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Lost and Alone: Tales of Elizabeth Smith

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You have to write essay's, don't you?..

Good stuff though, enjoyed it

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Yep, you know that. 

And you love it lol ?

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When I control + F and see Faith in their 30 times.... holy fuck woman. Stalker much :P 

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xD It's just one of those chapters where its emotional blaaahhhhhhhhh. She doesn't like fighting with Faith, but they always seem to be annoying each other xD <3 

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Holy crap I finally get to update something! XD

@Aristocrat tagging you because I know you'll be excited ❤️





Beth waited, laying under a heavy pine tree. Watching the lake perimeters through a hunting rifle scope. It wasn’t her first choice and would be useless in a fight as it only held one bullet at a time. It had been the best she could find after some infected had chased her through the woods the night before, resulting her losing most of her supplies.  

So much had happened in nearly a year. So much.


Being six months pregnant was not helping her anxiety, or any attempts to be comfortable. At least that was the estimate, she’d only been able to find one paramedic who had taken a few hours intensive about childbirth, Daniel Weber. Only she hadn’t heard from him in some time, she hoped he was okay, she’d liked him a lot.

There we very few things at her disposal to help with pregnancy. There had been more but having to lock and rig the hospital again was making things very difficult. She hoped within the next month or so the danger would pass, and she could go back to hiding in the basement for the last few weeks of her pregnancy. It had cold boxes, and she needed to start collecting her own blood a few weeks before her estimated due date. While the power was currently off, Nino had shown her how to disable things and put them back together. She could get the power on herself without a problem.

She’d hoped Eric would have been back by now, but no. He was her first choice of the people she knew to deliver the baby, another trauma surgeon who she had been through a great amount with. Daniel  was the second person she felt would be most qualified.

She did have another friend, Dr. James Cole, an anesthesiologist she was intending to call soon. He was at a camp of some kind, all doctors. She knew nothing about it, other than it existed. She’d hoped they were fairing better than the people before them.

The lake was still as the sun reflected off the water, it was a beautiful spring day out. She was waiting for a man in white, with a strong feeling of unease.





Hans Runkel, a few others, and herself had continued researching what they could on the virus. They finally developed something. Hans bioengineered a booster after her finding things that looked important and giving him a slide of XSB-1 to look over. To keep him safe, Beth had not even told Hans where it came from, or what it was, only to see how they had spliced the virus for use. He hadn’t liked the answer, but he knew she was protecting him from something and had accepted it.

XSB-1, the drug Eric had entrusted her with. The drug the world wanted, that people would murder over…even though it had never been tested. That was a whole story in-itself.

Hans had named the new creation; Beth thought it right for him to, as he had done the majority of the actual work. She’d done what she could understand and would then do what he told her.

SIBA-45 he named it. She had developed a second part, antibodies from Brandon Terrano, and two drugs to help the body fight back. One man had come for medical treatment when she had been staying with the Saviors, she recognized the symptoms and quarantined him immediately. He hadn’t been sick before, he thought it was just a cut. As the reality set in, the usual things did, disbelief, fear, anger, sadness. She told him in private where she made sure no one could have heard them, that there was something. It had never been tested, but they were positive it couldn’t hurt him in any way. It could work, it could do nothing. But she was willing to let him try it if he wanted to.

After some time he’d agreed. Hans had come in and given the booster, then she had given the antibodies and medicine. She’d waited in isolation with him, not allowing him to be left alone and scared, holding his hand while in a CBRN suit. Eight grueling hours later, his fever began to break. The minor symptoms had stopped, the rash not progressing. Twelve hours later, he had no signs of being sick. SIBA-45 had been a success, or so they thought. His own immune system could have fought it off, or SIBA could have helped fight it. She had samples of blood for Hans to look at later.

Only afterward…things made no sense. The virus they had been growing, had mutated. Very subtly, but enough to make the drugs and original antibodies they had been using to test it, unusable. Neither of them had seen anything like this…leaving them back at the start of nearly years of work.




