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Performance issues and lost frames after installing new OS

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So after doing a fresh reinstall on my PC including the installation of a new OS, since launching DayZ tonight I've noticed I have lost a lot of frames and performance. Even turning my gfx all the way down to low I still sit at about 30 or less frames. So I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why this is.

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sorry for asking the obvious question but... have you reinstalled your drivers after installing the new OS?

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Are you using a second monitor? - Try disabling it and turning the video driver settings to single performance mode

Is your the OS power settings set to high power?

Are any of your fans spinning up as frames slow down? -- Might need CPU-Z or GPU-Z to see if a piece of hardware is throttling itself to protect from overheating.

Any unnecessary programs running in the background hogging resources?

Any difference playing DayZ x64?

Could try adjusting the video quality, or modifying the config - The two that impact most is scenecomplexitiy and view distance.

Is vsync turned off? If not then turn it off.

Kind regards,


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I bet you have not installed NetFramework.

Run windows update and force scan for updates if you have to.


Hope this helps

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Feel a bit... Dumb. But uh, seems like a simple restart on the game fixed it. /S...olved.. I guess?

I'm also fairly certain I did install all my drivers etc- was the first thing I did. Win10 also auto installed updates when I first booted it too, so that shouldn't be an issue :)

Thanks anyway, guys.

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