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Our Final Journey (102.5 Unnamed / Friends Private Frequency)

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In the shadow of an old lone Church would sit an armored blue transport V3S. Ender would stand atop of the bed of the truck, Staring off in the distance as he unclips the radio from his belt. He would look at the radio for a moment before tuning it to an old frequency and pressing the button down. at first he wouldnt know what to say. as static filled the airwaves he would start to speak.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This is to everyone that has this frequency. My friends, My family, people i care so much about. Its been almost 3 years since the outbreak. Since life as everyone knew it fell apart and crumbled at their feet. I was just a kid, during that time. 17 years old when the person a loved died in front of me. I wore a motorbike helmet hoping that if i hid behind it everything would be okay.

But I was wrong.
Truth is, I’ve seen hell. Every bit of it. I’ve seen people i care about die in front of me, I’ve heard them beg for their lives, I’ve seen them tortured to death, I’ve seen them kill themselves right in front of me. I’ve been in wars. I’ve won wars, I’ve lost wars, I’ve been to hell and i survived as long as i could in it. All for you guys. Because here's the thing. . . . After all that . . . after everything. You guys made it worth it. You guys kept me on my feet, and kept me breathing even when i wanted so much not to. A lot of my friends are gone, and that's okay, They fought their battles. they have survived. but im not going to give up that easily. I'm tired of waiting for death to show at my door step. so im going to do something about it. This is to the ones that are still here, to everyone that can hear me. 

It’s time to come home.

In two weeks I will be leaving for Italy. Last time Jay and Aurora were in the country they gave me a map to a vineyard in Italy, where they have set up a small settlement. Now this was a year ago So i have no idea how the settlement has held up since then. However, It’s Our best chance for a new life. Or New new life so to speak. :He would chuckle a bit: Either way i can’t stay here anymore. This is no place to raise a child. With people wearing clown masks running around cutting people's arms off just because you blinked at them the wrong way. My Child will have no life here.

In two weeks i will be leaving in two transport trucks to italy. Once i’m gone, Whoever is still here will never see from me again. However, I have fourteen seats left open. The Resort is not safe anymore. One o’ One has control over that now. So if you want to come with, I will be at the church on the hill South of severograd. I will Send out a message on this frequency everyday until the final day, So that everyone has time to gather their supplies and come with. 

It’s time to start a new life everyone. Time for this nightmare to end. Time for family to come home.

The broadcast ends 

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*Hearing  a familiar voice Bobby responds*

Fuck this hellhole of a country, all it has brought us is misery. Most of my fighters are dead and the few that aren't are scattered to the wind. I failed them. There is nothing left for me here.

*He stops abruptly then continues*

I'll meet you at the point within a day if your willing to take me lad. 

*He lets go of the ptt*

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"There we go. That should add some extra protection underneath the chassis"He would say to himself while crawling out from under the truck. He would brush off his hands before turning to Ally in the gunner seat. "Hows the swivel on the gun feel" she'd turn the gun side to side a little bit to test it again, giving him a thumbs up "Its pretty good considering what we have to work with" Ender would respond back"Awesome!. That took me fucking forever to get it nice and smooth. stop it from grinding against the roof" He would then pick up his radio with it still tuned to 102.5 he would broadcast.

Its day two here at the church. Me and ally have been hard at work fixing up the truck for the ride. I've been tallying up the number of seats left. we're currently at Thirteen. If anyone can hear me we're at the church south of severograd. in thirteen days we will be leaving for Italy. Afterwards we will never be returning. If you want to come with Please let us know.

I believe i heard a very familiar Irish man on the radio last night. if it was who i think it was. You know you always have a home with us bobby. Just come to the church when ever you want. we'll be here for a bit longer. 

He would look off in the distance and notice someone walking towards the church.

In fact . . . Someones coming up here right now.

We seem to have company. I'll respond back again tomorrow. Stay safe everyone, and hopefully We'll see you soon.

The broadcast would silence as Ender lets go of the button and goes to investigate the unknown man

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Hope fiddles with the small bear in her hands, sighing to herself after talking to Victor Cruz, her husband, on the radio. 

