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Shane Dumoulin

S1 GearRP, RDM 2017-09-17, 15:58

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Server and location:  EU 1

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  2017-09-17 15:35

Your in game name: Vladimir Vasiliev

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Oleg Dolgan, other guy im not sure

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  

I was walking down a road from severograd, and 2 guys randomly ran up to me, robbed all my shit, barely said anything until the end, then told me I was good and free to go. I then got up and wanted to ask them a question, then without saying a word they shot me dead







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Connection Logs: 

16:02:21 | Player "Heriberto Valdo" is connected
16:53:45 | Player "Heriberto Valdo" has been disconnected

15:11:58 | Player "Vladimir Vasiliev" is connected
17:12:45 | Player "Vladimir Vasiliev" has been disconnected

16:01:26 | Player "Oleg Dolgan" is connected
16:53:06 | Player "Oleg Dolgan" has been disconnected


Hit Logs:

16:41:59 | "Heriberto Valdo SHOT Vladimir Vasiliev by SKS_Black into Chest."
16:42:01 | "Heriberto Valdo SHOT Vladimir Vasiliev by SKS_Black into Chest."


Kill Logs:

16:42:01 | Player "Vladimir Vasiliev" has been killed by player "Heriberto Valdo"


Chat Logs:

16:41:09 | Chat("Vladimir Vasiliev"): //are you gonna rp or just take my shit?
16:41:16 | Chat("Vladimir Vasiliev"): //cause this is gear rp and im recording
16:41:39 | Chat("Vladimir Vasiliev"): //you cant just rob people


Calling in @Rudah - Heriberto Valdo & @puppyman - Oleg Dolgan to post their POV and any video evidence they may have.  Can you both also please explain why you logged out before your 30 minute timer was up?

Due to the two of you not being on the website for a week you will be temp-banned from the server till you respond.

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Since the accused have not replied within the last 24 hours this report will now be closed. If they wish to lift their temp-bans and play again they will need to make ban appeals. 


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