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The End of Hobo Depot (123.5 Open Frequency)

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GrimTheGreat    15

*Arthur sat leaned against a tree near Vybor, staring off into the dim moonlight. With a happy sigh he looked at the radio in his hand, pressing the PTT and raising it to his mouth he spoke.*

"To all the patrons and friends of Hobo Depot I must let it be known we have gone out of business, as our goal has been met and the time to leave is now, but it's also time to tell you the truth. Most of us hobos aren't leaving, for two reasons. You may have heard our ramblings about aliens and thought we were crazy, we wanted you to think that so you wouldn't force our hand. Last night a horde of Sporegorn was deployed to attack Hobo Depot, they get scared when humans come together you see. Me and the other hobos on hand were able to push them back with minimal losses, but we must continue the mission. We are staying behind to slowdown the Sporegorn. The second reason most of us aren't leaving is because we don't have enough space for all of us if we are to save the last inhabitants of Chernarus. We have come to the agreement that our sacrifice must be made so that the human race continues."

*Arthur pauses as he thinks over whether or not he should go on, but continues after a few seconds of thought.*

"You may have seen that we amassed a huge arsenal of weapons, that was for more than just the duct tape. I will be leading the last of the hobos in an all out head to head attack against the Sporegorn. Fifteen years ago I fought against the Sporegorn, I lost a lot of friends and the war, but I survived.  Now I will wage a war I will not live through because this is one  I will win. As long as I am alive the hobos will hold back the Sporegorn, if you hear this you must get to Berezino and get to the boat. Istanbul will be safe, the Sporegorn will not go there. Don't forget us! Humanity must stay stro-"

*The transmission cuts out for about a minute.*


*After hearing the muffled yelling of Arthur the audio is only mangled screams and inhuman screeches, obviously the product of the heavy weapon fire. Eventually the transmission ends with no conclusion.*

Hobos Vs Aliens





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LewellynMoss    77

Hearing the message, Charlie picks up his radio, hearing the screams his mouths hangs wide open with the sound of terror in his voice

A single tear falls from his face

"God speed hobo's, god speed."

The sound of an engine reeving up can be heard before the transmission ends

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