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New PC Build (CPU)

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I'll start off by saying I am not dumb with computers, I just need other opinions cause I can't decide.

So I'm gonna upgrade my PC in the coming weeks. However I am not sure what CPU platform to go with.
I only use the PC for gaming, meaning I really only need a Socket 1151 platform with a i7 7700k. But will become outdated shortly with the new chipsets about to release being the x299 range etc

However with the X299 Platforms/AMD's Threadripper CPU's, should I just wait for those? I don't stream/do video editing meaning I don't need all those cores/threads they are giving us, but it is the newest platform.

Opinions? Should I go with what i need now, and have to upgrade sooner?
Or go with something I don't really need, but will last longer?

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It really depends on what you're willing to spend and what your current situation looks like if you just want to game as you may or may not need to buy a new motherboard and/or RAM one way or the other.

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You don't really need an I7 if all you do is Game, Watch linustechtips he gives a very good reasoning behind it. Now if you are video editing go for it.

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I have the I7 7700K Myself, stick with that chipset and that platform, for gaming and other stuff its perfect, the newer chipsets will only out do what the i7 can do at a good standard in around 5-7 years time, you will be fine, ignore the bullshit about Ryzen and all that with trhe X299. stick to the i7, it's amazing.

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