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It's Done.....(Open Frequency)

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*a tired voice comes over the airwaves, her voice laced with sadness as she speaks over the radio*

I couldn't sleep........I had to know for sure. From the information provided I had one of the guys bring a truck. 

*she pauses for a moment, a slight groan escaping under her breath*

I found him.....there where she said. I brought him to where he should be.........with his family. No one else needs to go look.

*a sharp sound like metal hitting metal, then the heavy thudding sound of a vehicle door closing*

Axel Rike is now resting with his family. Those of you left who know where it is may pay their respects if they so desire.

*another pause in the transmission before the voice returns, breaking with emotion*

It's done...........

*the transmission breaks off on a sob and then in a quiet whisper, her voice relaying her tears she mumbles, 'at least your not alone anymore Alan' as the transmission ends*

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