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The White Helmets [Post-lore wipe group idea] [WIP]

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(I decided to re-post this group idea (with some changes) since the LW fits more appropriately with the establishment and existence of the IRL White Helmets, thus making their presence in Chernarus more likely/believable. For now this is mainly to gauge interest. If people like the idea, I will begin active recruitment.)










"ومهما كنت تنفق أو ما كنت تعهد لتقدمه، والله يعلم أنه الحق والأشرار من ناصرين".

"And whatever you spend or whatever you vow to offer, Allah verily knows it, and the evildoers have no helpers." (Al-Baqarah 2:270)


Chapter 1: Aleppo under seige



It is said that we do not truly appreciate what we have until it is taken from us. Running water, electricity, freedom, safety and security. All of these things  become sacred, beloved memories, nothing more than concepts when our world comes crashing down upon us. For some, these things were lost in the dust long before the outbreak began. My name is Hassan Najjar, and my family was killed in an airstrike four years ago. Since then, losing loved ones has become part of my life. Loss is inevitable.

I watched my home be destroyed and my country torn apart. I saw death, misery and an untold evil. But it did not break me. In my country we have a saying, "Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire." I would not sit idle and do nothing, as I watched the place I had grown up in be torn down brick by brick. Unlike many of the men my age, however, I refused to fight. My mother had always told me that the surest path to hell was to commit to violence against my fellow man. Instead, I joined the Syrian Civil Defence, a group dedicated to rescuing victims of fighting, regardless of their affiliation. We gave first aid, rebuilt infrastructure and provided services such as obituaries and burials, tokens long lost since the outbreak of the war.

I became a First Responder to airstrikes in my city. We would be the first at the scene of any attack, sifting through the rubble for people, dead or alive. Sometimes, we would find only bodies, or parts of bodies. Other times, however, we would hear the strained breathing of a man gasping for air, the sobbing of a woman or the screams of an infant. But we could not save everyone. Aircraft would often perform a single bombing run, then a follow up strike on the same position, specifically to deny our search and rescue efforts. They killed anyone on the scene and any survivors of the first attack.

Despite all of this, we were still able to rescue over 40,000 people across our entire organization. We had retained our humanity, kept our neutrality and done right by the memories of those we had lost. Our efforts gained global attention, governments provided us funding and training to further our operations. And yet, all I could think of was what I could have done to save more.


Chapter 2: Arrival in Chernarus



Three years after joining the SCD, our division in Aleppo had been offered the opportunity by the Chernarussian government to fly out to South Zagoria in order to train with emergency services there, to improve our life saving skills and firefighting capabilities. Naturallly, we went as soon as we could. We arrived in early 2017. We spent the next few months running crisis drills with the Chernagorsk fire services and received first aid and trauma training from the paramedics at the local hospital. They were incredibly helpful, and despite the language barrier, we found we had a lot in common with our foreign counterparts. Like us, these were people who had dedicated their lives to saving others. It was uplifting to say the least.

We were due to head back to Syria at the end of July, refreshed, motivated and with fresh training and life saving equipment. But it was not to be. We were told of some new developing crisis in Chernarus, and that our flight out of the country had been cancelled. There were reports of Russian warplanes near the border. Clashes broke out, there were bombings and artillery strikes, with violent demonstrations all across South Zagoria. A number of people had been killed. The first thing we did was grab our gear and head out to help.


Chapter 3: The Discovery



We didn't know what to expect, our interpretor had told us over the next few days that there were now reports of a biological disaster, some sort of epidemic across the north of the region. Rioting and looting had become rampant across many urban centres, thousands of people had been displaced. We moved with humanitarian relief efforts, doing our best to provide medical aid to those wounded, quell fires that had started and rescue survivors trapped in their homes and cars across many strained checkpoints. Something was not right. A lot of the people that came to us had bite marks or scratches, strange rashes across the skin and eye hemorrhaging. The wounds appeared to be inflicted by humans. Many of the locals and CDF soldiers told us whatever disease was spreading among the chaos was driving people insane, turning them into some sort of monsters. This was unlike anything we had heard of, even in our war torn home.

The devastating affirmation of these rumours soon came. The afflicted began to 'turn'. Victims pronounced near death, to our horror, reanimated and attacked medical staff. They became violent, unreasonable and aggressive. We were forced to defend ourselves with whatever we could. Soon enough, we found ourselves fighting the very people we were trying to help. A number of our team did not escape alive, instead they were torn apart by rabid packs of disease victims. We fled along with other surviving emergency service personnel and government authorities.

