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Texas hold'em games.

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*Giovani pulls up his sleeves and broadcasts*


Hello ladies and gents..  Now that all this mess is coming to an end soon.. I say it's time to sit back.. relax.. and have some casual fun.  If anyone is interested.. I have some chips, and a deck of cards. If anyone wants to have a friendly game of texas hold'em poker.. I'd be happy to host it. I'll be hanging out at the Hobo camp in Stary if ya'll want to join in. We'll gamble for food mostly.. trade stories.. and have a drink or two as we play..  Hope to se you all soon! Cheers.


*Shuffles his cards once more as he ends the broadcast*

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*Martin sits by the ocean, with his radio scanning the frequencies, when it stops, and he hears the man talking about a game of poker. Martin, bored and lonely, decides to respond*

Well Hello there! A game of texas hold'em you say? Well, I have never been any good, but always thought it was fun.

You talk about this hobo camp in stary... Where exactly is it?

As soon as I know, Ill try to come.

*Martin lets his ptt go*

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