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Normal wait time for Whitelist app to get reviewed?

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I am by no means complaining in the slightest bit about the wait time for whitelist, I am just curious on the normal it usually takes to get reviewed.

I would like to stop checking the website every 30 minutes to see if I got accepted so I can play lol. 

Thanks in advance.

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Your whitelist application depending on admin workload will take between 24-48 hours usually, it could be quicker though. In the meantime you could work on creating a character page here.

So when you get in game you are all set to get, ensure the background story has at least 500 characters and that it fits current lore. Also ensure the name is valid of the character containing a first and last name. If this name does not fit with DayZ parameters use this guide here.

Once again good luck with your application process!


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Hello @dameons20,

As @Galaxy stated it takes around 24-48 hours. Considering Galaxy has the rest covered, please be sure to mark the correct answer by clicking the check mark in the top right corner of the comment box.

-Thank you.

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@Galaxy You are on it today bud, thank you. I was gonna wait until my partner filled out her whitelist so we can get on the same page with character backgrounds and all that good stuff.

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