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Ask the LMs about the Lore!

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Please ask any questions you might have regarding the Lore, the DayZRP Universe, or anything RP related here. Should be helpful if you can't find something or want a more detailed explanation of something specific. Ask away!

If you want a specific LM to answer your question then leave our name before your response. 

@Major @Chief @Joules


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Thanks for your reply @Major.
I will post here my newer questions since you made this thread.

I will ask again, is the Lore real time-based?
Can we bring for example the Ukraine crisis into our character background/stories? Or the recent attacks from terrorists in Europa?

Are real time events that happened after 7th of July not existing?

When was the last '' contact '' with the outside world like TV, radio, phones and the internet?

You were talking about a NATO Fleet, do you mean a NATO fleet like  Carrier Strike Group ( Or Battle Group ) with joined forces from other countries or a NATO Fleet?
Are there coming more ships from other countries to the Black/Green Sea in the future?

I still don't understand why you build up a large Naval Force/Fleet from the period of May because of a martial law and not doing anything against the Russian artillery.
You said that the fleet was there because of a possible flashpoint. Do you mean ''Hostile actions'' ?
For example look at the actions of the US against Syria with the missile attacks on 7 April 2017.

Can the survivors of Chernarus make contact with the fleet in any way? And can the remaining US/UN forces contact their fleet?

How many US/UN forces are still on the ground? And will there be events regarding this?

How much can a starting survivor from the outbreak know regarding the happenings around the towns of Kamensk, Nagornoe and Severograd?
( Starting survivor = 1/3 months after the Lore wipe. )


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Just now, Ramon said:




Yes, Lore is current day. Everything that has occurred in our world has occurred in the DayZRP Universe.

Yes, like right up until the 25th or so.

You can still get cell service in SZ from towers in Russia but charging would be a pain but not impossible, you could even get reception weeks or months in. To turn on TV you need power, and Novigrad, Primorsk, Miroslavl, and Belozersk are still up, and near the coast between Miroslavl and Primorsk there is still lots of civilization that has been sealed off from the outside. Hundreds of thousands. Many areas of Chernarus still have internet, TV and phone. Mostly on the coastal government held areas, the world is still out there, there is no jamming or anything like that. The Chernarussian government is still functioning and the CDF retreated its troops and aircraft to the coast and essentially sacrificed the countryside to save itself.

The fleet is a mishmash of both.

Who knows.

Like I said they were anticipating a war, but as soon as this war + Outbreak broke out their priorities changed. 

Uh, sure. You can try and contact them, but they are more likely to only answer their folks, not to mention this type of thing would be hard. Uh, we are talking hundreds, maybe into the thousands spread around. Many Marines and Army soldiers from the US were left behind. 

They would know something went down there, it is probably not wise to go there without a gas mask to be safe, what would have been on the news and out on the internet. Conspiracy theories and such.

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