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I Can't Go On Without You (Open)

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*The PTT would be pressed, breaking the sound of static. I horrible cough would be heard filling the airwaves. The coughing and spluttering would last for a few seconds and then, a voice would begin to speak*

"F-Fucking hell.. Sorry 'bout that.. Hey er, A-Andy? Andy can you hear this?"

*Tommy would begin to breath deeply as a thud can be heard, he would slide down against the tree as he begins to rest, and begins to speak again, breathing deeply*

"M-Mate... Where are you? I need to find you... I'm not really, doing good right now..."

*His arm would grow tired as he keeps speaking, he would shake as he tries to hide his coughs, but fails as his coughs become more rough and hard, the spluttering and heavy breathing becoming weak*

"I'm... I'm gonna head back up East. I don't... don't know how long it's gonna take but... but.."

*He drops the radio, the sound of the radio hitting the grass can be heard as the growls of a single Scratcher is heard. Tommy cocks his Mosin and tiredly shoots it in the head. The gunshot ripping through the field and the airwaves as the body falls to the ground near the radio. After a few minutes of silence the radio runs out of battery and static fills the airwaves once again*

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*Sitting in the sun hidden by the grassy knoll surrounded by the crumbling castle walls, Lo flipped through the frequencies on her Radio. She had been waiting for the reply from one particular person for the past few hours but had yet to hear back and needed the distraction. She listened intently to the message that transmitted through the airway she paused on, the man coughing and hacking followed by the gun shot and lingering silence and static. Her brows furrowed as her mind rolled over what might of occurred and she cautiously pressed down the PTT.*

H-hello? Are you okay? You didn't, you know  ... I mean, you're alive still, yeah?

*She released the PTT, huffing to herself not sure why she should even bother, before pressing it down again the wind obscuring her words slightly.*

Hng, no ... You're probably ... Gone. Seems like a lot of people aren't making the cut ... anymore.

*She released the PTT, pressing it down again and then releasing in a mock show of agitation, all while scowling at the black printed numbers of the freq. adorning the face of the radio.*

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*Andy lays in his bed as he is switching through frequencies anbd hears a familliar voice. He sits up, holds the radio tight and presses the PTT button*

"Jesus shit, you allright?! Uhm..... I- just- FUCK! Meet me at my house! It's just north of the town that leads to home! I hope you know where I mean! Just hold on man!"

*He takes a deep breath before continueing*


*He releases the PTT and realizes how much he's shaking before pressing it again*

"Just hold on man. You're gonna make it. Don't listen to that whore.
You. Are. Gonna. Make it, you hear me?

*He throws his radio out the window in anger and starts writing notes for Thommy to find*

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On 7/4/2017 at 4:21 AM, DerSchnitzler said:


*The loud yelling emanated crudely from her radio stuffed into her pocket as Lo walked somberly down the road. She leapt at the noise, before yanking her radio out and listening close, frowning at it's face. Once the man stopped his aggravated rant Lo pressed down the PTT, her voice a bit uneven and sheepish.*

H-hey Mister, I wasn't saying he was dead! I mean, I'm hoping he's okay and all, alright? I'm sure he's fine. It's just that sometimes ... it seems, people drop like flies around here okay? People ... Things happen and ... they don't end up ... Uhm. You know? 

*She paused for a moment trying to find the right words, eyeing the Church as she passed by it for the umpteenth time.*

Uhm, with a friend like you I'm sure he's okay, though. I mean he's gotta make it, right? Just so as to not worry you.

*She felt a small smile creep across her lips, but quickly vanished as she glanced around her shoulder not seeing a soul in sight.*

Uhh, you got this! Okay? Yeah, you got this and you got him ... so It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be allll okay...

*She released the PTT uttering the last sentence more to herself than to the person on the frequency.*

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*The static that would fill the frequency suddenly cuts off to the sound of crunching leaves and heavy breathing. Tommy would not have heard the previous replies due to radio being dead and himself travelling slowly. He would stop and begin coughing, coughing hard near the radio as he splutters blood onto his hand. He looks down and and sighs, and begins speaking into the radio*

"Andy? Andy mate, I hope you're listening".

*He'd continue walking through the forest, the chirping of birds flowing the the forest as he walks*

"I've made it this far, I've had to avoid towns and busy places with the Scratchers so this took a while.. One of them got the jump on me though.."

*A tall structure would appear through the bushes and trees and he races towards it as fast as his tired, aching legs could go. Slowly coming into the opening he sees the town of Berezino and feels the sea air hitting him like a brick wall. He could be heard breathing in the sea air, taking it all into his battered lungs and breaths out, but not without coughing and spluttering, collapsing on the ground*.

"I-I've hit Berezino.. I'm going to.. I'm gonna head Home, you remember it? Could be a day or two at the rate I'm going but.."

*He scrambles to get back up and stares at the sea, taking in the silence and the breeze*

"I'll be there, I hope you will be Andy...".

*He releases the button and slides the radio into his pocket, beginning his slow journey to Home*

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*Andy hears the transmission and imidiately grabs his radio and holds down the PTT button*

"You bet I'll be there. Just hold on man, you got this."

*He grabs his gun and starts packing his bag*

"Man, you really don't sound too good. Anyways, I'll be waiting at home. If you don't come within a week though... fuck, you wanna be burried or burned if shit does happen? I never actually asked you that, I just realized. A-anyways, I'm drifting off. See you there. Just keep things up until you're here. You'll make it."

*He releases the PTT button and quitely mumbles to himself "Hopefully..." before grabing his bag and heading out*

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