She wasn’t sure how long afterward… the long range encrypted radio she kept on her went off. Brandon’s did too a few feet nearby. A man with a voice neither of them recognized spoke on the channel. He sounded exhausted and terrified. What he had said made even less sense. That they were being listened to, everything they said on the radios, even the encrypted ones, that ‘they can’t realize what you are doing’… the Illuminati.

Brandon and her looked at each other and were about to dismiss the ramblings as some kind of exhausted man having psychosis, but what the man said next froze her to the spot. He knew about her research…. How? That shouldn’t have been possible. Her eyes met Brandon’s again, his filled with just as much shock, confusion, and fear that hers did. How did this man know? They had done everything to keep this information secret except to a few they knew would protect it with their lives.

‘If they find out, they won’t stop until you are deep under the ocean.’ He was afraid she was already being hunted…they knew about him…who was he? Who knew what? He mentioned CDF and secret police, a panicked warning that they were already among the people, blending in, looking for her, hunting her.

The last thing they heard was that civilians would be going to a nearby town in a few days from Miroslavl. That that amongst them would be someone who could help them. A man in white. He could do something to help them. She would be safe, because of the amount of people. It would have been stupid for any people hunting her, even military, to try to grab her there. The line had cut off, and they hadn’t heard his voice since.




Beth had started to panic, and called her closest friends to meet; giving no details other than it was vital. She also sent a distress call to her two contacts in the Second United Nations Response Team. She had been learning about them, meeting with them. They were nice, they seemed to like her. She thought that was slightly ironic. One had even come running with another when she reported hiding after having taken a bullet to her arm. Thankfully it had only been a graze, but during the panic of being chased and shot at in Zeleno, she couldn’t have known what damage she had acquired.

She was concerned when she received no response. Their radio had been quiet for days, and a lot of chatter had been going around about people after them and claiming damning things she knew were lies. She’d been trying to warn them what happened the first time, the lies people used. She had been trying to get a meeting with their leader, now she feared it was too late.

A lot of gunfire in the distance did not make her feel any better while they waited for allies to group to them… when they had re-located someone had approached them, looking for her specifically. Speaking with him, he said a team had been sent from a group going by Alpha Company, a military group. Her allies in the UN had not been able to respond as they were fleeing the area, but they got a message to the leader of Alpha Company along with her distress, signaling something about her being very important.

She was in complete shock to realize they had sent 15 people to get her. Apparently they allied with other groups. Lord Ashford was among them which made her happy. They’d tried to go move in with him a few days before, only to have found the location overrun. The problem was Alpha had been dealing with an incoming hostile force, and it had turned into a major firefight, being all the gunshots they had been hearing in the distance.

They had to separate, but she promised the man she would be looking for his people.

After moving again, she spoke to those closest to her in private. Telling them the truth of what had been happening. The progress they had actually made, about the message from this man.

They were as skeptical as she had been, until she pointed out the things he knew, that he shouldn’t have known at all. That none of them had known. The understanding was to be alert, and know that anything they said on the radio was likely compromised any radio. Though would use short codes using references they all understood to communicate locations and the like for a while.




It took about a week, but while walking with Jax and others, they had ran into a  base in one of the coastal towns. They had been greeted by people claiming to be Alpha Company. She got excited and quickly said she had been looking for them, giving her name. One of them men talking to her had gotten the funnies expression on his face before having them all come inside.

Captain Henrich, she had learned, the leader of the company. He’d been looking for her since the message, and had feared she may have been killed in action. The sheer luck of having run into him at that moment was amazing. The more she talked to him, the more she liked him. She’d seen good people come here, some of them stayed good, but were beaten down by the things around them. Some gave in and became the monsters they first had promised to protect against.

The men here were different. They were all military, American from what she could tell. The captain and the others…something was different about them. Something good, they were determined, and it honestly seemed like they would take no reasons for bribery or other corruptions. For the first time she felt safe enough to tell someone, Captain Henrich, everything.

He understood the importance. They would do all they could to keep her safe, but their main mission was the people and trying to care for them. She admired that, and appreciated that if she was around them, they would do their best to keep her safe.




