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To anyone from Bastion [Private Freq.]

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*Francis turns on his radio, finally getting it to work after an hour working on it. You can notice a tremble in his voice due to the cold he's suffering, and you would also be able to perceive his German accent and smooth voice as he started talking with his finger pressing the transmission button.*

"A man called Raffe Walker, I think it was, told me call on this frequency a few days ago. He said that he had a group of friends that he wanted to message in case something happened to him. He's uh... *A second of silence would go by* Dead."

"I found him on a big pit filled with mud, still breathing, but unresponsive. I dragged him out under heavy rain, and got him into a small cabin in the woods. Luckily, I managed to stabilize him after noticing a bullet wound in his leg, alongside a few knife cuts on his wrists and with his jaw dislocated, apparently as if someone had hit him with a cylindrical object of sorts."

"When he woke up, the day after, I tried to calm him down and talk to him, and them he gave me this radio frequency alongside a few details on who you were. He told me that a few man captured him during a small supply run, and kept him under a shed for weeks until they finally tried to kill him and dump him into the grave he himself had caved."

"Unfortunately, after a couple hours as he ate and talked with me, Raffe died on the table. I think it was due to cardiac arrest, but I have my doubts, since I didn't do an autopsy to be sure about any other factors, but my second guess would be internal bleeding."

"I buried him in the forest, west of Gorka, and left a small gravestone on which I painted his name, in case you wanted to pay him a visit. I'm sorry about your loss, whoever is hearing this message. He looked like a great man."

*He didn't do much other than simply let the button loose, and put the radio back onto the table, scratching his head, and taking a deep breath. His mind had so much to think about, that such an event didn't bother him anymore, although he wanted to.*



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