forced marriage? A rescue? Being the Queen of Severograd? Married to the King? A man with a cowboy hat and yellow armband? But there was something missing, something big. Her friends, she searched through her mind, struggling to recall who they were, who she was and where she belonged - but to no avail. 
Little did she know the amnesia had taken an entire chapter from her life and thrown it out. - 

"Where.. Where am I?"

-As days have passed, Quinn was starting to feel very poorly due to blood loss and injury - being in the cold for a long period of time.-

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*He presses down the PTT and begins to speak, maintaining the same, even tone as he always does.*

"Ah, Ms. Quinn. Still alive, I see. How fortunate. Your apology is reluctantly accepted. Though I must ask why you thought it a good idea to mention my name to your hostage takers."

*A brief burst of static bleeds through, but stops just as he starts speaking again.*

"No matter. To those of you prattling on about fighting the good fight, you're welcome to do that. But I believe the city of Severograd is a lost cause that has seen enough bloodshed for the time being. Still, don't let me or any others talk you down, I'm merely stating my opinion on the matter."

*He releases the PTT.* 

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-Quinn heard a voice of a man, who seemed to know who she was. Making her right leg straight and keeping her left leg up she placed her left arm on her left leg, running her fingers through her hair with her right hand, sighing she reached for the radio that was by her side, pressing down the PTT- 

*With her usual attitude*

"Quinn here, you know who I am?"

-Quinn biten her bottom lip in frustration, placing her hand on her head, showing no sign of concern over the radio about herself-

"It's good to know someone wants to forgive me, though.. Something inside me feels as though I did nothing to these people. Who knows.."

-Suddenly, she find herself remembering flashbacks of being tortured and a woman mentioning if she knew someone called Ian-

-More vivid flashbacks come to mind but she still doesn't know who anyone is-

"A-Ah! I remember a woman asking if I knew someone called Ian? Is this your name? I remember being silent a lot, I didn't respond to her questio-"

-As she was speaking over the radio, she drops the radio passing out from being very sick-

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*He pulled out his radio from his backpack and pressed the PTT*

"Well ignoring Quinn for a moment. I understand where Tivian is coming from, But I can't say that we should stay in Severograd after everything that has happened."

*He sighed as he let go of the PTT for a few moments*

"Deeply sorry. I don't usually talk on the radio. As for Quinn. I hope your alright after what happened. I wish I was better on the radio but whatever I'll see you in person instead."

*He sighed and let go of the PTT*

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*The Messiah listens intently and clicks on his radio*

*His Disciples may be heard praying in low pitch hum in the background*

"My children, as your lord, saviour, creator, truth and Messiah, I am so pleased with your great deeds in saving those children from the sinners."

"My Children, you are not alone in this war, we have been preparing and gathering support for this Holy War that is to come, and has arrived, and it will be us who walk with you, guiding these sinners from this great green Earth that I created, so that they may never come close to the Kingdom of the Eternity of Peace."

*He turns his head away from the radio and towards his Disciples, but he can still be heard over the radio*

"My divine disciples, thank you for your prayers, but the time has come for the Holy War to begin, ready yourselves to rid this place of Sinners."

*Many different guns can be heard being loaded in the background, the Messiah turns back to the radio so he can be heard fully*

"Now, I understand not all of you will believe in me, and my power,  this is quite alright, unlike the sinners and their false prophets and gods. I am not a man of conflict, it is such a Human condition."

*His disciples appear to have finished loading their weapons as the noises have gone quiet*

"Your Messiah and his most loyal and devout followers shall be with you soon. Aid comes in the form of your Messiah."

"Peace be with you all, let us finally purge these sinners."

*The Disciples resume their hums of prayer and the radio clicks off*

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*A disguised voice speaks through the radio: Through the radio it is impossible to tell who is talking, but the message itself is clear:*

“This day we find ourselves once more on the path to Holy Crusade for the glory of our God. Once more, our ancient enemy, Islam, in their infinite belligerence and shamelessness, has seen fit to make war upon honest men. It falls again to us, servants of Our Lord and Savior, to drive them from the soil of the Chernarussian people, who as I speak wage bloody and holy war upon our foes. These same foes who ruthlessly tainted our sacred soil with their heathen filth!

“The mighty warriors of St. Michael will meet and crush the infidel in glorious battle, sending them crawling back to the desert from whence they came. Yet instead of learning from their past failures, miserable defeats dealt to them by men in service of the One True God, they have again taken to the path to ruin. Vast barbarian hordes threaten to overrun an entire country, baying for the blood of the innocent. They seek to raze the cities of our brothers, to butcher their men and enslave their women, to torture and slay their children. Yet we shall not allow this to come to pass.

“South Zagoria is in our grasp; the Crusade swells in number and the hordes of our enemy are weak. Where our foe was once mighty, they are now vulnerable. What once protected their homes from glorious retribution no longer stands in the path of the righteous. Even at this moment, the legions of God stand side-by-side with our allies in their glorious struggle against the Mujahedeen menace. No longer can our enemies sully our lands with their cruel decadence. Now is the time for the Final Crusade to carve its way into the lands of our enemy, to purge the unclean!

“None can stand before the Crusade of the Righteous. Let our enemies reap the doom they have sewn: The heavens shall bleed and they shall be devoured in a storm of iron, for we are devastation incarnate!

“Fear grips our enemy, for they know we are coming for them. Vengeance for their many transgressions shall finally be ours. This Crusade shall rage on until their monuments to depravity have been cleansed in holy fire and our foe utterly vanquished. Those who have sought to destroy the Kingdom of God shall be punished, and our blessed legions shall sit upon a throne of their skulls. No longer shall we be threatened by the unbeliever. By the blood of our fathers, by the blood of ours sons, I swear this: Takistan shall burn! The Mujahedeen shall be crushed, and Chernarus be cleansed as Terra Liberum!