During those few weeks something else had happened that had frightened them a great deal. At Pavlovo Trauma Center, it was very difficult to get into the basement. The door was locked and barred. While she had the key, all the keys actually, it made sense to keep it locked. So they had another way in, one that they guarded very carefully. The doors of the hospital, the inner ones, that were structurally sound and went deep into the building, were always locked behind them as they entered, each one. There were no windows to the basement. While the power was on, it was directed only into the basement, nothing above ground worked or had light, and nothing from below could be seen or heard from above. They’d made sure of it.

Castle had been the first to spot him. A figure in the trees, watching them. Jack had caught the man multiple times, but each time as soon as he and Kam tried to sneak up him, he was gone. They were positive he was doing recon. He threw them off by always ended up there at different times and in a different spot. They would eventually spot him, and the game would continue and end again.

At that point, Beth was done. She wasn’t risking the resources and what they had. Brandon knew of something called ‘the Corporation’ who while he had apparently had good dealings with.  James had called to warn her, that he had been taken by them a few weeks before, and they tried to force him to arrange a meeting with her. They wouldn’t say why. All he told them was that if they treated her as rudely as they had him, taking photos of him and his ID’s, dragging him into the woods, et. That the meeting would not go well, if at all. They didn’t like that response, and he had not heard from them since.

They didn’t know why, but at the time it was the only group that made sense to be going after her.

Later though they had realized they were allied through friends. Reluctantly she agreed, though was wary, and had yet to meet any of them in person.




Getting Brandon’s help, she printed multiple copies all of their work on any computers, then took all of the hard drives they had used. Reset all the machines, gathered every scrap of paper any of them had left lying around that looked important and any journals, notebooks, or other forms of notes. Anything of importance that could have shown anything, including several bags of antibodies and the serum tubes of SIBA, and put them into a pelican case. She loved those damn things, the military used them a lot and she had found several while going through bases. You could throw one of them out of a plane, have it land on the ground, and the objects inside remain undamaged. She made sure to pack it so that even if the liquids somehow got out, they could not get into the paperwork or hard drives.

Everything else; unimportant papers, notes, samples, tests, petri dishes, growing cultures, every bit went into a box. That box was very carefully put in the hospital incinerator, sealed, and turned on. Making sure all evidence of anything they had done was destroyed completely. After sterilizing the lab, on their way out, locking doors, Beth again used Nino’s teachings. She didn’t want the hospital to be damaged, it was too valuable. But she did want to make anyone trying to break into the inner areas, think twice about it.

She carefully placed hidden charges at several points people would have to enter to get inside. The measured charges were not enough to do any real structural damage. Not against steel and concrete. A human body on the other hand…That individual would be very dead, very quickly. She had been very careful though, the hospital was large, and she made sure to set the charges in the innermost areas, places anyone trying to get downstairs would have to go through, but where the locks were better. Basic lockpickers wouldn’t be able to get through them, as had been evident when they first arrived. She didn’t want any innocent casualties. She didn’t want ANY casualties, but this was not a game anymore.

Tossing smoke bombs out multiple windows and donning gas masks, Brandon and her had fled under the smoke and ran into the woods in the darkness. The case had later been given to someone she knew would keep it safe no matter the cost, with instructions to who to give it to if something did happen to her and Hans.

Everyone had been warned in person, don’t go into the inner areas of the hospital, don’t even try. The outer areas were fine and could be accessed by people needing them, but not the inside. The few times over the next weeks they checked, nothing had been set off, she hoped that was a good sign.




There was a trading camp visiting but was delayed a week. They managed to get inside just before it has been closed. They were looking for the man in white. Beth realized hearing a broadcast of the traders, there would be a doctor there… if a doctor wore a white coat…he was covered in white… the radio had also said something about him having a minor in communications and liking to tinker with electronics in his spare time, something that easily fit with why they could be sent to him.

