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Desperation {OPEN FREQ}

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*The radio fuzzes with static while Daniel flips switches on the radio, trying to get the radio to work right.*

"Is thi.... *The radio fuzzes out, cutting off part of what Daniel has said* thing on? I've been trying to *STATIC* damn radio working again and I've been trying to all morning. This is total bullshit, dude..."

*Daniel beats the radio with his fist, which is audible to all channels listening*

"I fucking hate old technology man, this old Soviet shit doesn't work at all man. Alright, I think I've got it working now. Can anyone hear this? I would disclose my location but after a few run-in's with the same people that I'm calling for help over now but they'd come finish me off. I'm bleeding pretty bad out of my right side and it..l *Daniel accidentally touches the wound and he reacts sharply to it* ..fuck, that hurts so bad. If anyone's a medical expert, I'd really appreciate help. I'd like to talk to anyone listening, please, someone respond to this. I'm getting really... *Daniel yawns audibly over the channel* sleepy and I'm so afraid to fall asleep over this shit."

Please, anyone..."

*Daniel sets the CV radio down, and slides his back down the wall, sitting on the floor. He slings his dad's service rifle off his back as to unpin it from between the wall and him. Daniel prays to God someone finds his frequency by morning, as he drifts off to sleep with a slightly bandaged wound on his right side.*

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*Todd would hold down the PTT, smirking to Alec as he heard the message.*

"Yes! I am in-fact an expert in the fields of medicinal and healing maneuvers! I would be happy to assist with your issues! But... you'll probably have to get a separate doctor for your mental disabilities that you seem to have."

*He would take a more sinister tone, barely being able to contain his laughter.*

"Calling for help, describing your exact wound, and saying that someone's after you. Man, I certainly wonder who this is!"

"Listen here Commander Cuckboy, I would stay your fat ass away from Agu and the rest of them, before we go all Native American Flying Tomahawk on your asses."

"Bennett out!"

*Todd would release the PTT and look back to Alec, seeing the smirk on his face.*

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*Alec hears Todd talking to Daniel and quickly switches to the frequency, leaning back in his chair and propping his feet up on the table, holding down his PTT*

"You fucked up"

*Alec pauses and begins playing with his clown mask*

"Can't trust shit nowadays... Anyways.. I'll be around"

*Alec releases his PTT with a giggle*

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