“Let the barbarian hordes fear our wrath, for we are the warriors of righteousness and cannot be stopped!

“Deus vult!”

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Coyote, upon hearing all of the noise from the radio, began tuning in, thoughtfully puffing his cigarette, and taking swigs of whiskey from his flask between transmissions. He looks solemnly looks toward his rifle propped outside the window of his new lodging. As all quiets, he takes up his radio, hitting the broadcast button:


  "Christ, it's only been a few months and we already have two groups of religious fanatics shooting eachother up, all the better with Sir Oswald Mosley himself's spokesperson menacing the airwaves? This country..."

He drags again from his cigarette, exhaling.

"As a man of all faiths, I don't think any of your gods would approve of this. It's just the conviction of the ego to concieve such of that shit anyway,"

He takes another puff, spitting for a moment.

"Best of luck to you folk, 'specially the ones caught in the crossfire. Just a bit of advice to the belligerents, though; just be careful yer' cattle don't go running loose while you're too preoccupied killing one another, if you catch my drift."

He quietly sets his radio down, continuing his thoughts.

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*The Messiah listens closely and intently, and whilst he knows a lot of what is said refers quite closely to Christianity, he takes it as words for himself and clicks on his radio*

"My Children, flock to me and I shall be graceful and kind to all, lend your ears and your faith to the one true faith of these lands, the one that stands in front of you when we meet." 

"My children, war with these people, is unfortunately inevitable, and as I consider myself a creator of peace, in this flesh form I must carry that in the way that you, my children, have carried out since the beginning of time. Through War."

*The Messiah clicks his fingers, and his disciples begin to pray in a low-pitch around him which can be heard through the radio*

"People of South Zagoria, of the WORLD, your Lord and Creator, Your Savior and your Truth, I, your Messiah, plead that you take the right course of action against these Sinners! Do not let them deter you from the true faith! Do not let them manipulate you! You are a creation of Free will! of Belief and of Passion! My Children, I made you to be free! Not to follow the outrageous and disgusting false Gods portrayed to you by these extremists! Take up arms with, I, your Messiah, and follow me and all my other good Children into a Holy War. This is the time for recompense for any and all past sins. All of your sins may be forgiven for your participation and decisions in the coming war. Make the right choice my children, and join me in the Kingdom of the Eternity of Peace with true faith."

*The Disciples stop their prayers and the radio goes silent momentarily*

"Peace be with the true."

*The Radio cuts off*

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*Michael hears the constant chatter carrying on the frequency and pushes down the transmit button to weigh into the conversation again*

This is Michael again i know this conversation on this frequency isn't going to end until one side wins i just hope people put a rational mind before acting on anything otherwise a lot of innocents are going to die in the cross fire.

I also want to say something to the preachers on the net. Break. I hold no stock on religion i have seen so called religion being carried out by lunacy fanatics of every religious denomination and their acts being called the will of god so unfortunately i will pass on flocking to you so called messiah.

*Michael's voice changes to a more direct tone*

To the gentleman that said a man from the British Army won't fight. I have fought many battles on many different plains and lost a lot of friends. I feel like i deserve a rest for it all.

*Michael tries to calm himself down taking a deep breath and continues to speak this time in a more friendlier tone*

To Tivian and Quinn i wish you both a speedy recovery and glad you made it out and i hope you are safe and Tivian i hope you don't mind i slept in your room whilst you were away as you disappeared on me but don't worry i didn't touch your stuff. 

Stay safe out there people. 

Michael out.



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*Pavel takes the radio into his hand, pressing against the PTT he speaks with a chernarussian accent*

Severograd is a lost cause. If you are foreign to this country, you do not understand the danger that the city posses. It is a part of ground zero, and it is no wonder so many psychopaths are around.

If I were any of you, I would leave the city. Stay clear of those northern military installations. And for fucks sake, stop acting like this shit isn't scary.

*He releases the PTT*

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-He leans against an old chernarussian army communications truck, he unfold an old magazine from his vest pouch and begins to skim it.-
-Holding onto the magazine with his right hand, and using his left, he places in his ear piece, and cracks his radio to life, he skims through the channels.-  

-he catches the broadcast mid banter, he listens for a while, he recognizes Pavels voice and shifts around seeing if he can see him.-
(hoping to give him the finger and a friendly smirk.)
-As soon as Pavel finishes he presses down on his PTT and begins to talk in his deep and thick Russian accent-

"You know, all this jihad - muslim crap is all a lost cause."
"Not just for them, but for us who gallop around and give in to their shit, and even bother with them"
"how many are they anyways? I feel like hardly enough to even support a real war effort."
"I tend to find their little incursion on chernarussian soil a little ironic aswell."    
"Insurgents, fighting an insurgency?"

-he smiles to himself- 

"You know, these kids with guns running around and using "Allah" as their reasoning."
"It's all a little silly, as far as I know the worlds still kicking."
"And as soon as the superpowers come to, and finish doing what it is they gotta do."
"They're gonna come stomp out any little hooligans that decided to have their little moment of "fun" and "glory"."  
"I hope you jihads enjoy a town sized Chechnya when the real big boss decides to trot across the borders."
""You better make it worth while.""

-He pauses for a moment-

"In case you didn't catch the last part, that was sarcasm"   

-He giggles to himself-

-He releases his PTT and goes back to being focused on his magazine-
-Any remarks made would be met with him flicking out his ear piece and a slight smirk-


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