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Bradley Smith (Open comms)

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"Bradley Smith... can you hear this? Has anyone seen a man by this name?"

* the voice goes to nearly a whisper, barely able to be made out with the static.*

"Come on dad... give me a reason.... so tired of hurting..." 

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*Jeremiah reaches for his walkie talkie while eating a can of freshly heated beans sitting in front of a fireplace*

"Mm-smack- Hello, someone there? I don't think I know anyone by that name, then again I don't know too many people in this place,"

*he pauses*

"Who are you? Is the person you're looking for important to you? I'm sorry if that's too personal of a question but I'd just imagine I'm not the only one looking for someone special to them."

*Jeremiah releases the ptt reaching for his pistol after hearing a noise outside his shelter*

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"Yeah... totally not saying. I'm Beth. Otherwise, just trying to keep looking for this guy."

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*Jeremiah sits up from laying atop the air control tower at Balota and presses his walkie talkies receiver*

"I'm Jeremiah, sorry for the delay had to bail on my last shelter too many infected were starting to look toward the light my fire was making."

*Jeremiah looks around the airfield at the wandering infected planning his route out*

"All I can say Beth is this, if this guy you're looking for is important to you......don't stop looking until you're face to face with them and,"

*Jeremiah hesitates for a second

"Show them how much you care about them and missed them. I hope for both our sake Beth that the people we're each looking for are very much alive and we can hold them in our arms again. Bye for now and good luck." -click-

*Jeremiah switches his walkie talkie off as he gathers his things to begin his travels*

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