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Victors Ending [Open]

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*Standing atop a large building Victor looks out upon the city. Thinking deeply about those he has lost throughout the past few years since all this went down. The world was a nasty place and he had finally come to terms with it. No matter what he did or who he tried to become the world and the horrid people who remained would suck any goodness from what was around him. The evil always prevails, he thought silently to himself.*

*He thought about his humble beginnings with The Sanctuary and of the people there, how he lost their trust and betrayed them but never had the guts to admit it. He then thought about The Brokers and Warren. The people he called family for so long, especially Jake Brooks. A man he had not seen since the mountain and the court. His thoughts then moved to Dalton Lowe and Lyca Orlow. The two people he treasured and loved in this life. The only good things left in this tattered world. He knew they would survive for that was the type of people they were. They knew how to fight back. They were strong. His mind raced to Chief, Marshal, Solace and the only love of his life, Harper Kennedy. So many faces soon to be lost in his memories which in due course would become lost in time itself.*

*He remembered those people in Severograd who helped him live for so long. His brothers and sisters. They would all live on without him, he knew this well. Somewhere out there they were all surviving. With one last sigh of relief Victor lifts up his radio and speaks softly into it.*


"To all those who know me this is Victor Ivanov, Thank you to all my dear friends for supporting me and to my enemies for keeping me alert. Lyca, remember me for who I was and not what I have done, I love you and Dalton so much. "


*A sound of a loading pistol can be heard in the background.*


"Victor Ivanov, Signing off for one last time"


*A loud gun shot can be heard following a windy sound and a loud thud.*



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