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Chebarus Tales - The Recordings of Marty Mckenzie

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A man in a black cloak stands above a body.  In his right hand a long sword, dripping with blood from the pointed end.  The man sheathes the sword and scowls.  He reaches down and pats down the pockets of the jacket worn by the corpse below him.  He reaches into one and pulls out tape recorder.   The tape recorder looks to be straight out of the early 90's and despite being pretty banged up appears to be operational .  The man in black sits down next to the body and hits play.  Nothing happens.  He looks at the recorder and hits rewind, it stops at the beginning of the tape and he presses play again:


Entry 1




Hey there.  Didn't see you, eh?  If you're listening to this, well I'm probably buried somewheres six feet under.  OR MORE!

My name is Marty Mckenzie.  Some call me simple.  But my mom calls me a winner.  I came here to Chebarus to explore the country side and boy oh boy was I in for a treat.  

This here wilderness , gosh golly me, it is something.  I thought Canada was nice.  WOOOO WEEEE.  Was I in for a suprise.  Anyways I've got to catch up with Joan and Bob now.  The keep hollering it me ya know?  Something about a mad man in the distance.  I figure those two have had their fair share of  double-double coffee today, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Catch you on the flippety flop!

-Marty M.


The man in black slams the book shut and mutters under his breathe.  

"The idiot really was looking for coffee...fuck me dead."


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No :(

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Hey look brad isn't dead. 

Good to see more stuff from you hope to see you IG more as well!

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