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Dr. Samson - S.O.S (Open Frequency)

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Brad    155

An S.O.S Morse code signal can be heard through the frequency until finally a voice is transmitted through the airwaves.


Hello is this thing on?  Can anyone hear me?  My name is Anthony Q. Samson.  And I think I've done it!  I think I've saved the next Generation!  I put something together, did some testing and this could be it!  This could be the end!  or...the beginning, the start of something new!  But I need someones help, someone to help me.  People are coming for me,  and I don't know if I can stop them.  My exact location is as follows:  (static buzzes into the radio and another voice speaks)

Not so fast Pops.  You think you could get away from me? (The voice laughs in a maniacal tone and the transmission ends

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Brad    155

A radio transmission buzzes and a voice is heard:

"Dr. Anthony Samson here.

I have given up hope of rescue.  I was captured by a man simply known as Jones, and his band of not so merry men...

They want to weaponize what I have created.  I cannot allow them to do so...not again.  I briefly escaped their custody at zero eight hundred hours this morning.  I've fashioned a make shift bomb that I believe Vinnie would has called "Mc Guyvered".

To my trusted co-workers...some who despite me never telling them, I consider friends.  I want to commend you on a job well done.  I am not a sentimental man, but if I were I would say...something like...bon voyage and until we meet again..."

-another voice is heard entering the room

"Ahhhh so that's where you got to Doc.  Trying to escape...wait what's that in your hands....you sneaky fucker...GET BACK!  GET OUT! HE'S GOT....


A loud explosion is briefly heard before the radio transmission abruptly does.


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