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Sylvester Todd

Happy in the morning

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*The radio starts and garbles out the bizarre tune in the open air, Lo stops dead in her tracks and pulls free the device casting her eyes over to Shane, Dove, Erich and Luina blinking slowly. She waits for the message to finish playing out, opening her mouth to speak but hesitating unsure of what to say before cautiously pressing down the PTT.*

I-I'm sorry? What... Who's ... Coming?

*Her voice sounds further away as she directs her questions to those around her.*

Who? What was that? Was that even a person or some weird-
What the fuck is that god awful racket? Someone trying to be cute, cut that shit off.

*A slight muffled chatter could be heard, but too distant to be picked up by the radio. A sharp click followed by a dull thud emanates from the radio before it cuts out suddenly.*

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James passes a large sign saying what he assumes to be something to the effect of "Welcome to Chernarus" when his radio bursts to life. Listening to the odd and garbled broadcast, he presses the PTT button and relieves the pressure several times before he can find the proper words to express himself.


"What... um, what the fuck? I leave for a few months and this is what I return to? Nonsense and confusion? Not that I'd expect much else but um... seriously, what in the pink frosted fuck? Anybody got some context?"


He shakes his head as he takes his thumb off the radio, eyeballing the expansive forests warily before he pushes forward into the wilderness surrounding Chernarus.

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