"Myself and Victor want to go... Too many bad memories here.... See you soon Ender, I just can't take it here anymore..."

Her voice sounding depressed and on the down run, a little more energetic than they had last met. Burrowing her face into the small bear.

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 Jade tried to calm herself down, taking in deep, sporadic breaths and clearing her throat. Eyes still closed, she would lift the radio up against the side of her head, and it's button down.

 "E-Ender? It's...wow, I..."


 Sitting up against the paint-peeling wall, the floorboards Jade was sitting on would creak before she continued.

 "I know the place, I can...I'll be there. I'm a couple days off, I'll travel day and night if I gotta."

 Forcing a smile, Jade would add in.

 "I'll probably be tired, better be a comfy trip. Can't wait to see your kid, been needing new dinosaurs around here, you were getting old."


 Letting go of the button, Jade's hand holding the radio would fall to her side as she tried her best not to cry.

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The radio would crack to life and his voice would be almost tearful as he smiles.

Jade? . . . Thank god your okay. I thought . . . ever since Joffrey . . . that you were gone.

He would be interrupted with him wiping away tears.

I cant wait to see you again. we'll be here waiting for you. Hurry up though because i really want to give you a hug right now :he would chuckle:

The radio would stop broadcasting for a moment before continuing.

Lets see . . :you would hear pages being turned: Ten days, eleven Seats. . . okay. . :he would talk a bit louder: In ten days I will be leaving for Italy. Once Rooth gets here tomorrow with his truck we will have Eleven Seats to take Eleven more people with us. Its going to be a long drive but i believe it'll be worth it. There is no home here in chernarus for us anymore. If you want to come with, we are at the Church south of Severograd. we will welcome anyone with open arms if they want to come with. Leave behind your sins and regrets, everything you've done here, good or bad, no matter how horrible you think it is. We don't care. we are offering anyone a chance to start new again. A chance to have a better life, away from the monsters in chernarus, away from the monsters that haunt you.

There are so many people on this frequency that I care about, and have yet to hear from. If you can hear me, If Anyone can hear me. Talk to me so i know you are there.

I'll respond again tomorrow. Good luck out there. Hopefully we'll hear from you soon.

The transmission would end

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The Radio cracks to life again.

Day six here at the church. I Lost track of time talking to friends and forgot to broadcast yesterday. if anyone can hear me, we're still here.

Rooth showed up around noon yesterday and we spent the day fixing up his truck. Wasn't much to do though. He already had that covered. Anyway, If you can hear this We are at the church south of Severograd. In 7 days we will be leaving for a small vineyard settlement in Italy. Once we leave we arnt coming back. However, we have Eleven seats left. If you can hear me. If you want to escape this shit hole country. Come to the church.

We'll be here.

Good luck out there I'll contact again tomorrow. Sleep well.

The radio would silence as he lets go of the button.

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Hope takes her radio, sounding a little more healthier and energised than she had been. She talks in a more suttle more upbeat tone. 

"Ender. I have a close friend of mine, I spoke to him about leaving this shit hole. He would like to join. He has the same nightmares that we all have, would... that be OK with you?" And have you had contact with Acer? I thought you guys were close with him... He may be interested... Just a food-for-thought,"

She looks over to Liam, giving him a brief smile.

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Enders voice would show back up over the radio as he would respond to Hope

Of course I wouldn't mind. Whats this guys name? I would love to hear from him. Get a feeling of who he is. Also about Acer. . . I've heard a lot of interesting things about him. But if he is willing, the doors are always open.

He would let go of the button and wait a response

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Hope responds quickly.

"Liam Fisher."

The radio cuts off.

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Ender responds 

Liam . . . Lovely name.

Sure, bring him up to the church next time you're around.

Hope to see you two soon.

He lets go of the button

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once the people in the church sleep, Ender would quietly walk out. He wold look down the field before getting into the back of the armored car and sitting down at the edge of the truck bed. Lost in thought, he would take out his radio and put it up to his mouth. His voice would be quiet and sort of sad.

