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DayZ Group Rules and Requirements

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DayZ Standalone Groups



Creating a group



  1. You must be whitelisted for at least 1 month.
  2. You must not have led or created a group in the past 30 days.
  3. You must not be currently in another group. If previously in another group, must have left that group at minimum 7 days prior to creating a group yourself.
  4. Group name must not have been previously used, and if so permission must be obtained from previous recorded owner of group. Reincarnation of group will be handled in similar fashion.
  5. Groups must not be offensive by their nature and follow the Community Rules. All groups must be based off of serious and realistic ideas.
  6. Admins reserve the right to archive or disband any group at anytime should that step be necessary.


Group Approval System

Groups will be handled in a two step system.

  1. Groups awaiting approval.
  2. Approved groups.


1. Groups Awaiting Approval

Groups awaiting approval will remain as a thread in the Group Ideas section of the forums. Once groups are approved, they will then be moved to the Approved Group section, where they will have access to many more tools and perks.

While groups are awaiting approval they will create a thread with all the necessary information in order to become an approved group. Those requirements are:

  • A group name.
  • A group lore that is believable, realistic, detailed, and fits with the DayZRP Official Lore.
  • A set of believable, realistic, and obtainable group goals that follow the SMART criteria. The group must strive to complete the goals they set for themselves. More on goals, see below.
  • An ongoing updated roster of members which includes both in game name and forum name with link to either character page or forum profile (both is also acceptable). Members may not be on more than one roster at a time.
  • A group must have a minimum of 5 members.

Groups awaiting approval must not be a work in progress (WIP). The thread must be posted in a relatively completed state. Things such as roster which may develop over time or group graphics which may not be complete at time of posting are not considered as making a group idea a WIP. Groups that are considered a WIP will be archived immediately and without warning.


Group goals must follow the SMART goals and objectives principle. We use our own, slightly modified version:

  • Specific – goals must target a specific area for improvement or accomplishment.
  • Measurable – goals must be able to be quantified or at least suggest some kind of an indicator of progress on the goal.
  • Attainable – the group must be able to realistically achieve the goals and mark them as complete within a realistic time frame.
  • Relevant – goals must be relevant to the nature of the group and fit well with their back story.
  • Time-bound – specify when the goals can be achieved, must be within realistic time frame. It's a good idea to use days since the infection outbreak as an in game time measure.

Good example: Our military group wants to create an outpost for us to conduct our meetings and allow for trade with external parties. Updates will be posted in this thread and/or in radio chatter. ETA day 180.
Bad example: Our military group will fight enemies, make everyone fear us and we will claim the Chernarus as our own.


Groups awaiting approval must keep their group idea threads clean and on topic. Posts on thread should be on topic and helpful to the group, such as constructive criticism that would assist them in becoming approved.

Good example: Your graphics are too busy, perhaps tone them down some. Your RP was great, but I felt some of your members could have got more involved.
Bad example: You guys suck balls, we squad wiped your asses today!


In order for a group idea to be approved, all requirements must be fulfilled prior to final loremaster or administrator review. Groups must also have a minimum of 5 active and whitelisted members on their roster. Groups will be given a 7 day grace period to complete the requirements prior to final review. If requirements not met, group idea will be archived and will not be able to be unarchived for a minimum of 30 days. Groups may be archived prior to the 7 day grace period being over with administrator discretion as indicated in the group requirements section above; such as if there was a total disregard for the requirements and rules.


2. Approved Groups

In addition to the above requirements Approved Groups must also:

  • Keep their lore and goals up to date if significant events or changes occur.
  • Make reasonable strides to achieve their groups goals.
  • Post updates in their thread about the status and completion of the group goals.
  • If group ranks are used they must be in character related and not jokes, memes, etc.
  • If group membership dips below 5 active and whitelisted members, the group may be archived immediately.
  • Group members must remain active in game. It is group owners responsibility to ensure that members stay active or corrected if need be. Activity will be checked by Admins.
  • Groups are allowed to create an IC advertisement here.

Approved groups will be given 2 additional (4 total) password protected TeamSpeak sub channels.

Approved groups may be archived with admin discretion as indicated in the group requirements section above; such as if there was a total disregard for the requirements and rules.

Groups that are approved will have their thread moved by staff from the Group Ideas forum to the Approved Groups forum. Approved groups will then create a closed Group Board, on which they will provide/upload:

  1. A short description of the group.
  2. A link to their Approved Group thread (required).
  3. A link to their groups Radio thread, if applicable.
  4. A link to their groups Media thread, if applicable.
  5. A group logo/icon.
  6. A group cover photo/banner.

The group board will be a place for a group owner to invite members to it's roster. The group will also be able to create a topic/forum section, where information posted will be private to members only (and staff). Anyone not a member will only be able to see the groups images, links to forum sections, and roster.

Approved groups are encouraged to take newcomers under Mentor Programme, to show them the ropes of how role play works within a larger group. For more details, see this thread.

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