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The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

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"Hello, this is Chief Riley of Riley's Rangers. We were wanting to set up a meet and then a trade deal for the procurement of automatic firearms."

He pauses.

"I'll stay tuned to this frequency for a reply."

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*Connor tunes his radio to 101.1, and hears a voice begin to speak a few seconds after. Once the man finishes his brief message, Connor presses the PTT in response*

"This is Connor Atway, I believe we've met once or twice, but, if I'm not mistaken, your merry little band of adventurers didn't have an official name back then. It's nice to see you making a name for yourself, I was worried something had happened since we last spoke."

*Connor clears his throat, releasing the PTT as he does so, and eventually continues speaking*

"We'd be more than willing to discuss a deal with your people. I assume you remember the first time we met, yes? The frequency that I've been personally using is the same as the one I wrote down for you back then. If you no longer have that, then simply respond on this one and we'll figure something else out."

*Connor breaks into a coughing fit, releasing the PTT without any further words*

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*Domek yawns before he turns on his radio and adjusts it to the frequenzy 101.1. He then holds down the PTT and sits up straight. He then begins to speak into the radio with a heavy eastern accent.*

Dobry den, this is Mister Matousek

I heard you do trading deals? If possible id like to purchase large amounts of western 556 ammuntion.

You can name your largest offer possible and your price if you are interessted.

Have a nice day.

*Domek releases the PTT and puts the radio down on the table, waiting for an answer.*



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*Fox presses his PTT and speaks into the radio, a southern man's voice would be heard*

Hey its Mr. Fox, seeing as how our last business venture went "smoothly" I've been asked by my current employers to contact you again for the same deal.... give me a shout I got your payment ready for ya's.

*Fox releases his PTT and awaits the reply*

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*Carver raises his radio*

If any of the Rattray boys can hear this, it's Carver and I got this weeks shipment ready. Just let me know where to meet.

*he releases the PTT*

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On 9/10/2017 at 8:16 AM, PatZ said:


Angus tries to place the voice.  Unable to, he depresses the PTT.

Mister Matousek, was et?  No' sure Ah know yous, lad.  We're a wee bit busy, at teh mo', but efn' yous'd like ter do some tradin', tha's fine.  Who d'yous represen'?

On 9/10/2017 at 2:25 PM, Vito said:



Angus recognizes Mr. Fox's voice, and a wary grin crosses his face.  He depresses the PTT.

Aye, there, Mr. Fox.  Doin' well, then?  Et may take us a bit ter get everythin' tegether, so et may, bu' we're definitely down tae deal with yous lot again.  Tell "Ms. T." Ah says 'ello.  Ah'll let yous know when we're ready, so Ah shall.

On 9/10/2017 at 2:34 PM, AceOfSpades said:



Angus smiles as he hears Carver's voice.

Ah, Carver, mate.  Yeh've go' mah private frequency, so yeh do.  Hit me there, Ah'll let yous know where tae go and when.  Look forwar' tae seein' yous again, lad.

He releases the PTT.

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*Alek climbs to the top of the radio tower to gain a better signal in hope to make contact with his friends he presses the PTT*

" Hello this is Alek, Alek Spence I've been away and haven't been able to make contact with all of you its starting to get pretty lonely out here 'coughs' I haven't seen anyone in days even weeks I think its time I came home, 'looks into the dark night sky' listen I've been wondering the forests gathering food living in the woods its been cold I don't even have a tent I hope you get this..."

*Alek lets go of the PTT in hope to see his friends again*

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*Vlad relaxes after just looting a house, he sits down at a chair and tunes his radio to a random frequency. 

"Ahh yes the Rattray Corporation, i remember you from before this Apocalypse happened. You in need of help? i'd be willing to offer mine, see it as repayment for helping Chernarus in it's time of need back before the Apocalypse when you helped with the relief effort. I'd thank you in person, but it seems we are yet to meet face to face, let's hope that changes. "

"So, what do you say"

*Vlad puts down his radio and await and answer while he starts eating a can of beans with some kvass"

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*Caleb lifts the radio to his mouth, pressing down the button*

"Angus, it's time. We require that debt we've talked about, we've given you a few extra days to gather it if you haven't already... there should be no excuse to why you wouldn't have it by now."

"Respond so I know you're listening, then we can discuss the location and time. If you don't reply... well you know what happens."

*Lets go of the push to talk, setting the radio to his side awaiting a response*

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*Connor, surprised to hear a voice on this frequency, picks up his radio and presses the PTT*

"Uh, I'm not sure what deal was arranged, but this little corporation of ours really doesn't, well, it doesn't exist anymore."

*Connor grips his shoulder, releasing the PTT as he groans and adjusts his position against the side of the building*

"There's not too many of us left, I couldn't tell you where to find them even if I wanted to. We've all but disbanded, all looking for new homes, in one way or another. I am sorry, and I'd be willing to fulfill Angus' end of the bargain he arranged if it means you won't go looking for him. Let me know."

