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A brief call to whoever will hear on 103.8Hz(open)

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*The sound of snarling wolves as well as heavy breathing and shotgun fire can be heard over the radio with the faint sound rustling of leaves*


*Jeremiah screams as he pumps buckshot after buckshot at his feral pursuers with the last wolf falling limp on the ground he reaches for his radio exhausted from his encounter alongside his hunger and thirst slumps down alongside a toppled tree while attempting to wet his dried lips with what little saliva in his mouth*

"Hello? Anyone there? If you can hear me I think I might need to take a small rest. After I woke up this morning after passing out from another episode of my concussion. I can say I remember one thing since I woke up in that field a few days ago. My name is Jeremiah Walban, I'm from Seattle, Washington I worked in advertising, and I was going to marry the most beautiful woman I ever met in the world,"

*Before he could continue his sentence one wolf limped forward facing him barely able to stand, the alpha of the pack. Jeremiah slowly raised his shotgun and could barely keep it up, his vision blurred and he dropped the shotgun and simply said to the beast*"Let me finish telling them first then you can finish me you asshole"*with the end of those words the wolf slowly listed towards Jeremiah. With eyes closed he expected the fangs of the pack leader to sink into his neck, but upon hearing the leaves on the ground next to him rustle and feel the matted soft fur press against his hand the wolf had accepted his defeat and showed his dignity by not killing Jeremiah then and there but knowing the fight would attract the infected offered to act as a cover to the one who bested not only him but his entire pack while starving and dehydrated with the scent of his soon to be rotting corpse*

*while comforting his defeated enemy now temporary companion*"Her name is, Solana Mergozich on October 7th 2014 we got on a plane headed for Chernarus to go tell her folks we were engaged, we heard some news reports of sickness in the country but dismissed it as overhyped flu season. While in the air above it she pointed and said, "There my love, there is where my family is, Novodmitrovsk," I simply smiled and leaned in for a kiss whispering, "And now the city will be whole again now that the archangel of  Chernarus has returned,"  then the pilot told us all over the intercom to fasten in for turbulence from some storm clouds they couldn't maneuver around without using up all the fuel. The plane shook pretty bad and I guess my seat belt came undone or broke or some shit, but I ended up smacking my head against the ceiling and then all I remember hearing is Solana calling my name saying everything would be alright and she asked me not to leave her,"

*Jeremiah looks to the treetops feeling tears roll down his cheeks along with the now cold body of the wolf that moments ago was trying to kill him*

"I-if anyone finds a woman with dark brown hair and green eyes named Solana, t-tell her I won't die before we find each other again*sniff*and I love her. I'm just gonna close my eyes for a bit.

*as Jeremiah loses consciousness rain begins to fall upon him as his head is still directed upward the tears washed away his mouth blessed by the falling precipitation. Relieved by the rainwater falling into his mouth but happy knowing he had regained his memories from before his concussion but elated he got the love of his life back into his thoughts and heart but for now he would rest not caring if his gun and gear were taken in his sleep for when he wakes up again he knows who he searches for, NO! For whom He must LIVE for*

*The radio falls quiet with nothing but the sound of static until the walkie talkie shorts out from the rain*


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