Every hour the day comes closer. I cant help but think about how much has changed. How many people lost, How many were saved, How many people I'll never get to say goodbye to. I never liked thinking of the past, It always made me sad. I dont know if anyone is even listening right now but. . . . Do you think That they watch over us? That their happy that we continue trugging through this hell? Or do think they just want it to be over? so we don't have to suffer anymore.


Hell i dont know which would be worse.

I dont even know if this place in Italy even still stands. I could be taking everyone to a pile of dead bodies and ash. Hopefully not. Anyway, If you want to take a shot in the dark and come with us. we're still at the same church. . . We have Ten seats now . . A lot more then i would have hoped but, Some times i guess you have to forget about the past.  Cant keep wondering when family will show back up. . . Desmond, Tom, Bonnie, Clyde. . . I'll probably never see them again. But . . . Thats the world we live in. 

He would Sigh.

Time to make a new family. with the people that are coming with me. I guess I'll hope for the best. For them. I'll respond again tomorrow, Stay safe. . . . . . . ._

the radio ends abruptly as he lays back onto the bed of the truck looking up at the stars. You hear him start to sing to him self quietly before the radio cuts out.

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A faint transmission can be heard:

"Ender...(static buzzes)

Well I'll be....(static buzzes)

I'll tell you what (static buzzes)

Bonnie...find high ground (more static is heard and the transmission cuts out)

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A clear transmission  buzzes through the airwaves.



A man's voice comes through the radio, "Heya, helmet. Long time no see."

Bonnie's voice can be heard in the background, getting louder as she approaches, "Are you getting through to him, is that Ender?"

"He's here BonBon... I'm sure of it. Reception is better on this here hill."

The transmission ends momentarily, only starting against once her voice is heard, "Ender, hi! We're on our way, If you leave without us I'll be sure to hit you into next week!"

He chuckles, "You better listen to her Ender, I think she's serious."

"Serious as a heart attack."

A stop in the broadcast is heard, Clyde's voice follows shortly after, "And what's with this "I'll probably never see them again" business, helmet? Don't you fret your little head away, we're closer than you think."

Her smile can practically be heard through the radio, "We're two days away... keep a couple of seats warm for us."

"And if you're driving you sure as hell better have taken more lessons."

She laughs, "Seriously, though Ender. I'd rather walk if you haven't, we're carrying precious cargo here."

A pause is heard before Clyde's voice returns, "Two days, tops, Uncle Ender. We'll be there."

She gasps, "Clyde!" A smack can be heard coming through the radio, "Way to go, you big lug."

The transmission ends.

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His face would light up, a smile forming hugely across his face, He would jump out of his sleeping bag and grab his radio. he would then race out of the building slowly yet swiftly as he didnt want to wake the others. 


Bonnie? Clyde? . . . Oh thank god i thought i would never hear form you guys again *tears would be forming in his eyes as he spoke* Yeah ... yeah i uh . . i have taken more lessons. . . well not like there's anyone around to teach me, but i have gotten a lot better at it dont worry. . . i uh. . . I'll save you a seat. Me and Rooth are here getting ready. for the trip. I guess . . We'll see you two soon. Ant Bonnie and Uncle Clyde he would smerk while stating that last bit.


he would let go of the button, in extreme excitement and joy he would start to laugh while wiping the tears from his eyes. God . . Three days. it seems so close yet so fucking far. he would state while looking up to the sky. 

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The black clad figure glances down at her radio, listening to the familiar voice of a friend, once a boy... Now a man. 

As he carries on, the figure draws down their hood, revealing a half shaven head of hair, brown, dyed with blue tips. She pulls down her bandanna, showing a Glasgow grin along with several deep scars, some fresh, some old. Her blue eyes softening before she spoke, her voice raspy, strained, yet holding onto fleeting happiness. "Still got lives in you. Course you do Ender. Kicking, biting, clawing, like only a human can."

