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Guest Hipax

Wow,Do I feel like a prick.

Was It wrongful to kill those in the grocery store?  

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Guest Hipax

So,I just went to the Elektro grocery station,and two guys told me to drop my weapon or they'll shoot. However,we spend about 5 minutes talking and me trying to negotiate. Eventually,they come around. I open fire on one still coming toward me,the other goes to my left,and I manage to kill him,only escaping with 1 or 2 wounds and shock.

Edit:Is this OK in server terms,since it is self defense?

Also,was it wrongful to kill them?

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IMO, you did what you did. They declared they're hostile, and warned you to drop yer gun. If someone shouts something like that at me I'll try to shoot him, 'cause I need my gun more then he is. It's allowed :)

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