*Connor lowers the radio, shifting his position once more, releasing the PTT as he does so*

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*Smirks at the reply over the radio before pressing the button and broadcasting*

"Angus knows the terms of his debt, he's agreed that he will pay it to us himself face to face weekly, until we decide that the debt has been paid in its entirety."

"I don't care if the corporation fell apart, this is about him. I warned him that if he doesn't pay us what he owes us then we will hunt down every single one of the people in his corporation and execute them, starting with his brother. He knows what's on the line here and if he's pussied away from this then he truly is a coward. I'd advise you to get in contact with him quickly, if we don't hear from him within 24 hours all of your lives are at risk, because of him."

*Lets go of the button setting the radio back on the table*

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*Gordon presses the PTT button*

"You know i am just saying mate i dont care what yer beef with Angus might be,

am just saying if your coming looking for me first well lets just pal you better have a lot of freeeeee time on your hands,

cause your really gonna fecking need it.

its one dam big fucking country, but even then still some what doable.

Now when you start throwing some of the neighbouring country's into the shit show you now face well ..... your shit show just got a serious fecking upgrade.

Anyway bud, if your gonna make threats to my life when it comes to Angus you should have asked dose your bro even spend much time in the country. ehh awnser .... NAW MATE 

HAHA talk about one big fuck up in your little itty bitty plan to scare Angus into giving you shit.

mind you your boys have never even seen my coopin so how the fuck were you planning to recognise me you gonna hold up every fucker ye meet EVEN BIGGER SHIT SHOW.

HAHAHA  well i best let you and you merry men get to searching.

good luck 

*before releasing Gordon would let out one last belch of laughter then let go of the PTT*

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Angus sighs as he hears the back-and-forth over the radio.

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb.  Par' o' me feels bad fer skippin,' bu' hones'ly...no' really.  No disrespec' ter you an' yers, bu' well... Corporate HQ finally go' through ter me.  Dinnae really leave me a choice, so they dedn't.  Ah'll be on a plane back ter Scotland wethin the hour.  Mos' o' mah people're weth me.

Ef'n yous  can make et ter Miroslavl International Airport within...

He pauses to look at his watch.

13 minutes an' 43 secon's, yeh may have a chance o' catchin' me.  That's ef'n you can get through the CDF, airpor' securi'y, and our own private guns, cause trus' me, they're keepin' an eye out.  Seems as tho MI-5 has deemed et fit ter ignore the past suspicions o' the company due to our recen' humanitarian efforts 'roun' the globe.

Mah folks need me.  Family firs', laddie.

He sighs and changes tone.

Gordy.  Yeh remember that holiday we took back en...Spring o' '94?  One o' the company jets'll be there en 2 days ter fetch you an' the res' o' yer family.  Mum's lookin' forwar' ter seein' yous again, an' the wee one.

Ah mean, fuck wha' Corporate says, you know there's only one other bloke en the world Ah'll jump fer other'n yous.  Da' wants us home, bruv.  Ain' abou' me no more.  Hell ef'n yeh need tae, bring the whole extendo familia.  Damn jet seats 20.  Worth e'ery bit o' the 45 million quid we dropped on 'er.  Stay safe.

Oh, an dannae worry, bruv.  Ah've already exchanged...words weth the local authorities where you's're at an' where the plane'll be.  Security's no' an issue.

You shoul' have cell signal still where yous are.  Ah'll be on me cell wethin 6 hours, an' wethin reach o' the Corporate line as soon as we're airborne.

See you soon, bruv.

He drops the radio onto the tarmac and gestures at one of the private security guards, who smashes it with his boot.  He sighs.

5 hours from here to Edinburgh.  No' bad.

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*Clicks on his Radio and gives a short message*


""Calling out to the Rattray corporation, might be headed south-way later today. Looking to buy, an lookin fer work......Callsign Gaunt""


*Clicks it off and gets back to hoofing, needing to get where he is going soon*

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*Connor aggressively pulls his radio from his waistband and presses the PTT*

"Since you didn't provide a name -- an actual name -- for yourself, I'll be referring to you as Callsign Gaunt."

*Connor clears his throat, waiting to catch his breath before speaking again*

"I'm going to assume that you're deaf, especially since you've obviously been tuned into this frequency for long enough to know the name of our little Corporation. So, Mr. Callsign Gaunt, since only God knows why you'd respond to this frequency after being told so many times that we've left the province, I'll spell it out for you."

*Connor pauses, but doesn't let go of the PTT*

"We're gone. There's no work to be found here. You're lucky I was even tuned to this frequency, to be quite honest. In fact, I left my radio tuned here by accident. There will be no one here to call back to you, should you decide to attempt to reach us again. Do yourself a favor and lose the channel."

*Connor releases the PTT, pleased with his transmission, and then quickly goes back for a final statement*

"And grow some ears for God's sake!"

*Connor lets go of the PTT and places his radio on the bench next to him*

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*Anyone tuning into 101.1 from this point forth will hear nothing but static.*


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