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The End [OPEN]

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*Joel finds his radio in his old pack he used to carry on him. Within the bag are the documents and notes taken from the countless victims taken hostage by the men. He pauses for a second to test the radio and remembers the glory days. Snapping out of his gaze he reaches for a roll of duct tape and the radio before closing his bag. He searches for a rock of the right size before tying it tightly to the PTT button and attaching his radio quietly to his bag. He stops and takes a deep breath before turning back around to join the rest of his crew, all of which are inside an abandoned barn with the doors locked tightly. This will be one of the only times their voices have been recorded.*

"You alright J?"

"Yeah man, I've just been thinking a lot recently about things and how everything has gone."

"Oh shit you're actually gonna put your brain to use this time, eh?"

"Look guys, we're not getting out of here, you do all realize this, right? Like our whole fantasy of gathering these names and selling them is just that, a fantasy."

"Have you been smoking something? Of course this is all going to work. It's been our plan since the beginning, why would we just stop and lose faith now?"

"Yes but maybe we've been wrong the whole time. Remember the old days, Anthony? Back in the city, before all of this. Before we met Ana and Leo. Before Q, Curtis, Jack, Aiden, Ed, Thom, Aiden, Eli, and Thomas?"

"Dude you know we're right here."

"I know that and we've all grown together, into one alias under one affiliation. Sine Nomine. And yeah there, I said it. The name we must never say, there you all go, I just said it."

"Look dude, I'm not sure what you're on about but I don't like where this is going."

*Joel begins to sweat as he reaches for his handgun he keeps under his shirt, holstered away.*

"Seriously J? We all know what you're reaching for, don't even act like you're being subtle. You're just being dumb."

"I'm just being realistic."

*Joel aims the gun towards Curtis and shoots him in the head, killing him instantly.*


*Another shot breaks out as Joel kills Ed and aims the gun towards Raif, killing him too.*

"So you're just going to kill all of us then, huh? Alright man, something's gotten you FUCKED up and now we're all inside of this fuc--"

*Joel presses the gun to the temple of Aiden before he can finish his sentence, takes a deep breath and pulls the trigger.*

"You've changed. This isn't like you man, just think about it!"

*Joel points the gun towards Thom and kills him before aiming the gun towards Thomas and kills him as well. He reaches into his pockets for a new magazine and reloads his weapons. Six of his closest friends remain amongst the ones he's murdered.*

"Look dude, before you kill all of us too, just remember who we are and what we've done. You're better than this, J!"

*Joel pauses but continues on his spree as he walks forward and kills Leo, standing between Ana and Q.*

"I didn't know what to say and I still don't but look what you've done, J! Snap the fuck out of it, this isn't like you!"

*Joel walks towards Eli.*

"Don't do this man come on we've kn--"

*Joel raises his gun and shoots Eli between the eyes from 6 inches away and walks towards Jack, killing him in a similar fashion.*

"You've just completely lost you're FUCKING mind, Joel. Is this about the money? You don't want to split the pot with so many people? Fine man, I don't need any of it, keep all of it to yourself but you don't need to kill everyone over this."

"It's not about the money."

*Joel kills Q before he can respond.*

"It's more than that."

*Joel turns to his left and shoots Ana through the chest. Only Tony and Joel remain amongst their dead friends.*

"Then what's this about Joel, huh? There's a reason you kept me for last, there has to be. What is it? You want to go back to how things were before, eh? Just you and me in the big apple. We can do that, Joel. We can pack up our things and get on out of here, tonight even."

"I'm sorry."

*Joel wipes the tears from his eyes and raises the gun and kills Tony.*

"To all of those I've heard, stolen from, killed loved ones of, I'm sorry and I just can't live with this guilt knowing how many people I hurt. It isn't worth it."

*Joel turns the gun around on himself, takes a deep breath, and pulls the trigger.*

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