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Sam Fields

Lord Edwin Ashford is dead [Private frequency- allies]

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*The PTT is pressed. A stern British voice sounds through*

"Ladies and Gentlemen. I, Doctor James Peterson, have the duty to inform you that Lord Edwin Ashford of The Cavaliers is dead."

*The man pauses, his pain expressed through his hoarse tone*

"It is also my duty to tell you how his death came upon him and... why. You see, Lord Ashford was executed by the ignorant fury that he fought so hard to dispel. Although his killer's identity is not yet known, we have witnesses and will be provided with full details when the time comes. But... first comes understanding and recognition... then, and only then, can vengeance follow."

*His voice raises to shout*

"He was killed for refusing to cast aside the morals and ethos that held The Cavaliers together. He died so that the very idea and purpose of the red coat could live on- immortalised within his sacrifice. He died so that hundreds more could seek help and comfort under the protection of the Queen's colours and live."

*He lets out a harsh choking sound from the back of his throat*

"Alas, it is my honour as the-.... the... C-captain of The Cavaliers to invite you to commemorate and remember this beautiful, beautiful man. A funeral service shall be conducted on Skalisty island tomorrow, where tributes and words of prayer shall be spoken. I ask that you remain strong in these times of turmoil and continue to believe in the better future that this man made a possibility."

*The voice becomes empty and reduced to little more than a whisper*

"This transmission will be repeat"

*The PTT is released* 

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