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Character background

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Hi! im trying to submit an application and i see i have to write an story about myself! 1000 words? thats 2.5 pages of a story about how i got to Chernarus. When it was DayzRP on arma 2 you only had to write like 200-300 words if even that not a book about yourself! DayzRP is the best role playing server i ever played on back in arma 2. And after looking at some videos i miss them old days playing. So i read everything answered on the 10 questions and see i have to write a Character background story and it has to be 1000 words. I can write my story in 300 words and it would have been a good story. But now i have to squeeze out every single word to make it longer thats unappealing to me. 

Im happy to get feedback why the text has to be so long.

Best regards Ingo

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Hello! There are no ways around it. There are no exceptions to the length, so you will have to just make it more detailed. I apologize if this is unnappealing to you, but everyone else has to do it. Good luck with your backstory!

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my whitelist had to be 500 words, took like 20 minutes lol

Just throw some filler in that shit nibba. I don't think they make any exceptions to whitelisting, but I could be wrong.

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A good backstory should;

1. Give context to why your character acts the way they do

2. Tell the tale of that context.

If you can do that in 200-300 words, you're a better wordsmith than I. Hell, if you can do that in 1000 words I'd be experiencing inadequacy. Explore  your character; what they hate, what they love, why they don't trust overly friendly people, their stance on the pancakes vs. waffles debate. You won't have any trouble filling a grand of letters.

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