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To Ida [Private frequency]

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Ida wakes up with a faint scream while she searches for the radio, listening to the voice of Sobeslav. She wipes down her face and shakes her head a little. Slowly she sits up and takes her bag, searching through it. She takes out something that looks like a little bit of salt, pouring it on the ground in front of her. Quietly she curses as she searches for a candle, remembering that she has none anymore.

She moves to sit on her knees on the ground within the salt.

With her closed eyes she tries to relax, taking three deep breaths before she starts to quielty speak.

"Mother Goddess, I speak to you.

Please listen to me"

She inhales deeply before she continues to speak.

"Artemis, hear my call.

Please visit me in the moonlight.

The power you feel,

please use it to protect and to heal.

Goddess bless body and soul

this is my goal.

Please find it in your heart,

don't let it fall apart.

Thea, Sam, Sobeslav and Neil,

protect my friends and heal.

This spell please bless

For my and our happiness"

Ida slowly opens her eyes before she stands up to sit on the bed, taking the radio.

She clears her throat before she pushes the button to speak in to the radio.


Ida looks at the radio in her hand fopr a moment before she stands up to pack her bag.

She takes her pistol in to her hand and tries to look out of the window, waiting for a reply.


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*While Sobeslav speaks with the two people he is getting worried because they are acting strange and are trying to go behind him. When he hears Ida he starts walking backwards away from them. 

*With shaky and nervous voice he presses the PTT*


*He goes back to them and continues the conversation*

"Alright... I need to go now... Take care"

*As he turns around one of the man's holds Sobeslav by his shoulder*

*He turns around and looks at him*

"You need anything?"

*The other man pulls out his pistol and aims it at Sobeslav's head*

*The other man punches Sobeslav across the jaw and he fells on the ground and activates the radio*


*After Sobeslav stands up, the PTT is released*


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Ida screams as she hears the shots over the radio.

She rushes to the door to run outside while she talks into the radio.


Outside of the barrack she stops for a moment to look around.

She starts to talk... like a whisper... more to herself, repeating the same thing over and over again while searching for Sobeslav.

"Watch my steps, keep me straight

keep my travels free from hate"

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Sobeslav starts hiding the bodies he hears Ida over the radio but decides to not answer until he is done hiding the bodies

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