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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
TODAY - 2018-02-24 23:00:00 (server time) - Starts in 18 hours, 19 minutes
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Reece Ferrier



so I'm on my last chance to get whitelisted I'm stuck on the questions I'm getting the questions bout the rules all correct but when it comes to the last two questions I find it really difficult to answer. I have searched a lot about the history of dayz but some of the questions it looks like they're no answers

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The questions do have answers just make sure to read the rules closely.
I would suggest you to read the rules relevant towards the question you are answering for every question or jumping into teamspeak and go into the "Waiting for Staff Help" channel and a staff member will help you.


At this moment, I'm in helpdesk so feel free to jump on teamspeak and I'll help you to the best of my ability.

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