Beth had spent a few days prior going to stashes, collecting medical goods. They didn’t know what this man knew, if he even knew they were being sent to him. She’d heard about him in Miroslavl. Dr. Sova, another graduate from Harvard University. His father had been a doctor, the original Dr. Sova, a man she had wished she’d been able to meet. He had helped everyone, no matter who they were, no matter who hated them. He had been executed for being a real doctor to people who needed him, after treating Russian soldiers. She remembered treating Russian soldiers too on the East Airfield, how the man had been so confused as to why she was treating him like a human being. It had been a nice moment, remembering not everything in the world was awful.




Jax was with her, they met Dr. Sova, he seemed nice, cheerful. Well, as cheerful as you could be under the camps circumstances. Jax had to step away to find a bathroom, Dr. Sova had to go get something from another spot nearby.

She’d been on edge, looking around in fear, not knowing what to think or believe. The area was full of soldiers, several of them watching her closely. She smiled politely to them, then turned her gaze to the floor and tried to not make eye contact with anyone, looking bored and waiting. A group of three or four soldiers walked past her, she couldn’t quite remember.

What she did remember, was them stopping Dr. Sova to talk. She hadn’t been trying to eavesdrop, they’d simply been around the corner and were speaking in normal tones, enough to be heard by her. They’d confirmed his identity and had told him they had a great respect for his father, even with his, more questionable beliefs. Sova had been quick to point out he did not exactly share those beliefs to the extend his father did. She knew they meant Russians. They gave their condolences, saying he had been a great man. That they hoped he would be just as good of a man. Sova was afraid, she could tell in his voice. The smooth, authorities voice speaking to him, was calm, pleasant even…only it had a tint of something she could easily identify. Threat.

She couldn’t remember the exact wording, only that ‘they were going to call him because they needed him for something, and when they did…he’d better do as they said.’

Jumping slightly, she looked up as a guard approached her, his posture the usual ‘on patrol’ and ‘taking no shit’. He asked her what she was doing standing by the small building they kept all the supplies. She quickly pointed to the large backpack she had brought and then to her stomach, which had a visible baby bump. She explained she was waiting for the Doctor, who had stepped away for a moment and told her to wait there. The man locked hard eyes with her for a moment, then realized she hadn’t been trying to get into the building or was doing anything suspicious. He nodded, and continued his route.

Taking a nervous deep breath, she turned to see Dr. Sova returning. “Sorry about that miss! Now how can I help you?”




They spoke politely, her saying she had brought supplies as she had heard he needed them, and that she had been hoping for a checkup if possible. She had left a small hint in her words, to see if he caught on. He didn’t. So, he hadn’t known who she was or why she was there.

She asked if there was a radio technician in the trading camp. When he inquired, she explained that their radio’s had been acting funny lately. Jax had joined them by then, staying close to her. She felt better knowing he was there, and was very appreciative that her usually extremely loud, and talkative husband was listening to her request to let her do the talking this time.

She tried to say they had been making funny noises, it made her think of something a friend had told her back in the states that phones made, like as if someone was recording. She laughed it off, saying it made no sense and just must be static, but wanted to get them checked out for any internal damage. Especially as they were encrypted.

He hesitated and then locked eyes with her, his expression suddenly deadly serious. “You think you’re being listened to? Why would you think that?”

An awkward smile was all she could come up with for a few seconds, before glancing around and then lowering her voice, “I…it….we just…we just had this weird man appear on our encrypted frequency one night….I have no idea who or how….going on in some gibberish….he said we were being listened to… it seems stupid you know? I just, thought maybe we should make sure nothing is damaged and some crazy man somehow had simply hacked our frequency.”


He stared at her oddly for a moment, then his eyes lit up. “I have just the thing!”

He turned and went into the shack, leaving her and Jax very confused. He returned seconds later with a large sea chest. Putting it down he opened it, inside was what looked like a hybrid of a radio and a walkie-talkie.

“I developed these for a hospital I was working at, all the phones and communication, it was madness. My co-workers and I had the worst time trying to hear each other and not get interrupted, so I designed these. We tried to sell them, ended up being a horrible failure and lot of wasted money.”

She frowned in response, “I think it’s a great idea…” She knew the same frustration from the hospitals she had been in too.

He pointed and explained, “Each set is only made to be accessed by the same set, closed circuit, you understand?”


