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Last Ditch Effort. (Old StrangeLand Frequency)

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As he walked off from Elizabeth and Dolores, he would walk out the door and pick up his radio tuning it to an extremely old frequency and pressing the button down.

Hello? I. . . I'm looking for a man by the name of Vladimir Chekhov. He was one of the first people i ever met in this god forsaken country. I know he used to frequent this frequency. . . Vladdy if you can hear me. Its Ender. I. . . uh well . I need to talk to you. Please pick up.

He would let go of the button and await a response.

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::Vladimer would reply after pushing a small button to do so, his voice would sound a little broken over the radio, as if being transmitted from some distance away.::

Ooh, Uh.. I-im around Endeer... just probably not that much near you right now... 

Im sti- still with the other two, you know.. Amy and Daisy?.. Mhmn! 

::Having said his little bit he would stop transmitting:: 

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