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#55 - S1 EU - 07/16/17 20:30ish - Invalid Kill (role played)

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Report #55
S1 EU - 07/16/17 20:30ish - Invalid Kill (role played)


Server: S1 EU
Date: 07/16/17
Time: 20:30ish
Rule breaks: Invalid Kill (role played)
Your in game name: Tomo Ward
Allies: Guest
Enemies: Guest
Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: Yes



I rolled up to the 'Hobo Depot' and decided to go round asking peoples names to find out a bit about people. This one geezer wasnt having any of it and he said his name was Tom, which is my IC name so i said 'theres only one tom in these lands' bla bla bla. Things then escelate to some hostile RP and things were thrown back and forth between me and them. I then walk outside with them telling them they better leave etc as you can see in the video to which i get called an IRA car bomber etc... I then say, 

"do you want me to blow your fucking brains out"

to which i am met with a 12 gauge to the chest. 

I did not raise a weapon or initiate on them at all, and i was randomly killed. 

I enjoy hostile RP situations and yes you could say i was going round looking for it, but i wasnt going round looking for someone to kill me point blank for a bit of bad mouthing... 

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We are boolin' out in the hobo camp hanging out and being taught how things are run, where Septimus is chilling over by one of the tents in the video. @Jxkey with no reason at all walks up to Septimus and begins getting hostile with him asking "who the fuck are you" and so forth. I move over and tell him to get out of his face since Jxkey started the encounter. None of this was warranted as we did nothing to him and he claims to be on a new character.

Then he turns and comes after me, and since he wants to get mouthy I know ICly that calling an Irishman part of the IRA that he would get off his gears, in return for him starting useless shit. This goes on and he tells me to keep walking and leave, I listen as I think he is a guard of the camp and continue on my way. He then wants to follow me out and continue calling me an "arab jew fuck" which makes zero sense ICly as my character is French/American. After he goes back inside I give my last piece of shittalk to him when he comes outside and goes "Do you want me to blow your fucking brains out" where he is met with "Do you want to try me" and I gas him.

I attempted to remove myself from the situation as it made 0 sense for it to start, you continued with me, I listened to your demands of leaving the building, and killed you when you threatened me clearly. There was no where to go with the RP we had, it was over at your threat.

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Id also like to add the fact that the guy told me his name was Thomas Ford, and my IC name is Tomo Ward.

He obviously pulse checked me and used that information to give me a false name that is very similar and rhymes with mine.



Also Mr @Species, you didnt say "do you want to try me". 

As you can clearly see in my video you said "oh is that what you're going to do", not at one point did i say thats what i was going to do, i asked you a question.

Edited by Jxkey

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Connection Logs:

21:14:02 | Player "Tomo Ward" is connected 
21:28:19 | Player "Tomo Ward" has been disconnected

20:23:03 | Player "Jack Van Boote" is connected
21:56:31 | Player "Jack Van Boote" has been disconnected


Hit Logs:

21:24:54 | "Jack Van Boote SHOT Tomo Ward by ShotgunMp133 into Chest."

Kill Logs:

21:24:54 | Player "Tomo Ward" has been killed by player "Jack Van Boote"


In order to keep this report on track please only respond if you are asked a question by staff and/or have new evidence to bring to light. This is your only warning.

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Calling in @Septimus to post his PoV as there is a question the staff team feels that he needs to answer.  

Why exactly did you specifically use, "Thomas Ford" as a name when he asked?  It seems oddly specific to use the name regarding the similarity to his IC name.

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This is ridiculous.

Thomas Ford was one of my previous characters since the Mod; one I've since played on DayZRP SA. In no way are the two names similar nor did I pulse check him nor know his name was that. it's pure coincidence. I can't say that I care if he's taken offense, from what I can tell he's simply grasping at straws to get people in trouble for running his mouth.  Having a character named similarly or using a false name under the pretense of being such character is not a rule break. Tomo Ward is nowhere close to the simplistic and common name of Thomas. 

Thomas James-Ford; Infamous bandito and a member of the James Brother Gang.  Played under the names on a multitude of occasions, the most recent being apart of Rampage's group 'the Samaritans' 




Sorry, the graphics have long expired; my character's full name and lore is revolving around being cousin to the JBG gang.  His surname often being switched around depending on the scenario. Etc, having just robbed someone, he wasn't going to declare he was affiliated with the James Brothers. So Ford was the go-to name.

Edited by Septimus
pic added.

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14 hours ago, Septimus said:

he wasn't going to declare he was affiliated with the James Brothers. So Ford was the go-to name.

Although some of the points you made make sense to me. As the quote states above, you said "he wasn't going to declare he was affiliated with the James Brothers. So Ford was the go-to name." However, you were not on the character that actually is a James brother. You were playing on Emiliano Altier (see picture below) so your last point is false.

Sorry if this looks like a back and forth I just wanted to make sure staff are aware of this. 



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@Jxkey, what exactly was your reasoning for approaching Emiliano as you did?  The comment in question would be the line, "Who the fuck are you?"

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@Cid I walked in and saw a fair amount of people. Somewhere in the region of 10 players maybe. 

I was in a radio frequency with the hobo's and my own allies, all of which were in the factory at the time. I was RP'ing that I was working for the hobo's and I was told all workers were to wear a white armband so I proceeded to do so. There was a fair amount of people not wearing the armband and septimus happened to be the first person I approached asking 'who the fuck are you?' as none of us knew who they actually were and they were standing right by the Hobo's tents, as you can clearly see in the video, so I got a bit defensive hence the aggressive nature of the question I asked. 

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@Species[Invalid kill [Roleplayed]: Guilty

@Species  During this situation, an argument had sparked up in the Hobo Depo between Jxkey and Septimus in which you try to intervene. You manage to break them off but the focus had now shifted onto you. Hostile words are exchanged between the both of you, one of which is you calling Jxkey an Irish car bomber. That manages to get a rise out of  Jxkey and he ends up kicking you out of the building all the while you keep on with your car bombing insults, rather than removing yourself out of the situation like you stated in your POV. Once outside you both continued on with your hostilities and insults until you finally break off. There are a few seconds of nothing until you throw in another comment on the IRA, now involving his parents. That gets Jxkey angrier towards you and he responds with, “Do you want me to blow your fucking brains out?”  You then aim your gun and shoot him. The issue with this is that you were never initiated on or had any gun forced into your face making the question a hostile response towards you, not an initiation. You did not gain any kill rights from this interaction.

  • 7.2 Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is at risk. These rights last for 2 hours after last interaction during the hostile situation and can be used as long as their use do not conflict with any other rules like NLR or NVFL .

@Jxkey During this situation you are seen reacting towards comments made against you and your country men. Your hostile reaction towards these men is understandable as no one wishes to be called a terrorist, but what seemed to be lacking in you RP here is any form of emotion, tone change, or anything that could confirm how you truly felt; except for blunt insults with no tone to them making it seems as if you were reading off a script rather than trying to get your point across. We will not be giving you a punishment for this, however, we will link you the Mentor System, as this can potentially help you further your range of emotions with an Irish accent.

@Septimus & @Species You both throughout this situation urk the OP into hostilities by continuously insulting him. While insulting characters is not against the rules there is a fine line between insulting to create hostilities and insulting just for shits and giggles. You both went over this line, and though no punishment will be handed out for said actions we would like for this mention to be taken to heart. Insulting those to simply get a rise out of them and repeating the same insults over and over like a broken record is in no way acceptable RP.  

@Species [Invalid Kill[Roleplayed]:  (3 days & 10 points)

Verdict by Eagle @Jade & @Ender.

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