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New website version/ new lore affecting whitelist and character

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How would i go about backing up my profile information, and will the whitelist and other items stay in place with the new website version? With the new lore will I have to reapply for whitelist or do i just need to edit my characters backstory to fit into the lore?


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For the new lore:

From what i've read is when the Lore gets wiped the only thing will have to do is to read it and mark that you have read it

all your info

Copy and paste it on a document if you want to keep it

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You won't have to re-whitelist. Backup your Character data by (for example) copying it into a google doc.

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Hello @reflex_scorch!

As for backing up, you have to save it somewhere else. I would recommend just copy - paste everything you want to save into a google document.

As for the whitelist, I will quote Rolle

The plan is to suspend all whitelists and require all players to visit new lore page and click "I have read and understood the new lore" button, at which point the whitelist will be automatically restored. 

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edited whitelist info

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