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Shane Is Dead

Ladies and Gentlemen of South Zagoria (Open Freq)

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*Elijah picks up his radio and begins to broadcast*

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman as some of you may know a close friend of mine died tonight his name...Mikael Kabanov The President. He will be solely missed anyway enough of that I am here to announce the new President. He goes by the name of David Mack."

*Elijah throws his radio into his pocket*

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*Adrian pulls out his radio*

I have known David for a long time he is a good man,



*He puts his radio away and orders the men to set up a perimiter around the presidents quarters*

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"Good for you David, I'll make sure to tell Victor. This shall be fun to watch before we head off away from this place. Keep me updated."

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*David would take hold of his radio and press the transmit button*

To my citizens and friends, my promotion is taken with not only a heavy heart but also a heavy burden...

President Mikael was a complex and troubled young man who ruled through fear and love as any good leader should.

For too long have I sat idle and watched you people jerk yourselves off and eat shit no more I say ... No more.

To the ones I have been in contact with and to those whom have helped me in the past you, this was the message I told you to wait for, you will meet me in Stary Sobor I will be there with my men for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

I leave you with this.

*music would begin to play*


*the music would repeat*

*David would let go the transmit button and wipe his brow*

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