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World Lore Thread - Broadcasts, Stories, Rumors and Facts

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Mini World Lore Entry-328 Days-June 2nd, 2018

Sochi, Russia

Kirie-Fu Regular
“The first duty of a man is to think for himself” 
― José Martí







Свободное российское Движение soldiers on a T-72 Battle Tank. (May 29th, 2018)

Arkhip Regular


The Свободное российское Движение (Translated to "The Free Russian Movement") is a militant political revolutionary group which sprouted because of the injustice found in Moscow. Полко́вник Kazimir Yazov, the current highest command of FRM, pushed this new ideology after he truly saw the new level of corruption and restriction that was being pushed throughout Russia and especially the Moscow region. Civilians would have the chance of execution for anything from speaking in the wrong tone, to petty theft, to anything that would be seen as slightly wrong. At the time of Kazimir being in Moscow, he was a капитан-лейтенант in the Directorate "A" of the FSB Special Purpose Center, a highly specialized military force used for anti-terrorism, intelligence, hostage rescue, assassinations and other highly classified special operations. After his father was executed, he rallied up forces in secrecy to fight against the Russian Government. He had people backing him from the Alpha group, Vympel, FSB, and the rest were small numbers from across the board. (MVD, FSO, SVR, Navy, Army, Air). After a botched attempt at making demands in Moscow and forcing change, the Free Russian Movement had to flee. For the next month, they stuck to the trees and kept a low profile until they reached Sochi, Russia. Подполко́вник мельник receieved orders from Kazimir that they are to hold Sochi and gain power in the area. For the next month, they kept in the shadows surrounding Sochi and began to create a resistance force. After several weeks of recruitment around Sochi, Kazimir amassed about two thousand ready to take down the 'evil' Russian state. Unfortunately Russian authoritieis caught wind of his location and he was forced to flee to South Zagoria with his sister in order to evade capture and inevitable execution. He left trusted associates behind to continue fostering his new following until he could safely return. 

 After roughly a week, he heard his radio go off about a situation happening in Green Mountain, that some men were surrounded. Upon arrival, he saw four men surrounded by infected and helps save them. One of them being Nazar Orlov of the Belozersk's People Republic. The two spoke for a while and Kazimir told him of his mission and Kazimir had the opportunity to speak to the Kommadat of the Belozersk's People Republic. Later that night, Майор Марков of the Free Russian Movement went to the border to attempt and meet the BPR. After a few tense moments an alliance was sealed between the two factions under the banner of the destruction of the Russian Government. Kazimir returned north to Sochi and gathered his followers for an attack on the Russian stronghold.


Свободное российское Движение flag raised over Sochi, Russia


Territories in Sochi, Russia




It was critical for the survival of the Free Russian Movement that they were to overwhelm the members of the 58th Russian Army, who held themselves at Sochi, Russia after the missile situation near South Zagoria.  A Russian airbase in the North-west near the town of Primorsko-Akhtarsk was critical to protecting the 58th Army in south Russia. The BPR began to plan out an attack that would cripple the airbase and allow them for easy entrance, while at the same time, the FRM began to plan out how they will attack the 58th Army. In order to eliminate the heavy presence in Sochi, they would have to use deception in order to make up for the steep difference in manpower and equipment. The BPR and FRM created a plan to attack the airbase and Sochi in consecutive order. Due to superior planning and more motivated soldiers, the FRM-BPR coalition were able to successfully capture the Primorsko-Akhtarsk airfield and Sochi with heavy losses. 






Members of the 17th Company, FRM. (May 27th, 2018)


Kirie-Fu Regular

May 31st, 2018


BPR Militia 3rd company training for the incoming battle. (May 28th, 2018)

The BPR had the harder of the two tasks, they were willing to fight for the airbase soully for the chance of attaining the Sukhoi SU-25s that would be there along with other aircraft. With the weakening of the CDF in Miroslavl the BPR felt they would put a swift end to this war with more airpower. They prepped two companies of militia to prepare: the 3rd Company and the 5th Company and backing them were 5 Spetsnaz BPR squads: Anna, Gregory, Konstantin, Mikhail and Nikolai squad. The objective of the attack is to have the Russian military pull forces from the south to attempt and intercept their men, especially the soldiers from Sochi. They were to pull a full front assault until they reached the town of Grivenskaya. Once they successsfully made it to town, the 5 squads were to depart and keep very quietly to the trees, BPR would be reinforced with the 2nd Battalion as they near Sadki, Russia. If all goes as planned, the Free Russian Movement's vympel infiltration units will begin to dismantle the airbase from within, rendering it useless and causing chaos through communication, weapon malfunction, and fuel line sabotage.