Nodding, the terminology made her think of Markus Letter…she missed Markus. She was happy knowing he was off with Rain somewhere safe; the same camp Calandra was with her husband at. Both were staring their own families together. She wanted to visit them when it was safe to, they did get to talk on the radio sometimes though.

“So…no outside frequencies?” Jaxon asked.

“Correct Mr. Jaxon, they only use a line that is attached to each one, this set has eight. You’ve also brought a lot of supplies I can make good use of, I’d be happy to trade them all to you.” They traded the supplies as he continued, “You need to be checked out Mrs. Beth, but I’m afraid here is not so good, and I have to return to Miroslavl. But, I will make sure to come see you very soon!” She thanked him and gave him her radio frequency.

As soon as they were done they went to a building a few streets away and took the radios out of the box, putting them into their backpacks, then hauled ass out of town. Thankfully when they stopped for the night, Kam and a new person she kept thinking was Kam (because they nearly wore the same skull clothing), assured them they were safe. They had left the area staggered, to ensure no one was following.




It had been a few weeks, and Dr. Sova had finally gotten to her. Though him talking on her radio had been very odd… “And don’t worry! I have not been listening in this whole time!” He had laughed jokingly. It was a joke…but something didn’t feel right about him saying it. It unnerved her for some reason, she tried to shrug it off as nothing.

Kruger, Nedved, Brandon, Castle and a few others got the encrypted radios. They had been keeping in contact, Beth having told them in person what had happened and their concerns.

She was supposed to have met him near Kozlovka, a friend of Alpha Company had been kind enough to travel with her there, she’d have gotten lost otherwise and she knew it. She loved Alpha Co. They were like a breath of fresh air in a way. Something refusing to be tainted, where so many who came before had been.

She’d also been avoiding towns and roads as much as possible. Sova then got on the radio and instructed her to a castle nearby which she got rather flustered about. That meant crossing field with a lot of infected, her gun didn’t have a silencer, and she especially didn’t want anyone to hear the shots. Why hadn’t he told her earlier? She’d have had time to go around…




Well, that had gone as badly as she figured it would have. She’d almost gotten to the other side, then was jumped by about three. She’d gone running into the woods, bolting in various directions and finally took them out…only to realize she had no idea where she was, nothing familiar around her, lost a good amount of her supplies, and it was getting too dark to see….

Sova was not happy with her...then again, she wasn’t happy with him either. Thank gods she wore a ballistic helmet and plating under her clothing. They arranged to meet the next day at a lake above Stary.

She’d managed to get there early, she’d told her friends the change of place, she knew better. You always, always told someone your destination, when you reached it, and when you left.

That’s how she ended up under the tree. While the day was beautiful… the terms Sova had set, made her very uneasy. Alone. No one nearby, alone. That didn’t at all sound suspicious as hell. Then again, she’d made the same request to people… so she’d picked a spot and was looking for any possible trouble.

Her radio crackled to life.

“Mrs Beth?”

Hitting the PTT she responded.

“I’m here, at location, where are you?”

“Um… I apologize but I need you to come to the castle near the lake. Also if you get lost again, I’m leaving.”

Beth wanted to slam her head into the ground…and yell at him... she made sure not to.

“…you need to tell me where that is…blame the infected for last time, and please stop moving the damn location!”

“Apologies, Mrs. Beth, but you know how these things can go.”

She grumbled then listened to his instructions, checking her map. Making sure to look around and make sure nothing was off.

Getting to her feet she jogged a bit, slowing to a walk as she got out of breath. She would be happy when she could get back to long distance running and not feel like she was going to die seconds after.

Looking around she spotted a tower in the distance, and checking the map went straight towards it. She kept pausing to look around and ahead of her, making sure she didn’t see anyone else hiding around the woods.

“Almost there.”

She stopped to eat something quickly and drink some water, catching her breath a bit and studying up the hill, then started to climb the steep hill.


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i absolutely loved reading each one of these @RogueSolace i remember every RP moment from reading these entrees and i wish Ethan was still with you guys but tbh im not really sure when i'll be back just know i send my ❤️ 

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