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Top 5 DayZRP Moments Of The Month

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This thread is dedicated to a community YouTube series that I am going to be starting this month (Or next month, depending how many clips get sent in). This thread is pretty much the whole requirements of sending in video's and stuff, and the rules of the series... I had this idea a while back when I was in staff but at the time I was way to busy working on music and doing work for college and I didn't really have time to do stuff like this, but now I do. I've been wanting to do this for a while, and now I can do it! I just hope to christ that this actually works and isn't just something that will blow over.

You have until the end of each month to send in your clips.

Please note, clips from last month will not be counted, it has to be from this month (August)

For those who think I have something against them OOCLY, you're not wrong... But this isn't a problem for any of you lot, I'm also going to be acquiring another 5 people to be in a team of 6 who rate the clips overall, so the vote will not be OOC based, and OOC relationships will not effect the vote. 

You can send in pretty much anything... But this is a list of the " genres"  that we're looking for in terms of clips.


Let's be honest, RP can be hilarious at times, that's for sure. It's not all sadness in the streets, some banter still goes on, and that's good... Get some comedic stuff in here lads. This can be anything from edited memes IG to just non edited stuff... Anything goes. 


RP can be... Surprisingly dramatic at points, say if someones been shot or died or something like that, and the RP that I have seen from this is actually pretty good. You know, the ones that you can't actually tell if there is some genuine emotion going through someone OOCLY? Yeah them kind of moments... 


I couldn't make a top five without having some PVP/Initation moments in here, for example I've seen people not comply and get a three man spray down like they're playing CSGO or something, so yeah these are going to be in here too, in terms of initiations, things like scream initiations, unique initiations (For example, the cha cha slide initiation... Pretty much what happened here was, people in Kabanino are doing the cha cha slide and when it goes " Every body clap your hands " someone said " EVERYBODY PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP" ).

Creepy/Horror Moments:

You know, there is always some creepy characters going around in game, the ones that actually creep you out, this is someone I'd also like to see being sent in! Nothing really more to say about this one....

These are a few of the genres I could think of, but everything is welcome. The clip has to be 100% yours however, if it isn't then don't send it in. This is how it works, easy. Also, please don't send me a 34:32 Clip with a timestamp on it please, cut it down and upload the moment. 
The clips need to be uploaded to Youtube and be unlisted, so I can download them once the vote has been done! 


Time Zone:
Hours On DayZRP:
Gender ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):



Youtube Link To The Clip:
Genre Of The Clip:
When was this clip(Date):
Forum names of people Involved In the clip(If more than 5+, this is optional)
Is this clip yours?:
Do I have your permission to use this clip?:


Please PM Me.


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-got to PM it. nobody saw a thing-


also... moved to media


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1 hour ago, Spartan said:

-got to PM it. nobody saw a thing-


also... moved to media


Why is this post saying I was mentioned @Spartan

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1 minute ago, Scream said:

Why is this post saying I was mentioned @Spartan

Cause I mentioned you before I snipped it :P

don't worry about it.

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