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Same Background?

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Me and a Friend plan on trying to bring out Roleplaying over to this server and we are roleplaying partners and we got on the land the same way and everything.

Can our character backgrounds be somewhat the same, because the way we are role playing we come from a very long history together.

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You can have a similar backgrounds, but you are not going to have the exact same. Maybe having like a linking paragraph and the rest of it being your original work and not just copying each other because you are siamese twins.

If you need any further help you can head to the DayZRP Teamspeak at: ts.dayzrp.com
You can then head to the helpdesk and go to the waiting for staff channel for more information.

Good Luck with your whitelist!

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Basically what @Galaxy said. Be very careful that is not a carbon copy of each others.

Please tick the answer that you feels answers your question the best.

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Thanks guys and yeah, it won't be a carbon copy but it will have some of the same backstory since we have a long history together.

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Hello @dameons20 dont forget to push the check mark over the answer that answers your question so we know you have been helped

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