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On 9/19/2018 at 7:07 PM, Sleepyhead said:

Hiya! Just a little activity check.

For the most part, you guys are looking pretty good in regards to activity. However, there are still a few members listed below that haven't been online in over 3 weeks. They'll need to be removed from the roster until they're able to get in game & be active again.

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Keione, Nep, Ok_Sierra, Melkerornberg, Shanoby, Yogug, TheLegend & Orphan

On top of that, it seems as though all of your IC goals are either forever ongoing, completed or failed. You'll need to update the thread with new goals since they've all been accounted for.

Good luck!

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

I will try and update the goals this weeks and fix the roster.

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Hey Svenne.

Hope you're good. I checked through your activity and for such a large group, it looks great. You do have a few people that are inactive which I highly suggest you speak too. 


Fiizio, Yasen400, Nep.

It's all well and good you're active, but I can see your goals still haven't been altered. I highly suggest also you update them with your current activities and targets IG, even if it's hunting a group down or looking for a place to settle down. 

But you guys are doing great. I urge you guys make more of a presence in Chernarus, I'm not sure if you make it known that you're an Army group IG, but I haven't yet to meet you guys. 


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I love you all guys and everyone that has been part of the this group in the past!

We have done some amazing things on the server but as I no longer will be a member of this community I can no longer manage the group. If anyone is interested in taking over the group send me a PM.


Please archive the group!

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PM a mod + for it to return.

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