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An Address to the People of Chernaurus [Open]

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*Yuri drags himself further up the mountain, his uniform in tatters and soaked with blood, but stops as he leans against a tree to listen to the radio broadcast. He coughs up a bit of blood as he pushes a fresh rag against a wound on his chest, and struggles to afix an IV into his arm, setting the IV bag on a branch above him, then pulls out his Radio*


I... *Coughs* I hope the people of your country... are not so blind. Allow me... to shed some light on today, not to... make excuses but so that... the people can decide for themselves... as they should. While questioning a UN operative in the town... the Reclaimers attacked my comrades in the town, aided by CDF forces who allowed them... *Coughs* allowed them access to the cordoned off streets, as well as use of there own FOB. Once my men attempted to... to leave town to continue the discussion elsewhere... they were pursued by CDF forces who proceeded to threaten them with force. Meanwhile an undercover operative was... was assassinated just outside the CDF compound by another 'Reclaimer'.


Almost immediately the CDF helped themselves to the operatives belongings... and when we attempted to negotiate for their return... we were rebuked and threatened with war and told to bring body bags for our men if we returned. *Goes into a coughing fit then and wipes his mouth* We attempted negotiations with the CDF twice in person, and again over radio contact to no avail. As we attempted to leave a Reclaimer then exited the CDF compound in partial CDF regalia and shot me. When I came to afterwards things had gotten chaotic, and I've been trying to get back to base ever since. I... I'm not sure if I'll make it. But I'm tired of the CDF... the CDF spewing bullshit. They are... they are aiding the very people who attack you, who shoot up your pubs and markets... who rob you in the streets. They even let them use their own facilities without question. So please... don't be blind. Trust each other but... don't trust the CDF. I don't ask you to help the VDV... We don't expect you to trust us. But don... don't do the job of the CDF for them... just because they are too... corrupt to do it themselves. Don't let your... yourselves be forced to fight... *Coughs again* just because... they are too afraid to do it themselves. Those of you... of you that I met in my time... be it the Kovar's... the runner's of the pub... or even Sergei of the police... are too good for the CDF.


For those of you that know me, those friends who I may have hurt... I... I am sorry. Pink Killa, stay fros...


*Slumps back against the tree as he fades out of consciousness, the IV still pumping fluid into in his arm*

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*Presses PPT*
That is an interesting story for a man who was never there. *Static* Let me explain You forced your way into our church with the UN officer and without our knowledge,  attacked him and held him captive ..... He then went onto continue screaming anyone comes into this church and he will be shot even threatening  us and our LT when we tried to calm him down... Tell me if we had been at that point working with the rebels why did we allow him to leave? Cyka *Static*  
You should have known they were defectors and have used guerrilla tactics for most of our battles...
The weapon was a small price for threatening our officer and bringing chaos into Cherno *Static*  rebels had left but emerged in full force when your units started patrolling the south to steal the weapon's of our Civ's and our OREL units despite being told not too.. You also shot a injured man and the bar lady during you're attack.
*Short pause to reclaim his breath as he sounded hurt*
The north was yours and you step your boundaries to start your own war.. You started this aggression... You started this conflict for your own gains.. we are tired of your hostilities on the claim of Security... You threatened us with planes we will respond ... You threatened to disarm us we will respond... You have fun with this ''war'' on you're only former Allie.. you are now fighting the rest of the world... hopefully, Puttin will send you back to fix the chaos you have created amongst all Offical government militants that are working in this land
*Releases PTT*

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*Izaak chimes into the conversation*

Was I not right the whole time? Were we not correct in telling you that the VDV were invaders who try to justify their war crimes with claims of "securing borders" and "assisting the CDF?" Did I not personally warn a CDF Lieutenant on one occasion that the VDV would eventually betray their so-called ally? That's right, I did. I fucking told you so.

Now hopefully you can see why we no longer served the CDF. Me and my men saw this disaster coming as soon as we saw the VDV disarming civilians on the airfield they had just stolen. And what did we get for trying to warn and inform the rest of the CDF? We were ignored and abandoned. Now after weeks of the Russians and their bullshit antics, you finally have come to your senses and see them for what they truly are. Its unfortunate that it took the deaths of your men and countless civilians to see the truth.

We still have issues with you CDF. I still have issues with you. But there is a bigger threat, one that we both are against. We are willing to have a truce for the time being. Who knows, maybe we might even fight side by side one day against these cocksuckers. But I am never taking orders from a CDF officer again, lets make that clear. 

Now, we have a war to win. Let's get on with it.

*The transmission ends*

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*Harry looks at his stab wound and his friend's gun shot wound and winces, pushing down on the PTT* We, Black water individuals were tortured as the VDV believed us Rebels, we were not. One of the VDV members eventually shot my colleague Kyle, as he did not tell him what the man wanted to hear, and I got stabbed in the leg. We weren't rebels, but don't the VDV realise, if they do these sort of things, more and more rebels will fight against them, how stupid ey? Listen lads, if you need 5 or 6 individuals to help you in the fight, count us in. We are more than happy to wipe out these Russian Scum. Contact me, Harry on a private frequency if you need any help. *Harry takes another glance at his leg wound and puts pressure on the bandage, and proceeds to take the battery out the PTT*  

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*Ripley picks up the transmitter as Corporal Klein opens the door to his command tent, Private Johansson enters and places a hot cup of coffee on his desk before quietly leaving*

The United Nations stands ready to support the Chernarussian Defense Force against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If the VDV are no longer formally authorized to operate in this country, then their authority will no longer be formally recognized. I will need to speak to a CDF commander or a delegate of the Chernarussian government in order to discuss next steps and ensure that we are on the same page regarding mission objectives, hostile parties, policies and procedures within South Zagoria. If I am unreachable due to an increase in radio traffic with UN command, Major Holmen or Captain Hawk will be made available for these discussions. They operate with my full authority and I trust them implicitly.

Berezino has been attacked by the VDV and much blood was spilled on both sides. It was senseless, and I lost several peacekeepers as a result. However, those who survived are now recovering from their wounds and we continue to pursue our humanitarian efforts from the downtown area. If the quarantine zone is being pushed further North, we can assist with clear & recapture operations to keep the civilians safe from greys and rabid wildlife. Over.

*He ends the broadcast and picks up the cup of coffee to stir in some sugar packets from the abandoned restaurant*

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*Presses the PTT after hearing the broadcast*
Looks like the war is won *Static* they seem to have abandoned the land after declaring this short war.
Now we can move onto better things
*Releases the PTT shaking his head*

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