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I miss you... *Pekko priv freq*

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*As Pekko stubled along the road, the thought of how he got here. How could he trusted this girl who kissed so quickly? The girl who got him into all this troubble. As he walk, he started to think about her. The girl he really loved. He hadn't seen her in a long time, and was unsure where she was. Pekko started searching through all his notes, and found the one with a heart and a frequency, and picked up his raido*

Hello? Louina? Can you hear me? Hello?

*Pekko paused, waiting for a response*

If you can hear me, I miss you... I miss you a lot... And otis too... Please, Please... Louina if you hear this, please respond to me. Maybe we can meet. I miss you.

*Pekko let the talk button go, as he stumbeled in to the house where he was going to rest for the night*

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Luina sits on her bed in the wood cabin. She is slightly shaking and has her arms around her knees and her head on top of them. She stares to the other side of the room as when she would see something. A few voices screaming in her head again. "The man was right the other day... you don't deserve friends", she shakes her head slightly and a tear is rolling down her carving on her cheeks which is in a shape of a smile.  "They will all leave you... you are a danger, Luina...", she still stares to the dark creatures at the opposite wall of the room as the radio suddenly comes to live. She jumps for a moment as it caught her in surprise while she grabs the radio holding down the button.

Hey... uhm... Pek-...Pekko? 

I... I miss you too. 

I... I did-...didn't hear... you... for... a while. I am glad... you.. are okay.

She smiles in a very bizarre way caused by the half of a clown mask nailed to her face and the carved smiling over her cheeks to her ears. She is in thoughts for a moment. "Well... he didn't forget me...", she snaps out of her thoughts again and replies afterwards again.

Sure... I...I... would like to see you. 

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*Pekko smiles when he hears luinas voice on the radio. He listen to her speaking while looking over the fields outside the house he was currently residing in, thinking on how he should deal with all this... shit that happened. He thought for a while, then responded*

Luina! So good to hear your voice! I hope you are okay!

*He paused*

Yes! That is nice! Where do you want to meet? Where do you live at the moment, I havn't seen you in a long, long time! I will love seeing you again!

*Pekko smiled as he released the talk button*

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