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To the Roamers (Private Freq.)

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*He unbuckles his backpack and gear, and sits down as he starts to transmit*

"This is Connor... it's been a long time since I've heard from any of you. I don't know who is alive, dead... or worse. After the compound fell apart we all just separated. I don't know why we didn't stick together but that doesn't matter anymore.
I heard Stradic left the country, but the rest I don't know where or why you disappeared. I hope if you's hear this... know I am grateful for the time I had. I never had much of a close family when I was a child.. least I got one before the end.

*He pauses*

"I've been waiting at the place we used to call home for a few weeks. There hasn't been a sign of anyone or any of you. I'm starting to think I'm the only one left. I ended up fixing the generators and got the whole town powered. It took a while and few dodgy modifications but it's done. I've done all I can here, and I think it's time I leave. No one's coming back.

If any of you's hear this... this is my goodbye. Maybe next time I see you's the world won't over.
Goodbye my brothers. I'll see you on the other side... I'm going home."

*a gun shot is heard, and then static*

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