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GOD SAVE THE QUEEN [Open Freq/Cavaliers]

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*The crunching of gravel was all she could recall hearing before they settled down. In between moments of clarity and confusion, Lo would grip aimlessly for her Radio that she no longer possessed her fingers fumbling and brushing against him a disorientated and feverish manner, mumbling incoherently. After a few moments, he seemed to understand what she was looking for and passed her the spare he had found. Lo pressed feebly against the PTT her voice low, confused and tinted with pain. 

He ... There ... He, they should know ...Sh-sh-

*A voice hushing could be heard, following by shuffling before she spoke again, her voice wavering and disconnected.*

The ... P-Pish, he would want y-you to know. He w-would want all hi-his guys to know ... He didn't say what they wanted him to say, the-ey kept askin' him to say f-fuck ...

...Queen ... B-but, he wouldn't...

*Her voice seemed to break and sputter, as she attempted to explain further but with difficultly.*

He-he's gone, he ...won't be ... he c-can't ..come b-back...

*A more stern voice spoke in the background barely audible over the radio before the transmission quickly ended.*

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*Shanes voice comes over the frequency, coming in cold and stern.*

"Cavaliers. Your leader, Ashford, is dead. Executed by selfish people for selfish reasons needlessly."

*There is a pause as he shifts, he mutters something, like a demand, to the woman in front of him and a yelp is heard.*

"Cavs, you have my frequency written somewhere. Contact me for the location of his body so you may give proper burial. Rest his soul."


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*After hearing the news of the death of the Lord Captain over the radio, Calmy, in shock, turn on the PTT.*


*Legrand takes his thumb off the PTT. Sit down. In Silence. Not a sound, not a bird, not a gust of wind. Nothing.*

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*Henry sits down in an abandoned general store, and opens his rucksack to admire his collection from a hard day's work gathering food and supplies. He strikes a match to light his gas stove which he places a can of beans over. He jolts as he hears the voices on his radio and pauses before holding the PTT button*

"So he's dead, huh? Shit. Was it those fucking Ukrainians?
They've been fucking with these guys for too long. And now they take out Ashford?"

*Henry can be heard raising his voice as his anguish turns to anger*

"They've unleashed a fucking shit-storm! I've warned them in the past and now they do this!?"

*He pauses, as he returns with a much calmer voice.*

"Ashford was a great man. An honest man. A selfless man. He probably always knew me as 'That guy who won't stop calling himself a one-man-army.'"

*He is heard chuckling to himself as he composes himself.*

"Time to live up to my name."

*He releases the PTT button and sits, continuing to stare into the subtle blue flames of the stove as he lifts the beans off. He places the beans next to him as he suddenly decides he's not hungry and rolls over to sleep.*


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*Chabu Picks up his radio after hearing the conversation at hand*

Well, it wasn't us who killed that fucking idiot.

For the man who thought it was us, I'm not sure who you are but I don't remember ever talking to you and neither do any of my boys. 

*Chabu adjusts his rifle*

Well rest in peace to that guy, he wasn't very smart as he picked fights with people that he could not handle. That's what probably got him killed at the end of the day.

*Chabu thinks to himself*

"Gotta love it when randoms think they're hot shit."

*Chabu puts his radio away and continues looking for a red robin bird*


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*Returning from a reconnaissance mission, the Scot was inside a cabin with Mr Murphy at his left aiming a rifle down into the valley through a window, Anderson stiffly picks up his radio, his deep Scottish accent flooded the frequency*

"I hope the killer is listening to this... if they thought Ashford would give in to your blasphemy... you must be a fool"

*he laughs to himself, then puts on a serious face*

"I won't cry, although I cannae apprehend how sad I am, Ashford was a great man, he cared only for those around him"

*The Scot took the radio down for a second and held his face by his lip, he returns with a much sadder voice*

"Although he wouldn't agree, but still. He died with morals still at heart, not many people will die for what they believe in these days"

*he laughs for a moment*

"I'm gonna find who did this, i'm gonnae give them the same fate as they did Ashford"

*A tear sheds from the Scotsman's eye*

"God save the Queen..."

*he pauses and closes his eyes*

"God save... Ashford..."

*the lance corporal of horse releases the PTT and tucks himself down on the floor to sleep*

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*Westington, upon hearing the news, sits for what feels like forever in total stunned silence. Those passing him by get no response. I occasionally presses the push to talk and speak but nothing but silence and the occasional frothing of the sea comes through the microphone. That is, until he finally musters up the courage to speak a few words.*

"Oh dear..."

*Static fills the radio as Westington seems totally unable to actually come up with more words than that. Choking can be heard on the other side of the microphone as Westington chokes back tears. After about 10 minutes, Westington begins to speak quietly.*

"You know... I had a gift for Ashford that I wanted to deliver... He lost his bible a while back... I found him a new one... I guess he'll never get it."

*Westington sobs quietly before regaining his composure*

"I could read it. Maybe it'll help his soul rest well knowing that we're thinking of him and all..."

*He thumbs through pages and the fluttering of paper can be heard through the microphone*

"So... Revelations has some words that I think are good here... I'm not really religious... he was always the one who knew just what to say...

It says, "Blessed are the dead who die for the Lord... they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them."

*Westington sniffles as he rubs his eyes*

"You know... there's apparently a thing that you're supposed to do here... the Jews do something that I think would be a good idea. It's called Shiva. They sit around for a bit before the funeral and tell stories... L-let's do that... we'll make sure that, even if he's gone from this world, he will never be gone from our hearts.

Blessed be the Lord Captain who died for his queen... he will rest from his labor, as his deeds will follow him."

*The line goes silent, once more*

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*She had been listening to them speaking over the radio for a while now, a soft buzz from the device to keep her mind from drifting too far into sleep. Each word the Cavaliers spoke rang true for Lo as well, and she felt their sorrow and their anger through each of their voices. After 'Westinghouse' spoke of telling the tales of Ashford, to relive his life vicariously through others, she felt herself giving in to a small but sad smile. Wincing she sat up slightly and pressed down the PTT her voice still sounding weak.*

Heh, yeah W-westinghouse. That sounds nice ...When I first m-met PishPosh we were at that radio tower... We walked along the r-road to a military base and ... we found a hat, which Pishy said he would never wear. Then outta the b-blue a infection ran at us! Well, Pishy p-promptly tossed the hat at the i-infected as a diversion ... then swung his s-sword and cut the g-guys head right off, haha.

*She gently giggled, then sighed.*

He liked to c-challenge them to d-duels... Always so ... chivalrous e-even to those in d-death. 

*She shuffled and adjusted herself, letting let loose a sharp pained hiss between her teeth before releasing the PTT.*

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Gerald Harrod is replacing panels his  boat when he stops to hear the news coming from the radio. At first he refuses to believe it then drops his hammer as the other members of the Cavaliers speak in turn. completely in shock he puts the radio to his face. 

No.....no (he whispers) Captain....i...should of been there. 

Harrod slumps sitting on the  boat while wiping his face and frozen in shock. after a short while he speaks into the radio again. 

Sir with the deep American voice i know not who you are but i'll contact you about........abou...about retrieving the body.

Harrod clicks off the radio and starts sobbing uncontrollably. 

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