We continued to move day by day, providing relief where we could. We saved many, but as more fell to infection, our numbers dwindled. I can't remember when we decided we could no longer make rescue attempts, but before long we were relegated to providing first aid to survivors in designated refugee safe zones, eventually winding up on the outskirts of Elektrozavodsk. Our spirits were lifted however with the arrival of United Nations peackeepers and doctors from the World Health Organization. NATO forces, too, had arrived to help. We thought, with luck, the situation might be quelled. we could not be more wrong.


Chapter 4: Humanity lost



We did what we could to provide aid to survivors that came to us, but we soon learned that people were desperate for supplies, and when we could not give enough, they turned to violence. To our dismay, many of the soldiers we thought had came to help, had instead moved inland to military bases, bolstering the CDF numbers while leaving civilians to fend for themselves. The situation became dire. There were many hairy encounters with armed individuals and groups attempting to take our van by force, and we were forced to do something we had sworn we would never do. We armed ourselves. There was no other way to survive. Between the infected and roaming gunmen, we had resorted to firing on people we were once dedicated to helping. Before long, our own supplies were dangrously low. Local authorities would not provide even basic necessities such as food and water. Supply runs became dangerous undetakings for us, having little actual fighting prowess. We were rescuers, not soldiers.

We have determined those of us who are left are either blessed or immune, many of us having bites and scratches but suffering none of the signs of infection. We are in a dangerous country, with no way of escaping home. Airports are closed or overrun, and there is little contact with the outside world. Widespread bombing took place somewhere in the north, preventing us from going in to help for fear of being obliterated by aircraft. Some UN peacekeepers have told me the epidemic has spread beyond the borders of Chernarus, to Europe and beyond. It is far worse than we feared.

Friends have been lost, and the bodies of the dead roam the land. It is truly hell on earth. But our job is not done. People need our help more than ever. The drive to continue to save lives is what keeps me going. We lick our wounds for now, consolidate our supplies and plan to open our ranks up to new members, both locals and foreigners like us. Someone needs to plug the hole left by fleeing authorities, to keep some semblance of civilized society. Services such as clinics, disposing of the dead and basic medical education, are all necessary to ensure the survival of those of us who are left. We aim to teach and lend our skills to others, so that they too may help others, and that together, we may survive this madness with society, and our humanity, intact.






-Gather enough supplies and equipment to sustain our efforts.

-Provide medical assistance and supplies to anyone in need.

-Bolster our ranks to expand our first response capability.

-Establish an emergency alert frequency to respond to calls for help.

-Provide first aid training to the local populace.



-Establish relations with other likeminded humanitarian groups, NGOs and official authorities to assist in rescue efforts.

-Remain neutral and impartial, avoid armed involvement in conflict.

-Establish public services such as obituaries, burials and missing person lists.

-Create conditions for a sustainable society, a return to order and safety.

(Goals are dynamic, new goals may be added, others may be removed)


Out of character:

-Provide excellent character driven internal and external roleplay.

-Give interesting and detailed medical roleplay.

-Maintain an immersive internal IC environment at all times (avoid extensive TS use, use IG radios where possible)

-Offer a "neutral" hero group for those not looking for conflict/military oriented roleplay.

-Never avoid roleplay, embrace all interactions including receiving hostile RP.


Lead Responder



Hassan Najjar


Public Relations



Field Medics



Safar Radima



First Responders










Humanitarian groups.

Local authorities.


All survivors.

All non-hostile factions.


Those who harms innocents.

Groups deliberately impeding rescue efforts.




The key and only mandatory piece of equipment we carry is our white helmets, usually of the firefighter or hardhat variety, although you may sometimes see some of us in pilot helmets if there are no other options available. Members of the White Helmets will never carry anything more than a pistol for personal defence, and a fire axe, shovel or other tools for use in rescue operations.


If interested in joining, please PM Petrovsky using the following format. Alternatively, find us in-game! We heavily support in game recruitment, as it adds elements of immersion separate from just signing on via the forums.



Character name:

IC age:

Brief backstory:

Reason for joining:

Previous groups/experience:

Desired role:




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Well it's good to see an actual hero group that isn't the UN planned for the wipe. I read through the story and was pleasantly surprised at how well thought out it was. Gl

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Looking cool. good luck.

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Looks great, I had an idea like this a while back after seeing a movie titled as so, but never went through with it. Good luck

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Did some things, updated some stuff, and changed the background up to meet the new server lore. Thanks for the feedback so far.

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I'm liking this! Makes sense some NGOs would arrive in Chernarus for the outbreak; the military bombings especially would have required your expertise.

Hope we meet IG! You especially might do well to link up with WHO personnel for details regarding corpse disposal and signs of infection, would be great to swap info and tips.

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