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To James Kenway and my former friends

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*Mary forces her way through a stiff door and begins searching through dusty items she finds inside an abandoned house and finally finds a radio "bingo finally found one" turns it on to see if it still works and crackling sounds are heard presses the PTT button*

"Hello can anyone hear me on this thing it keeps cutting out. Right well I don't know how long this battery will take so will get straight to it. I'm sorry James it's took me so long to radio you I am alive I just found this. I shouldn't have left the way I did, you were right I should have listened to you and I am sorry I didn't."

*her voice sounds lost and vulnerable*

"I was thinking of maybe going out the country it's time for me to see what is on the horizon but I want to meet with you before I go I'm hoping you will come with me, I will understand if you don't I hurt you terribly with leaving like that. Please hear me out and then shout at me."

*she stops to wipe a tear from her eye and steady her voice till it's back to her usual tone*

"Jessy, Matt I haven't heard from you in awhile are you still alive also to my friends you know who you are if any of you are still alive please contact me. I don't know if anyone is willing to leave with me but I would at least like to say good bye. I leave in a few days I don't know if anyone I know is still alive and I hope they are if I haven't heard anything by 3 days I will have my answer and will assume your all dead and will make my way over the border."

*Releases the PTT button and sits on a dusty couch  and looks outside waiting for any response*


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*James is reading a book. The book is tattered and the pages have long been ripped. The book is failing to hold James's attention as he's read this same book several times over. He hears the radio start to speak. It takes a minute for it to register but James starts listening with great intent. After hearing the message he quickly formulates a reponse and speaks* 

Mary...you're alive? 

That's incredible.

If you want me to yell you'll have to wait *he chuckles* 

*For the first time in weeks James genuinely smiles* 

Yes, I support your proposal, let's go. Anywhere, no longer do I have anything holding me here. Let's go, as soon as possible. I may even have the connections to make that possible.

I look forward to seeing you soon 

*He releases the PTT and continues to smile like someone who just won the lottery*

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*Mary is on the verge of sleep when a voice comes throught the radio suddenly waking up she takes the radio smiling and presses the PTT button*

"James thank god I didn't know if you were still alive I haven't seen or heard from anyone I care for in a while I believed they are all dead. Yes lets go, I don't care where, just tell me where to met you and I will make my way there. I am happy to hear your voice, I  will be honest didn't think anyone would respond but I'm glad that I am proven wrong again and hopefully others will to but I suppose if they are dead well I have my answer. Will see you soon James"

*smiling she releases the PTT  and hopes others will respond to her broadcast but has a gut feeling a lot of them are dead*

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*James is sipping some fine wine he just found buried in someone's stash. He's not drunk but certainly not sober. He speaks* 

Aight, it's settled then, in two days time I'll meet you where you where we last saw each other.

*He releases the PTT and resumes drinking slowly, thinking of the good ol' times* 

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