BPR Plans of Movement



Black = Main BPR Militia

Green = Spetsnaz BPR

Red = Russian Military defense




Free Russian Movement Vympel Ulyana squad patrolling the town of Primorsko-Akhtarsk


The BPR deployed the two companies and five squads  utilizing three T-90 Main Battle tanks, one 9K35M3 Strela-10M3/MN Short Range SAM Anti-Aircraft, four BMP-3s, 5 Kamaz Typhoons and one MI-28 attack helicopter. The BPR successfully made it across the border with very little resistance besides a few FSB Soldiers attempting to fight back. They began to make their way to Novorossiysk and make their first stop. They are to confirm supplies and prepare for any Russian counter. After a few hours, they continue to make their way north when the MI-28 was shot down by a long range SAM Missile. They were all expecting greater resistance but didn't encounter any until they reached the Kuban river. 



Members from the 19th Motor Rifle Brigrade begins to deploy from Sochi

They were to easily make it across the bridge to Slavyansk-na-Kubani, but they were heavily intercepted. Four T-90 Main Battle Tanks and a BMP-3 came out into the road and began firing. The 3rd Company immediately responded to the thread and began to deploy Anti-tank guided missile launchers. They were caught off guard, 3 men died, 3 injured and one tank was damaged.  They continued to roll over the bridge to capture Slavyansk-na-Kubani. Quickly two Russian infantry companies attempted to counterattack and a two hour firefight ensued. It ended up in the victory of the BPR, but at the cost of 20 men.  The BPR 4th infantry battalion soon reinforced them after the incurred losses. 


4th Battalion being deployed from Belozersk, Chernarus

10 BTR-80s and 3 Kamaz Typhoon trucks were deployed and swiftly sent over to Slavyansk-na-Kubani. 5 BTR-80s drove across the river and the other five followed the 3 Kamaz Typhoons across the bridge going into the town. They stayed the night and prepared for the next attack. The BPR started to traverse across the plains to the right of the Kuban River. They were heading straight for Grivenskaya, when in the distance, it could be heard. They sonic boom in the air. The BPR quickly started to separate from each other as they knew exactly what was coming. Two Yak-130 fighter jets strafe down to the BPR and immediately destroyed three Kamaz Typhoons, 59 people died immediately. The entirety of the 3rd company was obliterated. All forces start to fire back as the 9K35M3 Strela-10M3/MN started to prepare itself. The YAK-130 started to return and the Strela fired off three heat seeking missiles to the jets. One of the jet's  countermeasures failed and was hit and sub-sequentially crashed while the other flew away safely. 


Members of the 5th Company on top of a BTR

As the final phase of the attack neared the BPR soldier's hearts filled with hope and All of the soldiers began to sing in song as they got closer to Prigibskiy. The five BPR spetznaz squads departed from the main force and begin to wrap themselves around the swamplands as fast as they could on foot while the BPR main forces pushed through the swamplands. The 19th Russian Motor Rifle Brigade stood at Sadki and the fight began. An endless firefight broke out; lives were lost on both sides. The BPR forces started to falter, but then the tides turned. Anna, Gregory, and Konstantin Spetsnaz squads began to heavily attack from the flank the 19th MRB as their numbers started to drop. At the same time, the BPR pushed harder and they knew, they were going to win.


MI-28 Havoc being deployed to Primorsko-Akhtarsk

At the same time, the Free Russian Movement were completing their portion of the attack. Two Vympel squads yet to blow their cover as FRM were inside of the airbase for roughly a week now in infiltration and staying undercover. A single flare was fired in the air and they knew it was time. Power was disengaged from the ATC towers, the anti-air systems were turned offline, the fuel line was cut off, and radio communications began to get jammed. Mikhail and Nikolai squad of the BPR started to infiltrate the airbase and eliminate Russian military personnel. With the air defenses temporarily down the BPR called in their remaining MI-28 Havoc. Unable to scramble any jets, the MI-28 feasted on Russian ground targets. The battle was over almost as soon as it started. Realizing the situation at hand, dozens of Russians retreated while other simply surrendered, tired of fighting the CDF, BPR, and now the FRM.   Seven Sukhoi SU-25 were still in perfect condition, two jets were damaged and one was completely destroyed. There were five available MI-28 Havoc helicopters landed and ready. They were able to take control of their armory which had hundreds of weapons stored away. This was a complete and utter victory for the BPR.

Kirie-Fu Regular

April 3rd, 2018



Свободное российское Движение soldiers of the 5th Battalion (April 1st, 2018)


When Подполко́вник мельник retrieved the information that the airbase has been taken successfully, it was their time to attack. Подполко́вник мельник would radio to Kazimir and the go ahead would be given to move ahead with the attack. мельник would go ahead and muster up the 1st Battalion, 5th Battalion and 17th Company.  Alfa squads Pavel, Yuri and Yakov were being prepped to assist with this by entering Sochi through RHIB sea entrance. Meanwhile Vympel squads Roman and Olga would be in charge of taking the mountains and keep overwatch and marksman cover. Semyan squad were to swim across the docks and infiltrate Sochi.