She inhales a deep breath and glances back at the camp off in the distance, banners of black waving, flicking with the wind. "Words can't say how proud I am of you, how amazing of a man you have become. For once, you stole a nightingale of her words, so even she can't sing a song." Tears formed at Lumina's eyes, rolling down her windburnt cheeks as she continued on. "But if this songbird, could sing. She'd sing a song of loyalty, of bravery, of kindness... Of Justice and valor... Of care... Of love.

Wiping her face with the back of her bandaged forearm the woman did her best to compose herself. "I love ya Ender... And I wish I could come with you. But this road... I'm not gunna be able to walk with you. No, not right now..." She drew a last breath. " You see a black banner, men, women, with black birds on their clothes. You let them know who you are and maybe, just maybe, I'll get that proper goodbye."

She released the PTT and Drew a breath, her voice struggling, til' she pushed it back down, beginning to walk back toward the camp.

"I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
And I'll fear no evil because I'm blind to it all
And my mind and my gun they comfort me
Because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life
And I will dwell on this earth forevermore
Still I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul
But I can't walk on the path of the right because I'm wrong

Well I came upon a man at the top of a hill
Called himself the savior of the human race
Said he come to save the world from destruction and pain
But I said how can you save the world from itself

'Cause I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
And I'll fear no evil 'cause I'm blind
And I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul
But I know when I die my soul is

"Goodbye. My oldest Nightingale."

"Goodbye. My dearest Friend."


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:: Dominik sat listening to the words said by Ender's friend, staring at his battered hands as he recalled the song ::

:: He settled down with his worn guitar and taped down his PTT ::

"For our Damned Souls."


:: The transmission abruptly ends ::

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*Pushs the PTT after some heavy thinking.*

"Ender, Rose..i won't be comming with yall....got someone to take care of...got someone to wait for...in case she returns and end this once and for all.

Sorry guys...i love yall."

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the sun would be rising over the horizon, Ender would look of to it watching as it moves higher into the sky. he would pick up his radio and tune in. Hearing a fammilar voice he would wait for her to finish speaking then respond.

You always have a home here Lumina. No matter where you go, or what you do. If you ever find yourself near Rome needing a place to stay. Tune to this frequency. I'll be listening,

Another voice would peer through as he would let go of the button. Waiting for him to finish he would respond

i understand lucky. As much as it would be cool for you to come with. I don't blame you. Just don't get yourself hurt alright? That's all we ask.

Take care of yourself and we'll do the same. Good bye lucky.

he would sigh and take out a small notebook and write down some names.

Eight seats left. if you want to come with We're here at the church south of Severograd. we will be leaving in two days so. . . . Better hurry.

The message would end there


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after attempting to reach out to a friend Ender would tune back to 102.5 and begin to broadcast.

One day. Twentyfour hours. . . ya know i never really expected it to come to this. I never expected any of this. I was supposed to be a dumb kid young and in love about to make his own future with the person he loved. I never expected to be sitting here now in the back of an armored truck with an M4 on my back waiting day by day for my child to come into this world. For everything to change again, yet here i am. And ya know what? I wouldn't change a single damn thing about. Because without it, I would have never met my family. Family aren't the people you are born into. Family are the people you choose to be with. And in one day and :he would look at his watch: Twenty Three hours. I will be leaving with my family to Italy. However, we have four seats left. Its a small amount but if you want to come, you can. Just let me know.

The message would end 

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*A heavy amount of static would burst over the airwaves, followed by a grainy voice. There was obviously a lot of distance between their two radio's, but the voice unmistakably belonged it Ivan.*

"Ender.... I ain't goin' with you, you know that already. Thought though that I'd at least say goodbye. May be the last chance either of us get. I hope Italy works out for you, for your family. I hope your child gets to see a better world than the one we've lived in for the past three years. Still remember when Harry and I met you all that time ago, you know, after all that business with Wally. You've changed since then, grown up."

*There is a long sigh.*

"Keep 'em safe, Ender. All of 'em. Road's gonna be a long one, but you'll make it.

Oh.... and before I forget.... I don't think I ever got your real name. Unless, y'know, Ender is your name."

*There is a light chuckle before the radio cuts out.*

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