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Grand Finale [Open Frequency]

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*Dalton Low would look upon the North West Airfield, looking at the large number of dead, starved infected scattering about the airfield. He would reach into his vest and pull the radio from its Velcro fastener. He would press down the PTT easily, delivering one final message to the remaining denizens of Chernarus.*


"Here we are... three years in. Three years of non-stop carnage, non-stop killing, and non-stop bullshit. Through these three years, I've met some unforgettable people. And, no matter how much time passes, no matter what kind of medical professional tries to help, or what kind of medicine I take, I'll never forget any of the things that I have witnessed."

"I came to this country with my group of friends. We came to have fun, party with the foreign ladies, have a few drinks, very simple. I had no idea anything like this would ever come to be true. But I can proudly say that, despite the circumstances, I think I enjoyed myself. Call me an opportunist, or an asshole, or whatever you want, but I'm out for myself and that's it."

"Now, let's get down to the steak of this transmission, and it's medium rare. Here's a message to each and every person that's made a significant difference to me. Bear in mind, these messages are personalized just for you. Aren't you a special snowflake?"

*Dalton would release the PTT for a moment, collecting his thoughts before speaking again.*

"Sylvester Todd: I always found you a very interesting man. From the moment that we met, I always aspired to be like you. You were creative, inspiring, and funny. But, you always had to have your way with 'our little family', so much so that you threatened to end my life. I'll leave you with this... Stay away from me for your own good."

"Lyca Orlow: We've known each other for over a year now, and the impact you have made on me is massive. You broke me down, and you brought me up. You made me happy when I was sad, and sad when I was happy. You gave me character, and gave me something to chase after. For that, I thank you. Good luck, and I hope that Maxwell takes good care of you."

"Ami Knight: You're an emotionally dependent, possessive and creepy bitch. Your tail was good for one night, but stale the next. Go die in some BDSM Dungeon.

"Chase Quinton: You're a good person and an even better friend. We did well together in the Clowns. Good luck, and stay safe."

"Zeke Vulkovic: I kindof laid down for you when you joined Horsemen. Don't hear much from them anymore, and that means I can be a loudmouth on the radio! Your voice makes my ears bleed, good thing your woman's moans compensate for that. Take your cancerous existence and live it out somewhere else, for the sake of my and everyone else's sanity."

"Lisa Jennings: ... You probably are either dead or missing, but in either event, I still love you. Thank you for sharing all those great moments with me. May you Rest in Peace, and give Ally a kiss from me."

"Bobby Balfour: You're a respectable man, and a fantastic leader. I don't think I've ever developed a better relationship with anyone than when we were on that island with those Mall Cops. Thank you for allowing me among your ranks, and thank you more for being my friend."

"Jericho Riker: I'd imagine you're gone too. If so, Rest in Peace. If not, then thanks for letting me get by without whippings in Coldwater. I appreciate it."

"Rebecca Dahl: You're a sweet girl, and even better is that you don't take anything from anyone. That's a strong trait, and one to keep. Stay safe out there."

"Timothy Hook: Use one of those hooks to scrape the plaque off your teeth you filthy Brit. Adjust your attitude and also adjust the strength of the rope next time so it doesn't break when you try next. Ta."

"Warden Tate Hollows: I appreciate your efforts to make this place better, but please, for your and everyone else's safety, stop. It won't work, and... you suck at what you try to do. Sorry."

"Acer Carmine: I don't know how we're friends after all that, but hey, you're one hell of a guy, and a damn good shot. Stay safe, and good luck my friend."

"Victor Ivanov: You were a good man and a good friend. Rest in Peace, and forever will we be family. I hope that you can forgive me for what I did."

"Maxwell: We had our immature little fights here and there, but I respect you. Take care of Lyca for me, will ya?"

"Brady Barns: I met you in Clowns, worked with you since. Good guy, not so good a leader. Just don't be afraid to pull the trigger here and there."

"Scarlet: I appreciate you being my friend and almost a mentor to me after our little 'Bury the Hatchet' incident. I wish you good luck, and if you need anything, you know where to find me. Everything I wrote on that note is true, by the way."

"Luina: You're ambitious, but vulnerable. Don't let what people say get to you, and don't be so easily trusting. You might not get so lucky next time."

"And to all the rest, The French Foreign Legion, Svatyne, Savages, New Moon, Rat Pack, Bastion... well... eat me!"

"Commander Cuckboy out!"

