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I have cure too!

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*matus now satisfiedwith number of crates he has found decides its time to start giving it away*

"Few days ago some people tryed selling doses of cure. They did not develop it, most probably just found one of the airdrops of these novy raj guys just as i did. Since i found the first one, i started looking for other drops. The cure is not something you should buy, so should anyone wish to get a dose cpntact me on my frequency of 102,75.

As for the cure itself, i took it myself and i am not seeing any negative effects outside first several hours which were not exactly pleasant. I dont know if it means that its working or what not so i let one of them dead bite me and i am still alive and sane as one can be. Someone had to try it so i figured whynot me.

I ll repeat this message every few hours. If i dont, it either means i am dead or it didnt work"

*he makes a heavy breath before the transmision cuts out. He starts cleaning the bite wound right after thinking whether it was agood decision.*


*the message indeed get repeated every 3-4 hours*

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*The transmission begins*
Yo buddy, sorry to break it to ya but the "cure" as you call it is just liquid that has absolutely no chemicals inside of it. 
On a side note, the Infection is exactly the right thing that happened. It got my friend out of prison and there's no rules, no government.
We can do whatever we want.
By the way, a lot of people were immune before someone dropped magical unicorn pee in syringes onto the country.
Some people got bit before and nothing happened, they were naturally immune.

If they kill the infection off, I am worried they will try to rebuild government and I ain't gonna be so happy about that. 
But that being said, don't believe what some UN Chick says will cure everything. It's bullshit buddy.
*The transmission ends*

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"Well no one would go thru so much trouble and invest so much resources if it didnt do anything. So either this cure will kill all who take it, or its working, or at the very least they believe it ll work. I already put my money on that horse.

I ll agree with you on one thing, this whole mess had a positive part. It hardened people and thought them more than old world ever could. If this works tho, just as time for old world was done, time for this ruleless world will be done too."

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*David would pick up his radio and press his transmit button*

Hello I am one of the men that tried to swindle people but sadly what the girly says  is true its just sugar water

Furthermore I think i know your voice....

Aren't you that guy we caught outside Kab eating one of those infected things saying it was going to empower you with the "power" or some shit?

Anyway folks don't listen to this person hes.... disturbed...

Stay Gold and be safe people.

*David would toss his radio in his bag*

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"That would hardly be me, nor do i recognize your voice. I am a man that spent more than a year cleaning this place of the dead, putting them to rest and collecting who they were before they would turn. Each time i have heard someone looking for someone i went thru all i have put to rest in hope of beeing able to tell those who were looking the fate of the one they were looking for. Thats what kind of man i am.


And once again i will empatyze, all this was too much work just to pull a prank. And needed way more people than i believe would be possible to find should they be mentaly unstable enought to do all of it just to pull that prank.


If you believe i am that madman you speak of, come find me and deal with me as you see fit. I will not be hiding"


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