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Sylvester Todd

Bourbon Flavored Yogurt

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*Tilting her head slowly from side to side, Mila stares at the radio for a few moments before reaching for it.  She stops just before it is in her grasp, pauses for a brief moment and lowers her arm to her side.  She continues to stare at the radio until the transmission ends.  She then shrugs her shoulders, reaches again for the radio and picks it up.  She raises it to her lips and presses the PTT*

"Ah, it has nice beat and you can dance to it?"

*With the PTT still pressed, she mumbles as she slowly lowers the radio*

"Můj bože, what a lunatic."

*Mila releases the PTT, turns off the radio and sets it back on the table.  Shaking her head, she stares at it for a couple seconds before she turns and walks away*

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