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Lucky I need an answer (Private)

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Rose sits with her back against the wall a hand resting on her stomach as she picks up her radio sighing softly as she presses the PTT.

"Hey Lucky? It's Rose, I haven't heard from you since we talked. I told you that you had time to decide and I didn't want to push you but we are leaving soon..."

Her voice trails off for a moment before continuing.

"We are leaving in fourteen days, I need to know if you are coming with us or not, If not I want to at least see you to say goodbye one more time,  Just let me know please Lucky?"

She releases the PTT before taking her glasses off and rubbing the bridge of her nose softly before setting her radio aside and looking out into the night outside the window as she waits for Ender to return.

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*He hears he calling for him over the radio*

""I ....I don't know still.....i need more time still."

*Releases the ptt*

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Rose sighs softly as she looks around the church and pulls out her notebook crossing two more names off the list. She jumps slightly hearing her radio go off and picks it up pressing the PTT to respond.

"Alright lucky, but we need to know soon... We will be where I told you to meet us, Ill wait as long as I can for your answer. Just let me know okay?"

She sighs softly and releases the ptt setting her radio aside and pulling her knees to her chest.

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