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Asking out of need {Open Frequency}

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*Isaac sits at tree, looking over at his little camp site for the moment. He digs around in his backpack, and after a moment, pulls out a beat up radio. He looks around, before letting out a nervous breath as he flicks the radio on and presses down on the PTT. His voice, no matter how hard he tries, gives away a timid nature. The voice is young and a little quiet.*

"H-Hello? Ummm... C-Can anyone hear me? Umm, I was... ummm, wanting to ask something... I... I need to gather food... A lot of it. Enough for two people to last... a-a couple of months... Ummmm, I was wondering if... well, if I could get some. I-I can work, a-and I'll do anything... well, almost anything for it... I-I could pack around heavy gear for you... I-I could lead zombies away for you... just... I need a lot of it. I-I could trade... I don't have a lot, but I can trade what I have. I-I know it's a... a long shot, but I'm desperate..."

*He sighs, letting go of the button, folding his knees and bringing them to his chest, as he wraps his arms around them and rests his head on his knees.*

"I'll... I'll get the food Amanda... I promise..."

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Talana looks over towards where her radio sat next to the tree her eyes narrowing at the sound of Isaacs voice coming through. She puts the lid back on the pot of food and picks up her radio and presses the ptt.

"Well well well, look who it is. Its been some time Isaac. You and I need to have a little conversation since apparently the last time we spoke you didn't entirely understand my rules. I have a great deal of food to feed the family for well more than a few months, the question is if you are still part of the family, or are even deserving of that title."

She lets out a short laugh and the sound of her speaking to someone else in the background can be heard for a moment before someone screams in pain and she snaps in Chernarussian at them to shut up before she continues in english.

"You have one chance Isaac, chose how you use it carefully and remember what I told you."

She releases the ptt and goes back to cooking.

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*Isaac listens to her, a moment of fear gripping him. His right hand holds his radio, shaking slightly. He takes a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. He presses down on the button.*

"I-I know what your food is... Y-Your food hurt her... You hurt her... I... I don't care what you do... I won't let you hurt her again. She's all I have, my true family. Your not family... Your just like the slavers... F-Find me if you want... I-I have... lived through worst things..."

*He lets go of the button, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck, over two scars, both meaning different things.*

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She presses the PTT and lets out a short laugh.

"Oh Isaac, you seem to forget something, I never forced her to eat it, I gave her plenty of chances to chose to eat something else, even offered her other food. Don't blame me for her choices, I think your issue is more with Vlad than it is with me. And he no longer travels with me, I suggest you remember what I told you not anything he said to you or your sister. As for the food I have, you do understand I also eat what you would consider regular food right? One cant live just on my preferred food, nor would I overly want to but that is neither here nor there. Chose your next words carefully, Especially if your sister needs help and you need food. You said you would do anything and I am giving you an option here I suggest you consider it carefully. I told you the rules before, I take care of the family. I am not the evil person you seem to think that I am Isaac."

She speaks in soft Chernarussian to someone else before releasing the PTT.

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*Daley presses the PTT button*

" Fuck me, I knew there were some pussies in this place... But this is taking the piss...

Do me a favour mate, go and find your own food and stop actin' like a fool over the radio, you're lettin' some chick scare the livin' shit outta you by the sounds of it... Talkin' about choose your next words wisely... Fuck me I forgot that who ever this chick is, is fucking Grisha Petrov or something... Jeeesus christ. Don't let her scare you over the radio lad, just because she's got a pair of tits and a minge doesn't mean she runs you... 

On a level mate, you need to find some food, fuck me It can't be that fucking hard.... 

I take care of the family.... I guess all family's need a dried up piece of muff to get by...

*The radio would fall silent, as Daley writes down " That Idiotic Bitch Over The Radio " on his to Capture For Slave List... He would then switch the radio off, knowing that it'll piss them off even more, him not replying*

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*Henry, crossing an open field, cracks his first smile in a long time as he overhears the conversation on the radio. He breaks into hysterics and is heard laughing as he presses the PTT*

"Isaac is it? You soppy prick! Man the fuck up get your own food!"

*He pauses as he tries to compose himself*

"People like you.. I mean seriously how are you still alive!?"

*His voice is heard turning suddenly serious as he addresses the other male voice*

"As for you, I need to see you soon. Certain matters need discussing."

*He releases the PTT as he continues his journey*


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