*Dalton would release the PTT, losing a bit of feeling in his thumb after having it held down for so long. He would toss the radio high into the air. As it came down he would punt it, similarly to a football, shattering it into several pieces upon impact.*

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*Austin would frown hearing the broadcast before grabbing his radio and holding down the ptt speaking in a sarcastic tone*

"Well.. I certainly didn't want a good bye ANYWAY DALTON. All these people disappearing off . The fuck, it's like people think it's the end of the world. I still enjoy south zagoria lots of stuff here. I'm gonna continue to hangout for a long while, don't know why everyone's fuckin off''

*Would release the ptt opening the suitcase he was holding and placing a small device into a small house in kabanino.    

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*Todd would flick on the PTT switch, speaking in a slow groggy tone*

I don't really remember threatening you, but ok. I don't really remember a lot of things lately, it's been getting harder.

Don't see why I'd waste my time looking for you, and I'd rather not waste my time to inquire as to what the issue is.

*Todd would let out a slow sigh*

And of course I had to  have my way with "my family"

I was the founder

You ever have something that's yours.

That you feel that you can't let it be corrupted Or changed

It was something I started

And I wanted it to stay the way It started, and it always had been.

You just weren't up to snuff I guess

*He'd pause and think for a moment, his thoughts struggling to become coherent, mumbling and stuttering as usual*

You certainly were a pal for while Dallio, but too empathetic and never had the crew entirely at heart.

Not too many people I'd miss and I suppose you could be one of them

Seeya Mr.Low, don't die out there, unless you take someone with you.

Maybe you'll find somewhere you can fit in completely

*Todd would toss the Radio aside, and return to his cot,*

*His voice getting fainter as he mumbled*

Happy birthday to me

Edited by Sylvester Todd

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*Chase Williams would hear the message and respond.*

"You're an actual bitch, and I emptied a 75 round mag into you. How you're still alive who knows. Kill yourself kiddo"

*Chase puts down the radio*

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11 hours ago, Undead said:

*Austin would frown hearing the broadcast before grabbing his radio and holding down the ptt speaking in a sarcastic tone*

"Well.. I certainly didn't want a good bye ANYWAY DALTON. All these people disappearing off . The fuck, it's like people think it's the end of the world. I still enjoy south zagoria lots of stuff here. I'm gonna continue to hangout for a long while, don't know why everyone's fuckin off''

*Would release the ptt opening the suitcase he was holding and placing a small device into a small house in kabanino.    

Hope would chuckle with Austin's complaint. Her sarcastic voice comes across the radio, light-hearted the most.

"Well fuck you too Dalton Low. I guess you forgot about Mrs. Low Hope. I see how it is. Eh hard times, good times, bad times, funny times - was always some sort of way you couldn't cease to amaze me with your weird ass psychopathicness. Bye Dalton, was a pleasure helping you out. Asshole. Joking! Don't take that to heart, we all know you hanging around with woman has rubbed off onto you... JOKING! DON'T.... never mind..."

The radio cuts.

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*Tim would pick up the radio*

"I could blab on about how much of a useless sack of shit you really are but lets be honest, everyone listening already knows that.. You let your wife AND child die Dalton, if anything I'd be happy if I was in their shoes, you as a husband let alone a fucking father? Christ, what a joke."

*He'd pause for a moment, confused*

"Not quite sure what you mean by next time, I've had nothing worth killing myself over happen.. But the endless amounts of times you've been shunned by Lyca and other women I'm shocked you made it this far. Good riddance you long streak of piss."

*He'd place his radio in his pocket, lay back down in the long grass and enjoy the rest of his day*

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*Rex lifted the radio to his lips*

"Heh...been a long time since I've heard my real name mentioned. You and I both know I'm not exactly a good person, Dalton. Ever since I started hanging out with y'all that grew more and more obvious. But would I do it all again? Of course I would. I have no real regrets from my time with y'all."

*He would take a moment to think*

"You know, Dalton, I don't think I ever had a moment of panic when I was with y'all. Even a while back when bullets were just flying all about us,I was unnaturally calm because I knew that you could get us through it. I can just hope that,wherever you go, you're happy. Stay safe, my dude."

*Rex slid the radio back down into his jacket, setting off on his hike to lands unknown*


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Staring down a cliff, looking at the waves as the waters turned and splashed hard into the rocky cliff side, she'd hear a familiar voice over the radio. She'd respond sadly, her voice rather soft over the radio compared to other tones previous taken,

"Thank you Dalton.. you have been a very useful friend.. Thanks for being there when no one else was."

She'd release the PTT button and drop her radio into the ocean before stepping closer to the edge...

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