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Is this for your whitelist or are you actually asking? Because it does say in the rules.

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It clearly states within the rules. I suggest re-reading them if you are not white listed. 

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Read the rules my dude. 
But on a side note, never make a report right away. I am gonna try and promote that to newcomers now. 
What you wanna do is find a Gamemaster in waiting for staff help (Teamspeak) and ask them for logs on who killed you. 

You then find the person on teamspeak or the forums and ask them for their reasoning. if you feel like it was justified, your problem ends there. However if you believe the accused clearly didn't learn from his mistake, you can make a report. Not so that he can get banned and you feel like a right hero for getting someone banned (That's obviously sarcasm) But so that they can realise what they did wrong and that it will result in him getting an ingame ban if he does it again next time.

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