FRM Plans of Movement





Blue = Free Russian Movement

Red = Russian Military

White = Minefield





Roman Squad preparing for Operation Мертвое море

The night attack was set in motion when Подполко́вник мельник gave the official order for the 1st Battalion and the 5th battalion to start moving towards the bridge and begin their assault. The 1st Battalion begins to attack the Russian defenses heavily, but start taking heavy damage from Russian T-90s. However the 5th Battalion was able to assisst at the rear and destroy the T90 using RPG-30s. The 58th Army began to repel the attack by sending more reinforcements to the bridge. At the same time, Semyan squad began to deploy from the docks and entered Sochi. The Semyan squad made quick work and start to heavily deplete the numbers in the 58th army, successfully killing  most of two companies. At this point, Sochi was starting to turn to chaos, but Полко́вник Sokolov of the 58th Army was an arrogant leader, believed that they did not need any reinforcements. So, they kept fighting. 

To the north end of Sochi, the 17th Company boldly starts to move across a mine field to go into Sochi. If they make it through, the 58th Army would be caught off guard. They nearly make it past, but one of the soldiers hits a mine, killing three people. A T-90 responds to the explosions and begins to attack the Company. The 17th company quickly readies an RPG-30 and successfully disabled the weapon systems on the T-90. The 1st and 5th Battalion began to move across the bridge, some swimming others moving directly across. They successfully take out the crew of the T-90s that were protecting the bridge. Roman and Olga squad set themselves up in the hills without any issue and gives the go ahead for the 17th Company to move forward with the attack. The company gets ambushed and Roman squad reacts quick to the situation, however many in the 17th Company still die. What's left continue forward to Sochi with only 1/9th strength. 


From the water, three RHIBs stationed themselves about 100 meters off the coast and deploy Pavel, Yuri and Yakov squad in scuba outfits. They knew their job, it was to quickly and quietly take any of the officers in Sochi and make sure that they do not call for any form of reinforcement. They begin to cause chaos on the streets, efficiently dropping numbers as they move closer to their command post. Yuri squad in particular noticed a Kapitan trying to set up radio communications, Serzhant moves in and cracked the Kapitan's neck. He could not call in for reinforcements. Sochi was under complete siege at this point, the drivers in the tanks and other vehicles began to leave them because of how close the Free Russian Movement was getting. 

The 1st Battalion took heavy damage and Yuri squad was caught off guard, killing the entire squad. However, the 58th Army were trapped, they had no where to go now. The Free Russian Movement surround the Russian military and effectively force them to surrender. They do as they said, but as Yuri squad identifies Полко́вник Sokolov, he is quick to bite into a cyanide pill and he dies shortly after. 

The Free Russian Movement take 300 prisoners and stored them in a local police station.  The Battle for Sochi has been won.



Kirie-Fu Regular

The Belozersk People's Republic and Free Russian Movement are now in possession of multiple Sukhoi Su-25 jets, five MI-28 Havoc attack helicopters, and a host of infantry weapons. At the airbase, they claimed multiple of the transport vehicles, IFVs, and the stockpile of weapons in their armory. The Free Russian Movement gained multiple weapons and vehicles from Sochi, that being: two T-72 Main Battle Tanks, one T-90A, three BTR-80, two 9K330 Tor missile systems, one 9K37 Buk missile system, three BM-21 "Grad" and about a dozen 125mm mortars. The war at the border will be subsided heavily and frequency of Russian patrols will be substantially lower at the border. With both of these factions now in possession of high powered weaponry, damage can come to both Chernarus and to the Russian government from either FRM or BPR. FRM has vowed to start supplying Anarchy with arms alongside BPR.  Shortly after taking the city The Free Russian Movement reformed into The Independent Republic of Russia; a democratic republic in contrast the arguably fascist Russia. For the time being, the new IRR enjoys peace and prosperity alongside BPR. However it is known to everyone that a heavy counterattack from Russia like no other is on the horizon and they are making every precaution necessary to prepare. 

Credits for this post and 95% of it's content go to @Kain

Miroslavl, Chernarus

May 31st, 2018

Late in the night of May 31st, 2018, a nerve agent was deployed alongside a homemade IED on the outer wall of the Miroslavl military compound resulting in the deaths of 200 CDF, UN, and civlian persons alike. It was unclear where the nerve agent originated or who delivered it. Chernarussian intel officers have since convened and put forth an official statement stating that a highly trained military force breached the outer wall of the Miroslavl compound with an IED while another force deployed the nerve agent in the camp during the chaos. Those behind the attack are still unknown at this time but President Radek Koslov himself has promised that the belligerents will be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the new Chernarussian law. All eyes look towards Belozersk but it's quickly becoming apparent to both the people and government of Chernarus that there are other threats looming on the horizon. Now not even secure in designated military strongholds, the people of Miroslavl and Chernarus proper look towards the government with worried eyes. 


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Thank you @Major and @PCJames for letting me work along side you two and creating this! I had a lot of fun putting all together and I can't wait to work some more!

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1 hour ago, Kain said:

Thank you @Major and @PCJames for letting me work along side you two and creating this! I had a lot of fun putting all together and I can't wait to work some more!

Fucking beautiful 

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17 minutes ago, Major said:

Fucking beautiful 

Thank you Majorino

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Again, just caught up and love it all.

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After the next round of events I'll post up another one of these, enough people have asked for some updates on stuff relating to their characters and groups as it deals with the world.

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